Oklahoma is a state of Plains, lakes and forests. While not very bike-friendly it still offers a few opportunities for the savvy traveler.

Have any tips and tricks to make our journey easier? Share your experiences with us and we will share on of our 3 Lightweight Saddle or 3 Gel Seat Covers. 

  Let's explore those together.

  1. Route 66...for bicycle.

 most comfortable bike seat

You've heard about the famous Route 66 but did you know that 30 years after it had been decommissioned, the iconic Mother Road is back? 2493-miles, crossing 8 states, this is like riding on history and awesomeness.

One might just take this route and have an awesome trip in itself (it takes about 30 days to complete) but we wanted to include it here because the portion in Oklahoma is one of the best.

Even if you only ride this one, you'll get a lot out of it. You might want to return to finish it.


  1. Lake Overholser

 comfortable bike seats

In western edge of Oklahoma County there's the Lake Overholser. A relaxing ride and there even is a bike trail. Bring some food and you'll find the best place for a nice picnic Keep yourself in comfort with our oversize bike saddle for extra comfort during your ride back home. 


  1. Center of the Universe

 comfortable bike seats for ladies

Who knew that the Center of the Universe is in Tulsa? By a cool anomaly, only those standing in the Center of the Universe can hear you screaming or sneezing or talking. It's all basic physics but who cares? Too cool not to miss if you are around Tulsa.


  1. Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

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Everybody wants to see the buffalos. At Tallgrass - the biggest preserved tallgrass prairie in Oklahoma and the world - there is a 27000-member buffalo herd. Don't miss it along with other wildlife: deer, beavers and bobcats.


5.World' Largest Concrete Totem Pole   

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                                        Foto Credentials: TravelOk 

Every state has its own oddities. In Foyil, Oklahoma we find one in the form of a huge Totem Pole. Sixty feet tall, 30 feet in circumference, the pole rests on the back of a turtle and it's a colorful wonder. Be aware though that there are other towns claiming to have - in fact - the world's largest Totem Pole. Still, if you are on route 66, it's only a few miles away and it's worth the detour.


  1. Bowling bowl Yard Art

  carbon comfort bike seat

Bowling Bowl Art is not something you get to hear often, if ever.

Unless you stop by Oklahoma! This cool little project was put together by Chris " Bowling Ball man" in the memory of his Wife. You can even bring a bowling bowl from your state and donate it for all to see!

Pretty interesting little stop on your trip around Oklahoma.

                                Foto Credentials: roadsideamerica 


  1. The Holy City of the Wichitas

  most comfortable saddle for bike

Southern Oklahoma is the best part of Oklahoma with mountains. Lakes and historical sites. One of the best place to visit in the area is "The Holy City of Wichitas".

You don't have to be religious to appreciate this: a city that celebrate the life of Jesus. The World Chapel is the main attraction, which features artwork from a local artist and hosts weddings and another event.

All is open for public, free of charge.


  1. Lake Hefner Trail

 best comfort bike saddle

We told you there are lakes, and this lake is surrounded by a bike trail, one of the few is OK. Unfortunately, you will have to share with pedestrian AND cars so it's not ideal but if you catch a good day, it might be a great way to spend it. 


  1. Shattuck Windmill Museum

 comfort saddles for bikes

                                      Foto Credentials: TravelOk  

This is a little gem in OK. Shattuck, a small village of 1300, offers an unexpected museum of Windmills that is worth visiting. It features 51 unique vintage windmills, a sod house and a wind generator. If there's a windy day, you might even hear the rickety sound of all the working old windmills combined, and where else can you experience this?


  1. Your Favorite Pick


Ok is not the most bike-friendly state, that's for sure. But as any state, it sure has a lot of bike-lovers and we ask you - if you live in Oklahoma, or you visited and liked it - what's a good spot to go to? Your suggestions will help us help all our readers and we will reward you:

Do you have a photo/video/tips&tricks? 

Send us your experiences at and you can win:

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Home of the prairies, Kansas is a state full of surprises and oddities and we get to explore some of them. Not very bike-friendly but very friendly otherwise, we stopped around to see a little of everything.

If you are from Kansas or been there with your bike, what was your favorite thing to do? Share your experience with us and you can win one of our Light Road Saddles or Gel Seat Covers.
Let's see what we have. 

1. Dorothy's House
most comfortable bike seat
"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!". Well, not so fast, we only just began! Liberal, Kansans is where, allegedly, Dorothy's house can be found. Together with everything else you want to visit to satisfy even the biggest "Wizard of Oz" fan. And who isn't a fan?
A great fun trip stop that starts the journey through this state on the right note.

