How to Choose the Correct Bike Saddle

When you buy a bike, there is a chance that the original bike seat will not have enough padding. That means that you will feel all the shock through your lower back when riding your bike. This is the reason why you should make a research and choose the right saddle for you and your riding style. 

Find bellow some of the Bike Saddles that you'll find on the market and choose the correct one for you.


Racing saddles

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    These are long and narrow saddles, built for road riding and racing. Suitable for fast and continuous pedaling. Allow your body for full motion and prevent chaffing. These racing saddles are developed overtime to protect male’s sensitive areas. 

    Comfortable Bike Saddles

    most comfortable saddle









    Extra wide and extra padded saddle that is designed for moderate pedaling on short-medium rides. Designed to allow easy pedaling and absorb shock vibrations from rough roads. 

    Cruiser Saddles

    more comfortable bike seat

             most comfortable bike seat in the world


    These are wider, padded saddles, suitable for leisure rides while sitting upright on the bike. These provide a lot of comfort due to support on both ends. The handlebar nature on cruiser bikes makes the rider sit upright which means the weight will be directly on the seat. The word cruising means you’ll ride on cruise so no need to pedal too quickly. Often use for children bikes.


    Gender specific bike saddles:


     Due to thick padding and dual spring suspension, this wider bike saddle design make it the best choice fort women anatomy in order to provide more comfort.


    comfortable women's bike seat


    Designed for men's unique anatomy, with the hollow core and deep center cutout, this narrower saddle will provide you the comfort you need when road riding. You will feel no pressure on your prostate making sure that in time your sensitive area will not be affected 

    most comfortable saddle








    Types of saddle cushioning


    It usually molds to your body and provides you great comfort. If you choose to ride more on recreational or more casual, this type of cushion is well recommended. The only downside is that the gel tends to become compacted much easier than foam cushion.


    It provides you flexible feel that can easily spring backs to shape. Road riders often uses it as it gives them much more support. For longer rides, firmer foams is much advisable to choose as it won’t compact easily compared to gel cushion.

     Some misconceptions about Bike Saddles 

    If you’re into biking, one of the most common complains you’ll hear are back aches and pains from sensitive areas of a rider’s body. It is not the fault of the saddle itself but rather because the saddle isn’t suitable in the cyclist’s physical structure or not properly adjusted. These are some of the factors and it’s essential to get knowledgeable how to set up your bike accordingly.

    Another misconception is that the seat is created to bear your entire weight, however, a saddle is designed to carry you but not entire weight. That’s the difference. Softer saddles don’t necessarily mean will provide you good comfort, as they usually are not required to use for long rides because it has lesser support for the body, makes you even more tired especially during longer rides.

    In the images bellow you will also find how the pressure points are applied based on your riding position.

    How to mount your new Bikeroo saddle?

    Bicycle saddles are designed for quick removal and replacement. It is important to always feel comfortable when riding your bike, so congratulation on your decision to by a new saddle from Bikeroo.

    We have prepared for you a short movie with correct instruction on how to change you old uncomfortable saddle with the new saddle from Bikeroo.



    To start replacing your saddle, all you will need just two tools – a hex wrench and a simple key.




    Step 1

    Remove the old saddle with the seat post from your bike. It is as simple as adjusting the seat height.


    Step 2

    Depending on your seat post this is how mount your saddle.

    If your seat post looks like a tube you will easily mount your bike saddle directly on the post. Using only the key tighten the 2 latter nuts until the saddle is fixed and doesn’t move.

    If your seat post is a little bent then, you should make a few extra steps.

    The first thing you will have to do is to remove the adapter from the new saddle, then:

    Unscrew to two screws from your old saddle

    Remove your old saddle.

    Mount your new saddle directly on to seat post.

    Tighten the screws and you are ready to go.

    Hope this helped. Thank you, and please contact us at any time you want.

    Co-Owner @Bikeroo



    Your first Cycling Class? Here's what you should do

    1. Hidrate. Having a bottle of water with you is mandatory. You will consume alot of calories and most people sweat heavily during the workout, so you need to stay hidrated. We recomend you buy a reusable  sports water bottle that you fill before the workout.It's better for the environment and easier to use.
    2. Choose comfortable and lightweight clothes like yoga pants, shorts and for the upper body you can pick a t-shirt or sleeveless shirt. As for the shoes, we recommend you use running shoes or something very lightweight. During a workout , you may sweat and  we recommend you to wear a sweatband on your hand or a towel around your neck. 
    3. Check that your seat is comfortable. If you experience pain in your but, check that the seat height is well adjusted, but if you still experience pain check out our gel seat covers for narrow seats and for wide seats.
    1. Don't overdo it at the beginning. For the first cycling lessons, we recommend you spend between 30 and 45min . It's important that your progress slowly and don't do a  full 60-75 min training.
    2. Follow your instructor's directions to stand up and down on your bike, even if you lower the intensity, but it is important that you stand up from the bike from time to time
    3. Stretch at the end. After you've done with the training, stretch the leg, arms and back muscles a bit.
    4. EAT something after you finish. After the class is over make sure you eat something that gets your energy levels back up. This is a really important step.