2499 3999

✓ Bike Saddle is compatible with Peloton bikes

✓ Due to its narrow design, ideal soft padding and a deep center cutout, our ergonomic bicycle saddle will relief pressure points in your sensitive areas and will allow you to pedal longer without experiencing chaffing, soreness and pain.

✓ Tested by more than 12,000 cycling lovers

✓ It fits the male anatomy and works well as a comfortable road saddle for women, too. Upgrade your rides with Bikeroo bike seat replacement made of high quality foam padding, artificial bicycle seat leather and stainless-steel rails.

✓ Whether you intend to use it as your road bike seat, mountain bike seat, BMX bike seat or as a comfy indoor bike seat, the Bikeroo bike seat will help you accomplish all your cycling goals without experiencing pain.

✓ Bonus: bike seat adapter, mounting tools, video mounting instructions, and a rain

Performance Bike Saddle for Men
2499 3999