2.Monument Rocks
comfortable bike seats
The Stonehenge of Kansas, Monument Rocks are a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas.

Reaching up to 21 metres ( 70 ft) they were laid down during the Cretaceous Period about 80 million years ago. It's a great place to visit, especially if you have a motorbike. Unfortunately, it's too big and too far for any biker to reach it. You'll have a few memorable photos if you do get there though so put it on your map.

3. Botanica Wichita
the most comfortable bike seat
Botanical Gardens can be boring. But when you have to chose from 7 different and unique gardens, tons of events every day and even the chance of catching a wedding, this is not your normal garden.
We think the Chinese Garden of Friendship is unmissable.

It's harder to get by bike in Asia so who knows when you'll get another chance?

4. Dodge City
comfortable bike seats for ladies
A town famous for its biking culture - think Harley Davidson - is probably a town that a bike-lover can also appreciate. Encompassing the spirit of rebellion, independence, and the freedom of the open road, it's something that we ca totally relate to on out non-motorized 2-wheeler.
This is a little town full of history that offer the perfect roads for riding a chopper. Once again, Kansas says that you'd be better off on a motorbike than your good old bike. We don't really agree but these are the perfect roads for a nice ride.

5. Boot Hill Museum
best bike seat for comfort
If you are in Dodge City, then you must visit the Boot Hill Museum, which will let you relieve the Old West Legend of the town and help you get a better appreciation for it. Every day there's something to be done, especially in the summer days.
Don't forget to get something to remind you of the Old West from the Gift Shop!

6. Sand Hill State Park
most comfortable bike seat in the world
There's finally a good place to take out the good bike and explore some amazing views. 14 miles of biking trails await at Sand Hill and offer a panorama of sand dunes, woodlands and prairie.

7. Open Range Zoo
best comfort bike seat

                                                           Foto Credit: Atlas Obscura

No State visit is complete without something odd, bizarre and unexpected. In one word: a form of ART.

A Kansas grassroots sculptor decorates the local roadways with his sculptures made from found objects. Expect the weirdest animals made from all kind of junk into something beautiful. And if you got so close to Lucas, Kansas: look around. You might be lucky enough to discover the "World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum". Try to say that twice fast!

8. Tallgrass Prairie
bike comfort seat
Most of the remaining prairie is in Kansas and this is where you can envision how America looked like and see the bisons roaming. You can hike, fish and take lots of good photos.

9. Lake Scott State Park
carbon comfort bike seat

                                                                    Foto Credit: Reserve America 

One of National Geographic's 50 must see state parks in the US, Scott State Park has natural springs, canyons and of course, a huge 100-acre Fishing Lake.It's an archaeological landmark but what's most important for us, the ideal place for biking, hiking, horseback riding and an excellent chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

10. Great Bend
comfortable women's bike seat
Explore the Plains, the Wetland and Wildlife National Scenic Byway.

Get a real feel for the small-town America with a broad selection of food and lodging if you want to stay for longer.Great news for bikers:

This is a very bike-friendly place with a lot of bike events throughout the year.

Do you have a photo/video/tips&tricks? 

Send us your experiences at and you can win:

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Our journey reaches Colorado, The Centennial State, with its diverse landscape: desert, canyons and of course, The Rocky Mountains.

All you need for this trip is a comfortable bike saddle and the top 10 places you need to see.

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 Let's see what a bike wanderer can do in this beautiful state.

1. Aspen Snowmass

most comfortable bike seat

This might be the coolest place to bike in America. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but for the thrill-seeker there's no better place to be. From the gravity-defying trails to of Valhalla to the punishing Tour de France-like climb up Independence Pass, you will surely find somewhere to bike to your heart's desire. And if you want a mellow ride, they have that too! 

There's a great place to be this summer, don't miss it!


2. Boulder

 comfortable bike seats

This is a famous town for biking and also climbing. A lot of awesome people come from Boulder and all will look funny at you if you don't have a bike. With trails for your mountain bike and lots of path to visit the actual town, there is enough room for all bike-lover to find something to do. You are sure to meet like-minded people and have a fun time. If you come by car, you can, of course, rent a bike.


 3. Denver, Colorado

comfortable bike seats for ladies

The Mile-High City has one of the largest biking trail systems in the US. 85 miles of paved, off-road trails await the eager biker alongside which he will discover the city's parks, streams, river and canals alongside with the skyline. Visit the Zoo, the Botanical Garden, Museums and they even have a coffeehouse for bikers with a bike-shop attached. 

You will feel at home biking in Denver, a city full of bike-lovers and home of the fittest people in the country (or so they often say!).

We can't do justice to all the bike trails and opportunities available in Denver but we can just assure you that you'll want to book a multiple-day stay here.


