Don't let these myths stop you from commuting to work.

     In this article, we're debunking some common (negative) myths about commuting by bike. We wonder who came up with all these but we think that any rider will agree that most of these turn out to be false. Here we go.


  1. It's dangerous.

That's the first objection most people bring when it comes to commuting. "It's dangerous/I'm afraid I'll get into an accident". Of course, accidents do happen but if you look at statistic in your city you'll notice that it's actually just as safe as walking or driving. If your city has a good network of bike lanes, it might be even safer than that!

This myth comes from fear of unknown. We're so used to driving and the safe feeling of our cars that being out on the bike looks way more dangerous than it actually is. Don't forget that as cities become more bike-friendly, the safety also improves so by taking your bike to work you contribute to this and make the next rider's life easier.

Debunk it yourself!
Start slow.
Commute first on the days with less traffic, like Friday and build up your confidence. Always wear a helmet.

 Biking in the city

  1. It takes too long.

The second most common objection is that it takes a lot longer than driving. Most people need to be in the office by a certain hour and being late is frown upon so they can't risk it. The funny this is that this is the biggest myth out there. Bikers beat traffic all the time.

Think about it, you don't have to wait in line at stoplights. Just this small advantage will save you precious minutes of your ride. Even a slow ride will get you in the office on time.

What can you do?
Test it out yourself.
When you get a chance, take the bike and a stopwatch and see how you do. Compare it to your normal car time and see how you fare. We think you'll be surprised!
 City Biking
  1. You need to change your clothes. 

People worry that they need to bring special clothes and wash when they arrive at the office. That's not how most people do it though. If you ride at a normal pace, you'll barely sweat at all. In most extreme cases, you can have a t-shirt under your work clothes and change in the bathroom when you arrive. But mostly, that's not even necessary. Just wear a good antiperspirant and don't go all out on your bike.

Debunk it yourself!
Go out for a ride and see how long it takes until you start sweating when you don't ride too fast. Usually it's more than 30 minutes which is less than your average commute.
 Biking to Office
  1. It's too far away.

Distance is relative. Something close by car it's impossibly far by walking but with a bike? Most distances in the city are actually quite close if you go by bike. The average commute distance in America for example is about 10 miles. That's a 25minutes ride for most people.

Another advantage is that you can use the bike just to get to your closest subway station.

Biking to closest subway station

You're like a super-hybride that opens a world of possibilites when you take the bike.

Debunk it yourself!
Take the bike to your friends or when you go out and try to guess how fast and how hard it will be to get there. See if it's actually as bad as you thought. Once you start thinking in "bike-distances" you'll notice that most places are actually close.


  1. You need a special bike

A bike is miraculous invention. Resistant to heavy use and resilient even on bad roads, bike have historically taken people to where they needed to go no matter the conditions. To think that in our modern times we need a special bike is a Myth! Probably propagated by someone who wants to sell you a new expensive bike!

Any bike will do the job-as long as it's oiled up, has working breaks and lights. Most commuters use pretty cheap bikes, up to 300$ and the second-hand market is even cheaper. There's no "commuter" bike no matter what the marketing tells you. If you use it to go to work...there you go, "commuter bike"!

That in time you might want to upgrade to something faster and nicer, it's perfectly understandable but to get starts, all you need is A bike.


Debunk it yourself!
Take any old bike you have around or some of your friends do and take it for a ride. Pretty nice, right?
Now imagine a second hand bike that is spruced up by a good mechanic for next to nothing. Trust the bike, it's reliable!


And a few quick ones:


  • "What if it rains/snows/it's too hot?"

Weather happens. In time, you might get used to it and see it as a fun extra challenge for your ride that day but you don't have to. When the weather is not to your liking just take the car. You did not sign up for a full position of bike commuter anywhere!

 Biking in winter

  • "What do I do during the night?"

During spring and summer, most people leave the office while it's still light outside so that's not a problem. But if you find yourself at night on the bike, don't worry! Just make sure that you have lights on your bike and you are visible to the cars on the road.

