Top 10 Places to Visit by Bike in California

Top 10 Places to Visit by Bike in California

We begin our trip of a lifetime with the biggest state: CALIFORNIA! About 13% of America is California, a huge state with so much sun and places to see that we had a hard time choosing only 10. Choices were made and here's the best of the best. Jump on the bike and join us as we go around the state.

1. Yosemite Park


Most famous park in America, home of the ancient sequoia trees and amazing views, has a great bike trail. Over 12 miles of paved trails await for you to discover the Yosemite Valley. You can rent a bike there if you need to too!

This is an unmissable stop.

2. Disneyland

Add a little magic and wonder to your trip with a visit to Disneyland. You can't ride your bike around Mickey but you can ride it to the Disney District where you can leave it as you explore the park, take photos with Pluto and relive your childhood.

Don't forget to bring your lock!

3. Big Sur


This is a little gem of a track, very little used. It's an uphill climb of about 7 miles to a panorama that you won't forget anytime soon. Well worth the effort. It's one of those trails that will stay with you forever (not to mention that your Instagram likes will skyrocket!)

4. San Francisco


You can't pass California without visiting San Francisco. It's the perfect town to explore by bike. Sure, it's hilly and maybe not the easier rides but it's very bike-friendly and you'll want to stop often. There are a lot of bike tours available or you can just go by gut-feel. Either way, it's going to be awesome!

5. Golden Gate Bridge


Since you are in SF, you can't miss this one! You've seen in it in all the photos. You know where it is and what it looks like. But did you know that you can cross it by bike?!

It's a cool trip and a great opportunity for taking great photos. You'll arrive at Sausalito where you can buy a lot of little nice gifts and ferry back to SF when you're done.

6. Lake Tahoe


One of the stops we're most excited about, Lake Tahoe has a huge bike trail (over 70 miles!!) that is suited for every kind of rider. From daredevil to beginner, you'll find a trail that is right up your level and same breathtaking scenery: calming water, great trees.

There are local bike shops so you can rent or even buy a bike and plenty of places to stop and eat and drink.

Of course, the payoff is that you can just jump in the lake to cool off when you feel like it. What can beat that?!

7. L.A and Hollywood


If we're talking California, we're talking L.A. This is a town notorious for its addiction to cars but there are a lot of cool places that are worth visiting by bike. Hollywood of course comes to mind. There are bike tours around Beverly hills and Hollywood and who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to see a STAR! For sure, you'll take a nice photo with THE sign and see some awesome mansions :)

9. Griffith Park


One of the most beloved public spaces in L.A, Griffith Park is very bike friendly and perfect place to explore on 2 wheels. It's considered one of the best places to take your bike to in L.A!

Don't forget to stop and visit the world-famous Griffith Observatory.

9. Venice Beach


With so much sun, you'll want to stay close to the beach if it's possible and not visiting the iconic Venice Beach is out of the question! This is still the beach of dreamers and idealist, of tourists and mavericks, it's just such a cool experience to be able to ride around, even just for a few hours! The Cruiser Saddle was born for this ride, if we say so ourselves.

And if you want to ride even more, you can do the Venice Pier Trail that goes from Venice Beach to Santa Monica.

10. Death Valley


This one is for the most extreme of you, who want to push their limits. This national park is the hottest and the direst National Park. Why would anyone want that?!

Well, for every extreme there's an equal extreme view and sensation that you can't get otherwise. Crazy wildflowers that appear after rainstorms, snow and refuges for wildlife can all be encountered on more than 700 miles of roads in this awesome park.

Don't fear the morbid name, it's actually a place full of life, if you know where to look.

As with every state, we know we can't find ALL the best places and that you might have your favorites that we missed. That's actually a great opportunity for us and our readers to learn. Send us your recommendations, photos of places you've been and what you loved the most and we'll update it at the end of the campaign. In the end, it's all about making the trip better for everyone!