4. Rocky Mountain

 best bike seat for comfort

What can you do with 10$? No matter what first pops in your mind it is probably not " ride the Rocky Mountain" and yet, that's how much a daily permit costs! With an elevation ranging from 8000 to 12184 feet and 60 miles of hard surfaced road, there's plenty ride on!  Really a day to remember.


5. Garden of the Gods

 most comfortable bike seat in the world

Now opened for mere mortals, the Garden of the Gods offers breath-taking views by day and an amazing sky by night. We recommend the "Starlight Spectacular" nighttime bike ride to get a feel on how little we really are but how awesome that we are at all anyway. Who said that biking is not philosophical?!


6. Mesa Verde

best comfort bike seat

Offering great hiking opportunities for experience hiker, Mesa Verde is a great stop on your Colorado journey. You can get in touch with nature and learn a lot about Ancestral Puebloan ways. Also, there are bike trails if you get there with your bike, though you'll have to live it in the parking for hiking.


7. Narrow Gauge Railroad

 bike comfort seat

We love old trains and riding one is a dream worth leaving the bike behind... for a little while :) You can choose between two tours OR take them both. We like the Silverton one, a historic train ride on 45 miles of rails originally laid in 1882 between the mining town of Silverton and the railroad-built town of Durango, Colorado.


8. The million dollar highway

 carbon comfort bike seat

Here's what one can do: take your bike on the train and ride back from Durango. Crazy? Maybe. Unforgettable? For sure.

Durango though is a good place to ride around anyway because it's a very bike-friendly town with lots to see and do especially if you go there during "Iron Horse Classic" a weekend-long bike celebration. See the views, enjoy the ranches, the food and then the mountains as you go up (if you can take it).

It's a blessed area that can be properly explored by bike and it should.


9. Ouray

 comfortable women's bike seat

From Telluride to Ouray, 50 miles of riding a beautiful trail with ups and downs and wonderful views, challenging parts and very easy parts (especially downhill) all to get to Ouray. Once there, the Hot Springs provide a much needed relaxation opportunity. Best to hitch a ride back though after a good soak.


10. Great Sand Dunes

 women's bike seats most comfortable

Riding a Dune is not easy task. You'd think that a mountain bike could be good enough for the task but in fact, that would be a very bad guess if you actually wanted to get anywhere on the Great Sand Dunes national park.

Sure, you can ride some parts of it but to get to the really good stuff you need a fatty. A fat bike with really wide tires that can take you beyond "Point of No Return". What's there?

One way to find out!

Colorado is an awesome state for biking with so many things to do and see that we might need to visit it twice! IF you live here or visited and want to share good places we can go to, please do by writing to us.

Don't miss our  15%COLORADO discount code. Order your comfortable bike seat, pay 15% less on your entire order and enjoy your trip. 

See you in the next state!

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¡Hola mundo!

We’ve ended up in New Mexico! Lots of sunny places to pedal, tons of tacos to eat, 360° pictures to take and super discounts to give away. 

Apply the NEWMEXICO code and the price will show the 15% discount for any Bikeroo Bike Saddle.


  1. White Sands


If you haven't thought about riding through gypsum than riding down the Dunes Drive will really blow your mind. Everything is white on more white. This 8 mile track through the gypsum sand road is one to remember but please be safe: wear a helmet, be mindful of other cars and RVs and never go off road.

Pro advice: bring your sunglasses and wear something dark so you'll stand out in your photos.


  1. Chaco Culture


The Chacoan sites are famous for their always different environment and the feeling of real wilderness and solitude one can experience trekking around the park. The good thing is that there is a very good bike trail as well, a 9 mile paved Drive called the Canyon Look Drive.

You will get to see all that the park has to offer and stop often to take in the scenery. There are bike rentals shops all around in case you did not bring your bike.


  1. Earthships


People tried to live with the desert since forever. Some tried to mold it in their image and others tried to mold themselves in ITS image. At Taos in New Mexico, there's a series of "off the grid" homes nicknamed "Earthships".

It's quite a sight worthy of every SF novel out there. Each is a bit different than the other because they were built by the owners themselves and reflect their style.

It's a very cool place to visit and you can bike around the neighborhood.

The best part? You can actually rent one for the night if you're lucky.


  1. Tinkertown Museum


Photo Credit:  

More of an oddity visit than a "must-go", Tinkertown is a place that shouldn't be missed if you are close to it. This is a huge collection of Americana started by a guy out of pure passion that grew into a 22-rooms museum that inspire and fascinate people to this day.

Not quite bike-friendly but very much creative-friendly!