Night bike ride

  • "How do I carry my laptop/papers/stuff?"

That's the easiest to answer yet! There are tons of cheap and practical backpacks specially designed for bike riders. If you don't want one, you can attach a bike bag to put everything in it. If anything, you'll notice that you can carry a lot more with the bike.

Laptop carry


This concludes are myth debunking article. We hope that now you are more confident to try bike commuting and participate in the bike to work day.

And we are not done!
If you have your own questions that are not answered here, leave a comment and we'll debunk your fear right away!

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It is so natural to care for the health and wellness of our mothers

Mother's Day is coming up fast ( 14th May!! ) and that's a good opportunity to think more of your mother, shower her with gifts and why not? Convince her to get on the bike.

It is so natural to care for the health and wellness of our mothers. We love them and want them to feel great every day. One of the problems it that people tend to be sedentary so bringing a nice activity in her life it's one way to make sure they stay healthy. Study after study shows that staying active is the real fountain of youth. Of course, we are thinking that bike riding is the perfect activity because it can easily fit any lifestyle.
Visit some friends? Take the bike.
Get to the farmer's market? Easier with the bike.
Just maybe your mother does not see the benefits yet.

That's why, this year, we propose to add a little something different to your "I love you, mom" card. Something unexpected but also hard to resist:an invitation to go on a bike ride together. We made it easy for you to chose the perfect saddle for you mother based on her lifestyle. Read below!

The sporty mom
If your mother is already into sports and activities (running, yoga, tennis or even biking) then she's the sporty mom! It can't be too hard to convince her to join you on a bike ride...maybe she's the one who convinces you first!
For her, we suggest you chose between these two. Both are comfortable, light and versatile.

The elegant mom
Every mom has style. If your mom has a big closet full of nice clothes and it's always dressed to a T, she's probably the elegant mom. People always ask her about fashion and style and admire her wherever she goes. For her, our cruiser saddle is a great fit. It looks great on a parked bike and it's super comfortable when riding. Plus, it comes in two stylish colors

The explorer mom
If your mom loves to travel, loved to explore the city, stroll thorough parks and generally has a the heart of an adventurer, our wide comfort saddle will be a trustful partner on her rider. Trust us on that :)

The cozy mom
If your mom prefers to be comfortable, spend time with friends, reading and generally enjoying herself, she will find the comfortable bike seat saddle a great gift. It's our most comfortable one and it works great even for indoor biking, not to mention a slow ride anywhere.

It's so easy to find the right saddle for your mother and surprise her with this truly unexpected gift this year. And don't forget that with every order comes with a specially designed "Proud of mom" t-shirt.


                                    We hope your mom will love the gift!

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Mother's day at Bikeroo: A super comfortable saddle for your mother, A free special edition t-shirt for you.

We are always waiting for Mother's Day with great enthusiasm.
We love our mothers but the challenge of getting the perfect gift can be a bit much.

Should we go again for a pullover, a necklace, flowers and card?! then what?

It's quite simplewe want to show our love, our appreciation and that we care. With so many good intentions it should be so easy to get a gift, but it just not.

Worry no more, we say, for we have thought and came with a solution for all sons and daughters desperate to find the perfect gift!

How about that this year, you give your mother the most comfortable bike saddle in existence?



Hear us out: We think that cycling is one of the best way to spend time with your mother, having fun but also be healthier and happier as a result.
It's a unique feeling to ride through the town or countryside and stop to eat, talk, rest and then ride back home. There's really nothing like it. Maybe your mother already enjoys riding a bicycle. Maybe she is not yet convinced of the benefits and joys of this wonderful activity.


Whichever it is, we think that it could be a great idea and something a bit different for this year's Mother's day.
That's not all!
We have designed a special edition t-shirt that any son or daughter can wear to show how proud they are of their mother.
We call them the " proud of my mom" t-shirts and you can get it for free with any order of a saddle.
Wearing the t-shirt with your mother, it's almost like a second gift!

We love Mother's day and we are happy to celebrate it with you.

