Our next State is UTAH, a big state with a lot of canyons and mountains ready to be explored. Utah's slogan is "Life elevated" and to adjust for our passion: " Bike rides elevated"! Let's see what we can do in Utah and how to make the most out of this beautiful weird state:


In the hear of Utah's Colorado Plateaus is MOAB. THE place to visit with your bike. It's simply got everything you could imagine for an amazing bike trip. In fact, if you only visit one place in all Utah, MOAB must be it.
Their biking motto is: " Bike. Eat. Bike. Eat. Bike. Sleep. Call in sick. Repeat. ". There are hundred of adventures to be had, routes to be explored. The fun never ends here( just in case there's a flash food for an hour or so).
A few suggestions to try with your mountain bike: Gemini Bridges for an easy 16 miles trail or maybe Poison Spider Mesa Bike Trail if you're more advanced.For the biggest challenge pick Captain Ahab, which is worthy of it's Moby Dick hero name :)
From MOAB, you can go to the Arches or Canyon-lands or Dead Horse, which we'll explore below...but first..

2. Utah' Jurassic Park

MOAB has a Giant Dinosaurs Park! Because these huge beast used to roam around Utah they left a lot of tracks that you can follow and learn about our Mesozoic predecessors along the way. Sure, you can go by bike on a guided tour of dinosaur trails, visit the 3D theater or have the T-reg Monster Burger at the Giants Cafe ( made of 100% organic dinosaur meat )

3. Dead Horse Point State Park

This right here is top opportunity to try out our MTB Saddle because at the Intrepid Trail System there are over 16 miles of non-motorized singletrack trails. This is a really cool opportunity to ride on mixed terrain, through juniper and pinyon trees and get the best views into the canyons below. And why not, a few really nice photos for your feed ( or for us ;) ).
You can get there by car and rent a bike if you need on the site.

4. Arches National Park

This park offers a mighty ride over the hills overlooking an exotic - Indiana Jones worthy - landscape. It's about 47 miles of roads with dramatic climbs and descents ( though there are two out-and-back side roads if you want to cut it short).
Because it's all on National Park roads, the pavement is smooth and fun to ride on.
There's so much to see and experience: La Sal Mountains, cool rock formations with various crazy names ( tower of babel, The ORGAN! ), over 1600 arches by the last count and an amazing sky. Really, it's one that needs to be seen to be believed.

Just be aware that this is one of the most crowded parks in Utah especially in the summer. But if you plan for this you can have a great time and have another one-of-a-kind memory.

5. Fisher Towers

This is a spectacular spot close to the Arches or MOAB. It's mostly a hiking spot so you might need to leave your bike in the parking lot but it's amazing enough to warrant this. The towers rise 1000 feet over the floor at Professor Valley and they are even more impressive up close. The hike is a short 3 miles and believe us when we tell you, there will be a great opportunity for selfies up there.

6. Canyonlands National Park

The GRAND canyon is only one...but Utah has its smaller, awesome version at Canyonlands. The great news is that it can be explored by bike! Hundreds of miles await the bikers and it's perfect for multi-nights bike adventures.
You will ride on paved road and back-country roads, enjoy the view and especially the challenges of a difficult ride. It's certainly not for the faint of heart!
But is it worth it?
We think so: conquering the "Island in the sky" or "The Maze" is one of those great feelings that you can't experience anywhere else.
Just make sure to reserve camping and get the permits or else you'll have a very short stay!

7. Escalante Monument

For the most extreme, experienced and adrenaline-junkie of you, there's Aquarius Plateau, Powell Point and Hell's Backbone. These biking trails, for high alpine terrain to canyons are so remote that the US Forest Service tends to forget they even exist!
It's truly a ride for the ages with secret lakes, herds of elks and other unexpected sightings that reveal themselves only to the most daring.

Luckily for us, guided bike tours ARE available so this is accessible to even the less experienced rider( but just as courageous as their more experienced friends ).

8. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake valley is a bike heaven and wherever you want to go in the area, be sure there is a bike route to take you there. It's really very well organized and has easy access to bikers which is always a plus.
You can cycle the city and see all this former Olympic host city has to offer or go off road and see the Great Salt Lake Marina. We think both is the best answer, especially if you'll be in Salt Lake City for longer than one day.

9. Monument Valley

The best of Utah meets here: deserts and mountains. You can have an amazing mountain biking adventure here to whatever level you are comfortable with. The scenery is spectacular and you can enjoy the historical sites along the way too. Just check the weather before you go!

10. Natural Bridges Tour

Outside of Blanding, Utah about 3 hours from Durango there's the Natural Bridges National Monument. Considered a sacred location by the Ute Indians, there are three bridges naturally formed by water and time. The cool thing is that you can go by bike from one to the other and then trek down the ladders or stair and take really impressive photos or just take in the enormity of what nature can create.

That's it! Our recommendations for UTAH. A big state with a LOT to offer.
If you are from Utah or been there, share with us (and our readers) a beautiful place from Utah and we will reward the most inspiring pictures, videos or tips and tricks with one of our comfortable saddles or gel seat covers.

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