  1. Shiprock


A legendary rock, surrounded by Navajo legends, the Shiprock stands against the desert and time and awes whoever sees it since forever. While you can't get there by bike, you can stop by on your way to some other cool bike-friendly place.

It's called the "rock with wings" for a reason though, at 1500 feet is the tallest structure for miles and impressive as it rises above the desert.

You'll do well to meditate upon your place in the universe upon seeing it and resting at its root.



  1. La Tierra


Speaking of cool bike trails, this is a really nice track through the classic New Mexico high desert pinion fores and a maze so complex that you might just need a map.

The advanced MTB-riders will love this one but there's a lot to do even as a noob, even if it is just riding slow and enjoy the sky and the forest.

Bonus if you go by night because this trail is "night riding" and camping close by.


  1. Origami in the Garden


Given that you are close to Santa Fe, it's maybe a great idea to visit these giant Origami sculptures hidden into desert scenery. You might see horses, boats, paper airplanes along with a huge rock-paper-scissors sculpture. It's a comment on the fragility of the man in the grand scheme of things and an worthy trip.


  1. Kasha-Katuwe


Rocks, rocks and more gorgeous rocks. That's Kasha-Katuwe, an are with tent-shaped rock formations created by "layers of volcanic rock and ash deposited by volcanic explosion about 6 to 7 million years ago". There's a huge open area for exploration although just by foot so leave the bike in the parking lot. Bring lots of water and sunscreen and enjoy the teepee-shaped stone mountains.


  1. Gas Museum


Biker and gasoline don't go together but this museum, situated halfway between Santa Fe and Taos is not about pumping gas but about the America culture of small gas stations. It's the work of a singular obsession of a man named Johnnie Meier who started to collect all the paraphernalia he could fin: old gas pumps,toys, neon signs..even a diner!

Entrance is free, Johnnie still lives there and donations are appreciated. Maybe don't mention you hope everything will be electric soon though :)


  1. Albuquerque


Sure, Santa Fe gets all the glory but Albuquerque is the hidden gem for bikers. Well, given that it's on the list of "one of the 20 most bike-able" cities in America maybe not that hidden. We love especially because they always celebrate Bike Month which is one of our favorites as you might know but also because there's a lot of visit and with their bike lanes covering the whole town, it's easy to get wherever you want.

Please, include it in your itinerary of New Mexico.

That's it from us for New Mexico. We ask again for you help! Send us your New Mexico recommendations and photos and we'll add them in. Sharing is, as they say, caring. 

Don't forget about our discounts. Apply the NEWMEXICO code and the price will show the 15% discount for any saddle.

Until next time, ride safe.




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We have arrived in Arizona, hot, arid, awesome state and we have our bikes with us.
If you are from Arizona or been there with your bike, what was your favorite thing to do? Share your experience with us and you can win one of our Light Road Saddles or Gel Seat Covers.
Let's see what we have. 

1. The Grand Canyon

Where else to go first but to the most popular natural attraction in the U.S. The Grand Canyon is one of those wonderful, hyped, over-photographed attractions that manage to impress in real life just as well. And the good news for us: you can go around it by bike. Look for the bike tours offered and "ride the rim"! Don't forget to stop often and really enjoy the view.

2. Lake Powell

At Glen Canyon back-country meets water and the land of opportunities opens: hundreds of miles of of road and scenery, geologic wonders and clear blue sky. You'll have a great time just wandering about the recreation area. When you get tired, just rest near the lake and take in the amazing calming effect of the water.
PRO TIP: take a photo :)

3. Sedona

At Sedona there's the best high-desert trail riding in Arizona, maybe America. This town seems built for riding, with bike shops that are friendly and fast, endless trails - about 250 miles at the last estimate - and options for any type of bikes: mountain bike or cruisers, you'll find a trail and enjoy your time here.
Beyond the great facilities, the atmosphere of camaraderie and kinship is something every bike rider dreams of. You are among friends here and you'll always remember this.

4. Ghost Town - Jerome

Not far from Sedona there's Jerome. A town founder in 1876, one time the 4th largest city in Arizona, currently a "ghost town". Lucky for us, the ghosts are not scary and the hills of the town make for a great spot to enjoy the views, spend an afternoon or two and ride your bike. There is a great feeling about being in an empty town and see looking the infinite distance.
Also, the read towards Jerome is a wonder in itself!

5. Organ Pipe Cactus

It wouldn't be Arizona if you didn't see a cactus...but how about over 30 species of cactus?! At the border with Mexico this park is an international Biosphere Reserve because it is alive with plants and animals. A desert that lives despite the stilted appearance, a desert that you can experience yourself while hiking, biking or spending the night camping. An unforgettable night in the desert.