Buy a super comfortable bike saddle for your mother. Get a free special edition t-shirt for you.
Happy Mother's day!
PS: Maybe don't forget the flowers anyway, who doesn't love flowers?!
* Mother Day's campaign is valid only for the purchase of women bicycle saddles. Bike saddles for men and gel seat covers are not included into this campaign.


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It's not SALES, it's our gift for Bike Month. 50% off on all our comfortable saddles and gel seat covers.

May is here and we are incredibly happy. Why, you ask? Because May is National Bike Month. 

It's like a month long birthday party for us as we join the celebration with surprises, articles and super offers!

As we want you to encourage to bike more, we invite you to celebrate Bike Month Properly and enjoy up to 50% Discounts on all our Bike Saddles , Gel Seat Covers and Waterproof Covers

For those of you who do not know, Bike Month is a holiday established in 1956 with one major purpose: to showcase the benefits of bicycling and encourage as many people as possible to give biking a chance. 

In practice, what happens is that all over the country there will be events, fundraisers, parties, workshops of everything related to bikes and biking. All these are organized by volunteers and people who want to promote this lifestyle, the benefits of biking more and of course, meet like-minded people. It's a really great energy all around, all month, everywhere.

Check if anything happens in your city or start something yourself!

But the real beauty of Bike Month is that, if you are a bike lover, you can be part of it just by riding.

The biggest day of the Bike Month is called "Bike to Work Day". Bike to Work days falls on May 19.

Everyone is encouraged to commute to work, convince a friend to bike to work and share on social media if they do. It's the biggest day of the month and the most important day of the "Bike to Work" week.

There will also be a "Bike to School" day on May 10

Students from everywhere are encouraged to take on the bikes and bring them to school.This day is a great opportunity for young people to learn more about the benefits of commuting and what to do to be safe on bike through the city.

For us, our favorite day might be "CYCLOFEMME" on 14th May, Mother's day.

All women, all over the globe, are encouraged to jump on their bikes and join the movement. We can't wait to use the #cyclofemme hashtag and take a few fun photos to share everywhere!.

In case you suffer from a bad case of "too long, didn't read", here's the cheat sheet:
Bike Month - all May
Bike To Work Day - 18th May, the most important day of the month
Bike To School day - 9th May
Cyclofemme - 13th May, also Mother's day, our favorite day!

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Keep your bike safe and secure forever

Getting your bike stolen is one of the worst feelings ever.

We've all been there: you leave the bike for a minute to grab a snack from the store and when you're back is gone. Or you have it in your backyard and in the morning is nowhere to be found. Frustration, anger and even sadness are common feelings in this situation but they also come with a renewed determination to not have your bike stolen ever again!

That's how we came up with these common-sense and easy to follow advice to keep your bike safe and secure forever.

  1. Buy a good lock.

 Safe Bike Lock

The only fail safe way to never get your bike stolen is to never leave it out of your sight. Save for that, a good lock is your second best option. We like the U-lock that is more difficult to break due to the sturdy material and comfortable shape(for the thieves). They are usually tested by Sold Secure and given a rating from Bronze to Gold. This is not a time to save money, always buy the most expensive lock you can afford. We recommend Abus U-locks that come in all sizes and at great prices.

Every lock can be picked but a good one takes more time and energy.

That's why most thieves go for the lowest hanging fruit - in this case, a bike that has a very easy-to-pick/cheap/flimsy lock.

Oh, and please always lock your bike even if you leave it for just a few minutes. Don't offer an easy stealing opportunity and you will minimize the chances that your bike will be targeted.

  1. Pick a good place to lock it  

Where you lock it and how it's also very important. It's a good idea to chose a crowded area, one with cameras and well lit at all times. Sadly, a lot of bikes are actually stolen from the owner's property so just because the bike is in your backyard doesn't make it safe. Lock it there too or better yet, keep it inside if possible. 

As to how to lock your bike: find a solid object like an iron railing or a stop sign and make sure the bike can't be lifted out of the lock. The lower and more cramped you can put the lock on the better, it makes it ever harder for thieves to pick it.

