Why is the handle bar height so important?

Why is the handle bar height so important?


Discomfort is one common problem that most riders may experience when the handlebars are too low or high and close. The handlebars should be adjusted to your comfort. But keep in mind that it’s not easy to raise or lower bike handlebars. It depends on the bike, and having a special tool or bike parts are also needed.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t mean that the higher the bars are, the more comfortable it is. As a matter of fact, if the handlebars are too high, most of the body weight gets shifted back and that usually causes discomfort such as body aches and pains. Much worst, it can lead to a chronic low back pain.

Always consider the distance from the seat to the handlebars. This can be determined through length and angle of the top tube of your bike frame. Your handlebars should be 4-5 inches wider than your shoulders. Having your saddle/seat little higher can give more stability especially for downhill riders. However, a little lower will give you more climbing or uphill optimal power.

Evaluate your handlebar height by:

  • Lean your bike against a wall and place a yardstick on the saddle
  • Make sure that the yardstick is level to the seat/saddle and the end of the ruler extends over the bars
  • You will notice here how high the handlebars are in relation to the height of the saddle/seat

Having a correct and proper height of the handlebars can result in comfort that balances pressure on the body. Make sure that your arms and neck felt comfortable and relaxed naturally during rides. The height of your handlebars should be based to your comfort and riding preferences.

 Happy Riding!