6. Tumacacori

At a cultural crossroads, in the Santa Cruz River valley, sits Tumacacori, a town where history just happened. O’odham, Yaqui, and Apache people met and mingled with European Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries, settlers, and soldiers and you can see how this intersections gave life to this town.
It's a very picturesque town and you can explore it's heritage orchard and courtyard garden as well as hike and bike around to the river and follow the missionaries. Never a bad thing to learn the history while having fun!

7. Havasu Falls

Another famous spot to get a viral photo, Havasu Falls are on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Given that it is a protected area, it can be very hard to get a permit to visit..which makes it all more glorious when you do make it here.
Besides the Falls there is a canyon very well worth exploring and of course, the Supai Village which even has a lodge available for tourists. One night stay is highly recommended!

8. London Bridge

Yes, we are STILL in Arizona and not London. But this is a fun Bridge to visit because the story is so crazy. This is the bridge that was built over River Thames in London but was discovered that is is sinking into the river.
The founder of Lake Havasu City purchased the bridge for $2,460,000 and spent another $7,000,000 transporting the bridge to its current location. Everything was done with such attention to detail, even the bricks are in the same position as they were in London.
Riding over this Bridge and taking some cool misleading photos will certainly have your friends confused and amazed. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it enough to plan for a London trip next summer!

9. Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tour

This one is a must visit for the biker out there who also has the DSLR with her all the time. .

With 3 exclusive canyons, each with its own colors and walls textures given by Mother Nature and time, you will be enchanted and stop often to catch exactly the RIGHT light for your photos. It's worth mentioning that the world most expensive photo was taken right here in the Upper Antelope Canyon and sold for 6.5 millions.
Enjoy your visit and be sure that you'll remember these wonderful canyons forever.

10. We usually try to do ten recommendations but for Arizona we'll ask you to recommend us the tenth. If you are a bike rider or been to Arizona with your bike, what was your favorite thing to do?

Do you have a photo/video/tips&tricks? Send us your experiences at and you can win:

One of our 3 Light Weight Bike Saddles


One of our 3 Gel Seat Covers  


On to the next one!

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Our next State is UTAH, a big state with a lot of canyons and mountains ready to be explored. Utah's slogan is "Life elevated" and to adjust for our passion: " Bike rides elevated"! Let's see what we can do in Utah and how to make the most out of this beautiful weird state:


In the hear of Utah's Colorado Plateaus is MOAB. THE place to visit with your bike. It's simply got everything you could imagine for an amazing bike trip. In fact, if you only visit one place in all Utah, MOAB must be it.
Their biking motto is: " Bike. Eat. Bike. Eat. Bike. Sleep. Call in sick. Repeat. ". There are hundred of adventures to be had, routes to be explored. The fun never ends here( just in case there's a flash food for an hour or so).
A few suggestions to try with your mountain bike: Gemini Bridges for an easy 16 miles trail or maybe Poison Spider Mesa Bike Trail if you're more advanced.For the biggest challenge pick Captain Ahab, which is worthy of it's Moby Dick hero name :)
From MOAB, you can go to the Arches or Canyon-lands or Dead Horse, which we'll explore below...but first..

2. Utah' Jurassic Park

MOAB has a Giant Dinosaurs Park! Because these huge beast used to roam around Utah they left a lot of tracks that you can follow and learn about our Mesozoic predecessors along the way. Sure, you can go by bike on a guided tour of dinosaur trails, visit the 3D theater or have the T-reg Monster Burger at the Giants Cafe ( made of 100% organic dinosaur meat )

3. Dead Horse Point State Park

This right here is top opportunity to try out our MTB Saddle because at the Intrepid Trail System there are over 16 miles of non-motorized singletrack trails. This is a really cool opportunity to ride on mixed terrain, through juniper and pinyon trees and get the best views into the canyons below. And why not, a few really nice photos for your feed ( or for us ;) ).
You can get there by car and rent a bike if you need on the site.

4. Arches National Park

This park offers a mighty ride over the hills overlooking an exotic - Indiana Jones worthy - landscape. It's about 47 miles of roads with dramatic climbs and descents ( though there are two out-and-back side roads if you want to cut it short).
Because it's all on National Park roads, the pavement is smooth and fun to ride on.
There's so much to see and experience: La Sal Mountains, cool rock formations with various crazy names ( tower of babel, The ORGAN! ), over 1600 arches by the last count and an amazing sky. Really, it's one that needs to be seen to be believed.

Just be aware that this is one of the most crowded parks in Utah especially in the summer. But if you plan for this you can have a great time and have another one-of-a-kind memory.