Even so, parts of your bike ( such as the super comfortable Bikeroo saddle ) can still be stolen. How secure you want to keep those parts depends on your area, how long you leave your bike in a place and how likely it is that the parts have any value to thieves.


  1. Buy a less flashy model

simple bike ride

More expensive bike and expensive looking bikes are more attractive to thieves because they sell faster and for higher prices. We know a great looking colorful bike can be a sight to behold but sadly it is for the thieves too. We recommend you choose a bike model that does not telegraph " This is an EXPENSIVE bike!". This way you lower the chance of anyone wanting to steal it or especially targeting it as a good steal.

The best part is that there are a lot of bikes that look good in an understated way and still perfom just as the more flashy models.


  1. Get insurance

 dollar image

This connects with the point above. The more expensive your bike, the more inclined to get insurance you probably should be.

In many countries you can insure your bike against theft. This is pretty great for your peace of mind and if you use your bike a lot and leave it everywhere it;'s probably worth it. Do the math though and see how much you'd pay as percentage of the cost of your bike and get a good price.

We believe that if you are careful and follow the advice in this post you're as sure as you can be that your bike is safe. Remember: a good lock is what stands between the heartbreak of losing your bike and the happiness of riding your bike.

Keep it safe!

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No reason to give up sport

Today we're discussing a dark truth of exercise in general and bike riding in particular: pain. Pain is unavoidable if you do anything physical, be it weight lifting, running, biking or even yoga. It's a simple law that a body that moves will eventually be a body that hurts (that’s not to say you shouldn't move, if you are sedentary you will hurt a looot more in the long run/ride ).

That's no reason to give up sport because there are countless ways to mitigate pain when it appears.

back pain on bike

On the Bikeroo website, we offer the most useful pain management items and we want to help you choose the best product for your specific needs. What how and when to use them based on what you're doing and what is hurting.

IMPORTANT: Please don't treat yourself if the pain persists for a longer period: it might be a sign that you need to see a doctor. Don't ignore what your body is telling you.


The Adjustable Lumbar Brace

 adjustable lumber lace

The adjustable lumbar brace is one of the most useful products if you had a lower back injury and need to ride a bike or still experience pain post-treatment.

It will take the pressure from lower-back muscles and usually alleviate pain. It's best to use it in short-term because the longer you use it, the greater the chance of muscle atrophy. Ideally it will help you in your recovery after an injury or after putting a lot of strain on your lower back.

Our model uses the ingenious double pull mechanism that offers the best compression and comfort.

Knee injuries are maybe the most common sport injuries because we can't do anything without abusing them. It's rare that you meet any athlete that never had a knee injury. That's why a product like our Knee Compression Sleeve is very important for your knee health.


                     knee compression sleeve

 This can be used in two directions:

  • If your knees are pain-free, you can use the compression sleeve to prevent getting injured when you know you'll do longer rides or when the weather is cold, due to their heating effect.
  • In case you already suffered an injury, you can use a sleeve to accelerate the recovery process. Note that this should not be used INSTEAD of your recovery exercises as prescribed by the doctor.  

Don't take shortcuts with your knees, it's just too important to damage it.

Another amazing benefit of knee sleeves is that you look pretty badass and ready for action when you wear them!

Our athletics knee compression sleeve are easy to put on, come in different size to fit you perfectly and look great. it's one of our most popular product in the pain relief category and for good reason, it's good to keep one or two close by.


Compression socks

These are the pain-free athlete's little secret. These socks are mandatory for people at risk for blood clots in legs but very useful for who are prone to leg swelling and people who spend a lot of time on their feet or bike.

They work by squeezing the leg tissues really hard and thus helping the blood return to the heart and not clot in the legs.

Even if you don't suffer from any leg problems, wearing these socks can make you feel less tired after a long day.

One of the most important thing to know is that you have to get the right size and be careful when you put them on.

The fit should be very tight and snug with no wrinkles. Bikeroo's Compression Socks Best Graduated Athletic Fit come in 2 sizes exactly for this reason, so you can find the perfect socks for your needs.

