Why Choose Bikeroo?

Why Choose Bikeroo?

First in line is our no. 1 rule: the YES, we can!

We are a team of professional and passionate cyclists, therefore anything related to cycling is our playground.

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but we are all experimentalists and technology driven people. So, at Bikeroo, you will never get the answer “sorry, that’s all we have”.


If you come at Bikeroo with a problem or a request and we don’t have the product you need, we will design it or adapt it for you. Many of our new technologies came out from our clients needs. We innovated new materials, new shapes and different adaptors to develop new customized products as the best solution.

Make it, not break it! is our no. 2 rule and the second reason to choose Bikeroo.

At Bikeroo, we test the endurance and adaptability of our products, not until they break, but until they really work. After we find a solution, we develop a new product or adapt an existing one, we test it and test it and test it. Within our team, the riding styles are different and our bikes too, so the rule to test an innovation is to make it work on all the available models and different kind of routes and trails. We have all the patience needed to get the right thing and this is happens when we have the unanimity. If one of us is not “ok” with the product, it means we still have work to do. We are all passionate bikers, so perseverance comes from the interior drive to get the best from what you enjoy.

The reason no. 3: NO to “cheap for profit”! All the materials we use are high quality materials, all certified, tested with zero risk and full protection. All our products have guarantee, guaranteed! We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning saddles, accessories and clothing.

Finally, the last but not least is: our fulltime availability! Whenever you feel undecided about your choice, need an advice or have something to say to us, one of us will help you very quickly. We mean, very quickly, like in a matter of hours. We love what we do, any problem you might have, we will solve it, that’s our passion, not an effort!

One last reason is that at Bikeroo you’ll feel like home! We are a family business and like in our family, we take care of each member. Every of our clients is one from the family. If you will work with us, you will get the idea.

The only thing you will have to do by yourself is to pedal, all the rest is our responsibility.


PS. If you love friendly people, passionate about cycling and new challenges, we wait for you at Bikeroo