5. Fisher Towers

This is a spectacular spot close to the Arches or MOAB. It's mostly a hiking spot so you might need to leave your bike in the parking lot but it's amazing enough to warrant this. The towers rise 1000 feet over the floor at Professor Valley and they are even more impressive up close. The hike is a short 3 miles and believe us when we tell you, there will be a great opportunity for selfies up there.

6. Canyonlands National Park

The GRAND canyon is only one...but Utah has its smaller, awesome version at Canyonlands. The great news is that it can be explored by bike! Hundreds of miles await the bikers and it's perfect for multi-nights bike adventures.
You will ride on paved road and back-country roads, enjoy the view and especially the challenges of a difficult ride. It's certainly not for the faint of heart!
But is it worth it?
We think so: conquering the "Island in the sky" or "The Maze" is one of those great feelings that you can't experience anywhere else.
Just make sure to reserve camping and get the permits or else you'll have a very short stay!

7. Escalante Monument

For the most extreme, experienced and adrenaline-junkie of you, there's Aquarius Plateau, Powell Point and Hell's Backbone. These biking trails, for high alpine terrain to canyons are so remote that the US Forest Service tends to forget they even exist!
It's truly a ride for the ages with secret lakes, herds of elks and other unexpected sightings that reveal themselves only to the most daring.

Luckily for us, guided bike tours ARE available so this is accessible to even the less experienced rider( but just as courageous as their more experienced friends ).

8. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake valley is a bike heaven and wherever you want to go in the area, be sure there is a bike route to take you there. It's really very well organized and has easy access to bikers which is always a plus.
You can cycle the city and see all this former Olympic host city has to offer or go off road and see the Great Salt Lake Marina. We think both is the best answer, especially if you'll be in Salt Lake City for longer than one day.

9. Monument Valley

The best of Utah meets here: deserts and mountains. You can have an amazing mountain biking adventure here to whatever level you are comfortable with. The scenery is spectacular and you can enjoy the historical sites along the way too. Just check the weather before you go!

10. Natural Bridges Tour

Outside of Blanding, Utah about 3 hours from Durango there's the Natural Bridges National Monument. Considered a sacred location by the Ute Indians, there are three bridges naturally formed by water and time. The cool thing is that you can go by bike from one to the other and then trek down the ladders or stair and take really impressive photos or just take in the enormity of what nature can create.

That's it! Our recommendations for UTAH. A big state with a LOT to offer.
If you are from Utah or been there, share with us (and our readers) a beautiful place from Utah and we will reward the most inspiring pictures, videos or tips and tricks with one of our comfortable saddles or gel seat covers.

Send us your experiences at and you can win:

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 Look forward to your messages! :) 

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The trip continues thorough Nevada, an incredible state that is full of unexpected biking opportunities.

1. Las Vegas

There's nothing else to start with. For most of us, Nevada equals Las Vegas, although- fun fact! - Carson City is the state capital. Sure, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but there's nothing to hide about the growing community of biker who chose to visit Vegas. And why?
Because there's so much to see and the weather, while hot, it's great for biking. There's also over 100miles of bike lanes and routes that will let you discover the city on two wheels. It's not Sin City, it's Bike City for us :)

2. Red Rock Canyon

Enjoying the solitude and stark desert landscape is the main attraction of exploring the Red Rock Canyon. It has a 14 miles loop that lets you see all the beauty the desert has to offer:red- and buff-colored rock formations, stunning sandstone and limestone cliffs. You can chose from a self-guided or guided tour and even be picked up and dropped off from Las Vegas. Not be missed!

3. Rhyolite Ghost Town

One of the short-lived boom-town from the late Gold Rush era, Rhyolite is a very odd but beautiful town because there are several bizarre works of art strewn around it. There are things like a life-sized discipline patterned after "The Last Supper" and a lot of ghosts made of fiberglass. One is on a bike if that tells you something.
It's really a very Nevada-thing to do, riding with a bike through a town that mostly empty, encountering unexpected art and feeling alone in the world.
It's not too far from Beatty, NV but you need to drive by car there.

4. International Car Forest

Another gem in the Nevada Desert, waiting to be found...This is a project spawned by two Nevada artists when one of them was driving through the desert and saw a car standing on its nose in the sand. He found out is the work of an artist and decided to help out expanding the "forest".
Today, there are more than 40 cars, trucks and vans, some stacked in a delicate balance. All in the desert. And all for you to find and photograph from your bike. It's a really hidden gem that will make a great stop on this crazy trip we've embarked upon here.

5. Hoover Dam

This is another trip that is mandatory in Nevada.