They're made out of incredibly tight Lycra that will stay glued to your feet all day, you'll forget you wear them while getting all the benefits. They also look very stylish!

While one pair of compression socks will last for a long time, we recommend you to get two and be on the safe side of hygiene.


The Pro Knee Compression Sleeve


This is a super version of our Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve but that doesn't mean that it's automatically better for you.

With its SIDE STABILIZERS & PATELLA GEL PAD, this will provide extra support and keep your knee fixed for longer and that's why it's recommended especially if you already are injured.

It is especially useful for these kind of injuries: Meniscus Tears, ACL/MCL injury. It's also very good if you have Arthritis or Tendonitis.

It comes in two sizes and the fabric is knitted, breathable and with non slip silicone strips which makes it very useful for all sports in which the knee is stressed a lot, such as Tennis, Jogging, Wrestling, Soccer and others.

We want to stress that if you are unsure or don't know what sleeve is better for your knee problems, please consult your doctor. A doctor will recommend the best kind of sleeve, how long and when to wear it in order to accelerate recovery and prevent further damage.

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Prepare your bike for the first ride after a long pause!

It's finally spring which means only one thing: taking your bike out for a ride!

spring yellow bike ride

I know how exciting can be to be back on the road but before you do, take a look at your bike to see if it's road-ready or needs a few tweaks. In today's blog, we'll look at how to prepare your bike for the first ride after a long pause( or winter ).

bike ride spring
Depending on how you stored your bike for the winter and how carefully you clean it beforehand, your bike could be from clean to very dirty. I like to clean my bike frequently and especially before I put it in the garage for the winter but if you think it's dirty, you should clean it before thoroughly. This way it's easier to inspect it and see that everything is in order. Just use a bike-cleaning solution ( I prefer one that is biodegradable and good for the planet, even if it's a bit more expensive ) a sponge and water. Let it dry and then check the basics. In any case, clean the dust with a damp cloth. Call me clean-obsessed if you must but I just love a clean bike!

First thing first: check the wheels.

bike wheels
It is very common for the tires to deflate so if that's the case have a pump ready and inflate it ( also make sure it is not a flat tire, and if it is, change the tire! ).
Afterwards check the spokes, if there's any missing or broken you should replace it or take it to the shop to do it for you.

If the wheels are alright, time to check the chain.

bike chain

If the chain seems used frail, you might need a new one. Even if it looks good, clean it with a Chain Cleaner ( one that is biodegradable, if possible) and then lube it with a good bike oil. Depending on where you live, you can use a dry lube or a wet lube( if it tends to rain more ).

Now check the brakes.
brakes bike system

Of course, good breaks are mandatory for your bike to pass inspection so check the brake wires and the brake pads. Spin the wheel and then pull the break and check how fast the wheel stops spinning. If the pads are old and used, replace them.

Finally check gear shifting mechanism.

bike gear system mechanism

Of course, you want your gears to shift smoothly and hopefully with no noise. So try to check all speeds and see if the derailleur ( that's the name of the gear shifting thingies ) is working properly. If not, you can adjust it yourself if you know how or take it to the shop. It's not very hard though and worth trying to fix it yourself!

Now your bike is 99% ready to ride but there's on way to be 100% sure. You know it: take it out for a short ride. If anything feels off, come back and check it again. If you went through every step here it should run smoothly and remind you why you love riding the bike!

One last tip: if you want your bike to feel like new, getting a new bike saddle could be what you’re looking for. It's really a shortcut to that great "new bike" feel without actually replacing the bike. Here at Bikeroo, we pride in our selection of the most comfortable bike saddles at a great price so please check it out here and make yourself a nice gift for this spring.

comfortable bike saddle for men

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Choose the path of the bike commuter

    You finally decided that enough is enough, the traffic is eating your health, time and good mood, daily! You brought your bike up to speed, you bought a helmet to be safe and are finally ready to go to work with your bike. If you have chosen the path of the bike commuter this blog is for you.