The Hoover Dam is incredible and needs to be experienced in person to believe it and really gauge its hugeness. What better way than by bike given that this is one of the best bike trails in Nevada?!
Just throw a  Gel Seat Cover over your saddle, especially if you rent out a bike and ride in comfort through the Lake Mead Recreational Area.You can even go inside the Dam!
Add to that a nice picnic with breathtaking views and you're all set for another amazing memory on this life-changing trip.

6. Ward Charcoal Ovens

How does visiting six beehive-shaped charcoal oven sounds like? Because at the Ward Charcoal Oven you get to see exactly that! The park offers two day-use areas that are great for mountain biking and picnics. This is a place for fun, given that it's very dusty and the trails are mostly dirt and sand. It's not your usual ride in the park :)

7. Great Basin National Park

Yes, there are a lot of parks in Nevada. One of the great things about Basin is that it's really GREAT. We're talking of about 200.000 square miles of park. You can do everything here from biking to fishing to visiting caves.
Our suggestion? Spend the night. After a long day of biking you can experience something truly special: a true dark sky. Great Basin has been designated an "International Dark Sky Park" and you can see thousands of stars on a clear night. Very much an unique experience in our light-polued world.

8. Valley of Fire

Nevada's first state park is the best park for bikers. You can ride for miles and miles, no matter your level of expertise and enjoy the picturesque scenary. In fact, this park has been the scene for many movies and commercials.
You can book a guided or semi-guided bike tour and get the most out of the experience.
You'll be wowed at every turn and have yet another awesome Nevada Memory!

9. Seven Magic Mountains

Nevada and Art in the desert seems to be a match. Because this is yet another public art installation not far from Las Vegas. It's just a fast 10 miles ride away in Henderson, Nevada.
What kind of art you'll find there, it is said it can only be truly experienced in person, but it's all made of stone.
Be aware though, the ride there might be quick but can be perilious so check the weather before going and bring a lot of water. If you have doubts, take the car and ride just at near the instalattion.

10. Fly Geyser

We left this coolest and probably the least visited Nevada's attraction for the last point. If you got time and the inclination to get to visit these scalding water erupting geysers then consider it your own little adventure because finding them is not easy. They are located on a private island and to get close you need to pay fee and discuss with the owner.
It's not easy but then, it wouldn't be the coolest thing to do if everyone would do it, right?!

This is the end of our Nevada recommendation and again, if you think we missed some great places or you know of a great opportunity to go by bike please tell us so we can share with everyone. We're always looking forward to your stories, suggestions and photos at

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TOP10 Places to visit by bike in California

We begin our trip of a lifetime with the biggest state: CALIFORNIA! About 13% of America is California, a huge state with so much sun and places to see that we had a hard time choosing only 10. Choices were made and here's the best of the best. Jump on the bike and join us as we go around the state.


  1. Yosemite Park


Most famous park in America, home of the ancient sequoia trees and amazing views, has a great bike trail. Over 12 miles of paved trails await for you to discover the Yosemite Valley. You can rent a bike there if you need to too!

This is an unmissable stop.


  1. Disneyland

Add a little magic and wonder to your trip with a visit to Disneyland. You can't ride your bike around Mickey but you can ride it to the Disney District where you can leave it as you explore the park, take photos with Pluto and relive your childhood.

Don't forget to bring your lock!


  1. Big Sur


This is a little gem of a track, very little used. It's an uphill climb of about 7 miles to a panorama that you won't forget anytime soon. Well worth the effort and with a comfortable saddle like our Mountain Bike Saddle it won't even be THAT hard. It's one of those trails that will stay with you forever (not to mention that your Instagram likes will skyrocket!)



  1. San Francisco


You can't pass California without visiting San Francisco. It's the perfect town to explore by bike. Sure, it's hilly and maybe not the easier rides but it's very bike-friendly and you'll want to stop often. There are a lot of bike tours available or you can just go by gut-feel. Either way, it's going to be awesome!

  1. Golden Gate Bridge


Since you are in SF, you can't miss this one! You've seen in it in all the photos. You know where it is and what it looks like. But did you know that you can cross it by bike?!

It's a cool trip and a great opportunity for taking great photos. You'll arrive at Sausalito where you can buy a lot of little nice gifts and ferry back to SF when you're done.


  1. Lake Tahoe


One of the stops we're most excited about, Lake Tahoe has a huge bike trail (over 70 miles!!) that is suited for every kind of rider. From daredevil to beginner, you'll find a trail that is right up your level and same breathtaking scenery: calming water, great trees.

There are local bike shops so you can rent or even buy a bike and plenty of places to stop and eat and drink.

Of course, the payoff is that you can just jump in the lake to cool off when you feel like it. What can beat that?!