First off, congratulations! This decision is probably one of the best anyone can make. It will make you feel great, reduce stress and get you in shape incredibly quick. I know it had this effect on me and I could never go back to driving my car daily to work. Still, it's important to be ready for the specific hurdles you'll encounter by going car-free.

Safety first, second and third! We believe in safety above anything else, if you get hurt you won't be able to ride your bike, right? (not to mention other nasty effects ).


First buy a good helmet/headset.

The head is the most vulnerable part as head injuries are extremely dangerous. A helmet can and will literally save your life.

Bicycle helmet

Secondly, check your brakes.

When you ride you can go pretty fast at times and the truth is, a lot of drivers don't pay or are not used to pay attention to bikers. Almost for sure you'll encounter an unexpected car jumping in front of you from a corner or other. You need to know you can stop fast and trust your instincts.

Bike brakes

 These are the most important safety tips but there's a lot more you can do.

For example, you can get a mirror. It might seem a bit weird at first, if you are not used to having a bike-mirror but once you start using it you'll never want to get back riding without one. It's great to see what's behind you and who's coming from the left without turning your head back (and thus, not keeping your eyes on the road ).

Buy a good light, preferably one that flashes intermittently, if you go back from work after 7 when it starts to get dark almost everywhere. Riding without a light at night is like being invisible for the cars.Bike Flashlight

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you are on the bike, the cars behind you can't know what you're about to do so you need to signal your intentions clearly with your hands. It's pretty intuitive, just point at the direction you want to go when you change directions, but many new bike riders forget to do this simple thing.

    You’ll get used to this fast though if you keep it in mind. When you break, remember that you don't have brake lights so be careful to do break on the side of the road when there's no car directly behind you.

Now that you are up to date with the safety measures, it's time to actually ride.

Let's talk about practicalities.

As you'll learn, biking to work will require a bit more forethought than just jumping in your car with your suitcase.

The biggest difference is that there might be some sweat. No matter how fast or slow you're going, you can't avoid sweating when your ride your bike. This is good, your body is cooling itself off, your heart is beating fast but...your clothes might suffer a little bit.  

As for shoes, it's a good idea to wear sports shoes and change with office type of shoes at the office if that's required. If you'll need to just ride directly to a meeting and can't change you can use the office shoes with a shoe protector

The backpack! This is the great treasure of the bike commuter. The backpack is where you'll keep all that you need for riding, changing and unexpected events. I like to keep my change clothes in there, my shoes sometimes and my lock.

Word to the wise, buy a few allen screwdrivers and keep them with you at all time for easy maintenance on if needs be.

Of course, you'll also keep all your office necessities in there and anything else you might or might not need. The great part is that even a big backpack will not hold you down much, in fact, you'll barely feel it as you ride. Needless to say, I love my backpack. 

Bike Backpack

A few more tips: I've learned a lot about what I need and how to ride in my city after commuting for a few months. A lot of what applies to me, might not be relevant in your area ( for example, is different how you ride when there are bike lanes everywhere vs when you need to ride in heavy traffic ) but the gist of it is that unexpected things happen and unexpected needs arise. What you thought was perfectly ok when you used to get out on the bike for a weekend it's not up to the challenge of daily use. It's important to adapt and don't give up at the first hurdle. Look on the internet for what other commuters do, someone surely had the same problem and solved it, no matter what it is.

 And lastly, learn to maintain your bike in order.

Just by keeping the chain clean and oiled, the brakes in good shape and the frame clean you'll be doing just fine. I strongly suggest you use biodegradable products for cleaning and oiling as these kind of products can be very harmful to the environment( yes, they are a tad more expensive but not by much )

For more advanced repairs, I recommend going to a bike repair shop when they'll take care of it and it's usually not very pricey.

I hope this covers almost everything and that you'll be more motivated to make the switch. If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment, I'm happy to answer all and any.

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Should you ride in a competition?

We know you love riding or else you wouldn't be here. If you've been doing this for a while now you might have thought about riding in a competition. Why let all those runners have all the fun with their marathons and their 5ks? Maybe you hesitate and for that, we are here to be your professional encouragers and say: DO IT!!

group biking competition sport fun
We complied a small list of PROs on why this is a great idea ( and some cons in the spirit of fairness).