  1. L.A and Hollywood


If we're talking California, we're talking L.A. This is a town notorious for its addiction to cars but there are a lot of cool places that are worth visiting by bike. Hollywood of course comes to mind. There are bike tours around Beverly hills and Hollywood and who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to see a STAR! For sure, you'll take a nice photo with THE sign and see some awesome mansions :)


  1. Griffith Park


One of the most beloved public spaces in L.A, Griffith Park is very bike friendly and perfect place to explore on 2 wheels. It's considered one of the best places to take your bike to in L.A!

Don't forget to stop and visit the world-famous Griffith Observatory.


  1. Venice Beach


With so much sun, you'll want to stay close to the beach if it's possible and not visiting the iconic Venice Beach is out of the question! This is still the beach of dreamers and idealist, of tourists and mavericks, it's just such a cool experience to be able to ride around, even just for a few hours! The Cruiser Saddle was born for this ride, if we say so ourselves.

And if you want to ride even more, you can do the Venice Pier Trail that goes from Venice Beach to Santa Monica.


  1. Death Valley


This one is for the most extreme of you, who want to push their limits a little. This national park is the hottest and the direst National Park. Why would anyone want that?!

Well, for every extreme there's an equal extreme view and sensation that you can't get otherwise. Crazy wildflowers that appear after rainstorms, snow and refuges for wildlife can all be encountered on more than 700 miles of roads in this awesome park.

Don't fear the morbid name, it's actually a place full of life, if you know where to look.

As with every state, we know we can't find ALL the best places and that you might have your favorites that we missed. That's actually a great opportunity for us and our readers to learn. Send us your recommendations, photos of places you've been and what you loved the most and we'll update it at the end of the campaign. In the end, it's all about making the trip better for everyone!


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50 STATES. 1 BIKE. The trip of your lifetime.

Upgrade your holiday to the level of EPICNESS!
This summer, it's a great moment to do something different, to take your biking passion to the next level and travel in new, unexpected amazing places.

How does visiting all America in one summer sounds like?
Yes, 50 states, 50 chances to discover something awesome. All on the bike.

This bikecentric holiday is one for the ages and Bikeroo will be right here with articles, recommendations and awesome saddles.

If this idea is a bit extreme and crazy to you...YES! That's what we thought too at first. It's too big, too audacious but come on, it's EPIC not #epic! We don't say you MUST visit them all but the more the better. We hope that as our weekly post show you what you can visit by bike in each state, you'll be more and more convinced that maybe one state, two states...just not enough.

We can't do it alone though!

We need your advice, tips&tricks and suggestions for every state.

If you visited a state, loved it and know of a sweet place that somone NEEDS to visit..or..if you live in a state that has the best bike lanes or bike-friendly visiting spots, tell us! We'll share it with our readers in our "States of the Week" posts. You can send us anything: photos, yes please! Videos? Why not?! 


Everything helps us make a better guide for every reader to benefit. And at the end of this adventure we plan to have a big book with the best recommendation, photos and contributions so you know, you might be almost famous!

Of course, it wouldn't be Bikeroo if there were not a lot of surprises, sales and other cool stuff prepared for this epic trip around America.

Stay tuned and be ready for what's next.



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Our favorite month, May, is coming to an end.

You can celebrate Bike Month, every Month.                    

The "Bike Month" was a lot of fun for us and it was great to be part of this movement. We hope everyone who participated discovered that biking to work is actually great and a lot easier than it might seem. 

Now that you got your start, there's no reason to stop just because May ends.

Why not make June a bikecentric month as well?

Ultimately, the biggest purpose of this initiative is that riding your bike to become a habit, a lifestyle. It's really doable and the health benefits are undeniable.


In our e-book (if you don't have it, you can get it free with any order!) we talk about some easy ways to help you stay on track and on your bike. From personal experience, we know that the temptation to go back to the car can be very strong. That's why it's important to be determined and that goes back to your motivation. All the tricks in the world can't help if you don\t really want to. But if you are ready for this, these little things can really make a difference!

We always say that it’s smart to start slower than you think you can handle. Yes, biking daily sounds heroic but maybe set a goal of 2 days per week and if you hit it, keep adding days as reward. Small increments lead to most gains.

Another good strategy is to convince a friend [ or three!] to join you riding the bike.

There's great power in being part of a group of motivated riders and studies show that people hit their goals more often if they don't do it alone. Sure, some people don't need anyone but in this case, there is power in the numbers. Weather they dipped their toes in this during "Bike month" or maybe got inspired by your recent changes, encourage them to get on the bike and experience the magic!

We hope that you'll keep at it and experience all the wonderful benefits of going by bike to work.

Hopefully next may we'll celebrate together "A year of biking". Fingers crossed and good luck! 



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