1. Because it is a challenge.

No matter your level of fitness, joining a race is a challenge. It will force you to look at your training log ( if you even have one! ) and rework it to help you achieve the perfomance your want on a deadline. No more lulling from ride to ride which will put a new fire into your passion. If your riding have been a little lackluster lately, a competition is just what you need.

2. Because it's a new and fun experience

There's something very rejuvaneting in trying something for the first time. A competition is just that and if you convince a few friends to join too it can be super fun as you try to outride eachother. Win or lose, you all win!

3. Because it builds confidence

That's a big promise but not an empty one by any means. Doing something you did not think possible a year or two ago ( or maybe even 6 months ) can change your whole perspective on your beliefs. What other things do you falsly belive can't acomplish in your life? It's a fact that a lot of people that start competing find a lot of success in other areas of their life as well.

4. Because it is awesome to finish something

You train and train for months all for those few hours of race and then it's done. But how magic those hours are and what a great feeling to follow thorough your plan and finish it. It's rare these days that we stick for months on something and finish it as we promised to ourselves we will. That's why a race is special.
( Also, great photos to share on Instagram are a bonus! )

5. Because you can!

The best reason there is. As George Mallory said when asked why did he want to climb the Everest:"because it's there". Simple as that.

We promised a con but by the end of this list..we really can't remember it. OOPS!

We hope you're convinced or if you already were, are even more exciting about your coming race. And we have good news: in the next week we'll talk about specific training for a race and other tips.
Stay tuned and keep riding!

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Winter riding, extreme sport

It's still winter somewhere and that means snow, ice and low temperatures. What's a rider to do to stay safe? We explore the answer in this blog post.

Personally, I like to ride my bike in extreme conditions because it makes me feel bad ass but also because it's not my nature to quite when the going gets though. That does not mean I like to take unnecessary risks though. Here are a few lessons I learned, most of them the hard way ( yep ) about riding safely during winter.

We talked about layering and what to wear in cold weather so I won't go over this again but please check our blog post about it if you haven't yet. Here, I'll focus more on bike and riding.

The biggest difference between winter and rest of the year is that the road surface is a lot of time frozen or covered in snow. This changes everything and needs to be considered at every turn. One thing to do from the start is to have winter tires on your bike, so called "fat tires" that are great for these type of weather.

But I do realize that most people don't have spares or change them as we do with cars. Here's a trick you can do with any tires: deflate them a bit. What you're trying to achieve is a better adherence by lowering the pressure in the tire and giving them more "bite". You'll feel that your bike grips the road better and seems more secure. Of course this has a few disadvantages, especially the fact that you'll have to work a bit harder and you'll go where you're going a bit slower. Still, beats sliding and falling on your butt.

Speaking of sliding, use only the break on the rear wheel to avoid falling on slick surfaces. I also like to loosen the breaks a bit so it won't be to brusque. And I'm always ready to take my feet off the pedals and stop the bike if anything goes awry ( pro tip: it will happen so be prepared )

Of course, with rough weather conditions drivers are even more distracted. If your town is anything as mine, you'll need to pay extra attention to your traffic mates. Be sure you are seen and chose to wait extra than take a risk and get hurt.
That's another reason I like to use lights at any hour of the day in winter. Not only that it will get darker earlier but in the grey-white colors of the city, a blinking yellow or red light will make people mindful of your presence on the road. It's safer and that's the rule.

My last tip, although not really about safety but related, is to wash your bike often if you use it in the winter. Because of salting, snow and other debris that is found on the roads in the city your bike can be exposed to the elements more than normal and it can be damaged in time if not cleaned. Just use water and sponge and some oil on the chains to finish it off. You'll thank yourself in the spring when your bike will run smoothly.

This is it, everything I do to make sure I'll get home safely every day I ride in the winter. It's not really all that difficult and the little extra effort pays off and you don't have to ditch your bike.

Enjoy your ride and stay safe!

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