Top 10 Places to Visit in Virginia by Bike

Top 10 Places to Visit in Virginia by Bike

Greatest mountains, islands, beaches and cities that are the home of the most preeminent figures in history, to resume our surprise for you today!

Hop on your bike and go wherever your desires will get you. You have lots to choose from for a special journey.

1. Alexandria

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You are in the place that George Washington called home. Alexandria  is recognized for its rich history and beautifully preserved 18th- and 19th-century architecture.

The City of Alexandria is a wonderful place to cycle. With over 49 miles of on-street bike lanes, shared lanes, and trails, using a bike to quickly, safely, and enjoyably get around has never been easier.

With its charming neighborhoods and winding trails, Alexandria is a biker’s dream. You can ride lanes on major thoroughfares (Cameron, Prince and Pendleton streets) or go to Mount Vernon by bike and boat. You have to start in Alexandria and cycle to George Washington's Mount Vernon, where you can enjoy touring the historic estate, grounds and museum, then, board the wonderful cruise back to Old Town.

2. Mount Vernon

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If you just arrived from Alexandra, you have to know that this was George Washington's home from 1754 until his death, 45 years later.

Mount Vernon was a work in progress under Washington's close supervision, even while he was leading the Continental Army during the Revolution. This is of the nation’s most beloved historic sites, as Mount Vernon offers a glimpse into 18th-century plantation life through beautiful gardens and grounds, intriguing museum exhibits, and immersive programs honoring George Washington’s life and legacy.

From here, you can hop on your bike , and take on the Mount Vernon Trail following the Potomac River’s Virginia shoreline. After nearly 18 miles long of fully paved trail, going back through Alexandria, you will arrive in Theodore Roosevelt Island. Water fountains and restrooms are located in parks and points of interest are all along the way.

3. Virginia Beach

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Three different beaches and fourteen miles of sandy shores give every visitor the beach vacation they desire. And that’s much more than sandy beaches, for you, the adventurous bikers! Here you’ll find terrains, circuits and beautiful, scenic routes any avid cyclist would love.

We have 3 beautiful trails for your perfect ride when you need to escape it all, or quite the opposite, to be where things happens!

Cape Henry Trail runs along the shore and stretches for approximately seven and a half miles. Made of crushed stone, gravel and sand, the trail is lined with natural Spanish moss and filled with the serene sounds of birds chirping and water flowing – not a concrete slab in sight.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk is one of the most popular bike trails in the state, despite being only 3 miles along, due to its ideal terrain and fun-filled locality. Perfect choice for those who enjoy lively crowds and plenty of beachgoers.

False Cape State Park is the favorite bikers who search  a biking experience that is more like a wild safari outdoor adventure. It rests just over four miles from Virginia Beach and can only be accessed by biking, kayaking, or taking a shuttle. Here you’ll find animals like snakes, turtles, sea rays, dolphins, and deer.

4. Williamsburg

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The town will always be associated with America’s Colonial History and is home to some of the best tourist attractions in Virginia.

Here is a  living museum and a lively college town, a delight to visit it and stroll through the 300-hundred-year-old streets of Colonial Williamsburg.

Hop on your bike and go all along the scenic 23-mile Colonial Parkway a must for any cyclist! A hybrid or mountain bike makes it a smoother ride, but skinny tires will do it too.

Or take a ride in York River State Park, known for its rare and delicate environment. But don’t miss Storic Jamestowne Bike Trail which will introduce you to the natural environment which the English colonists encountered, the wildlife will surround you all the trip. There are also more than 25 Bike Routes waiting for you to ride it on, including the new Virginia Capital Trail, crisscrossing the Williamsburg region, featuring historic sites, parks, scenic country back roads and picturesque farmland.

5. Shenandoah National Park

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The winding Shenandoah River and its valleys run through the park, as does the Skyline Drive, a 105-mile road that runs the length of the entire park.

Bicycling is permitted along Skyline Drive and on paved areas in the park. You need to be prepared with some special equipment, though, because during periods of low visibility, or while traveling through a tunnel, or between sunset and sunrise, you have to have exhibit on the operator or bicycle a white light or reflector that is visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front and with a red light or reflector visible from at least 200 feet to the rear.

During periods of fog, reflectors will not provide necessary safety for bikers. Lights on both the front and rear of the bicycle are required here.

Also, you should know that mountain areas can experience dramatically different weather than what is being experienced in the lowlands, so, again, be well prepared with a comfortable saddle

6. Charlottesville

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The area's most famous remarkable figure is, definitely,  Thomas Jefferson. Today, his legacy lives at the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the grounds of his home, Monticello, and at the University of Virginia.

Charlottesville Parks and Recreation offers to bikers a variety of trails in the City. There are nearly 6 miles of paved trails, and about 30 miles of nature trails available for you to enjoy. Multi use trails exist at Riverview Park (and upstream along the Rivanna river), Meade Park, at Schenk's Greenway, McIntire Park, John Warner Parkway, and at Forest Hills Park.

If you are more into an cultural trip, you can take an artsy tour of Charlottesville that has a unique and thriving art scene. You can explore by bike to some of  Charlottesville's best-loved murals, sculptures, and art destinations. The map is available on the city website.     

7. Staunton

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Staunton, Virginia is probably best known as the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States.

After you visited the museums and cultural highlights of the city, you should change the ambiance to the fresh air of the nature.

What do you say about the popular local route known as the Polyface Ride? The ride is about 24 miles long and its prime attraction is Polyface Farm, a premier agricultural source for local restaurants and others across the Commonwealth. At some point, the road includes a gravel stretch that delivers you to Polyface, but you can avoid that road and cut the trek down to about 20 miles, which in turn gives the route a beginner level rating.

If you are a wine “connoisseur” you need to ride along the Shenandoah Valley Wine Trail. The trail travels approximately 200 miles (though that varies, depending on how many detours you take), through 19 different vineyards. You don’t need to hurry up, so, ideally you need 5-7 days ride to let yourself entirely delighted.

8. Richmond

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Here we are in the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which has been incorporated as a city since 1742.

The city of Richmond combines big-city amenities with southern charm and ease. Here, when you say you’re stuck in traffic, usually you want to say that you will be 5 minutes late, which is important if you have to be at a new exhibit at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Richmond is now a celebrity for cycling, starting with 2015, when it hosted the UCI Road World Cycling Championships.

In the Richmond region you will find some of the most diverse trail types available. They have Bell Built downhill and flow tracks for mountain bikers at Pocahontas State Park and old school single track. Even inside the city limits, Richmond parks provide several miles of exciting, true single-track. How will you ride Richmond? It’s totally up to you!

9. Manassas National Battlefield Park

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More than 900,000 people visit each year the battlefield of two major American Civil War battles.

The park offers a wide array of activities, scenic vistas, historic sites and walking trails to interest the casual visitor or the true Civil War historian.

You can explore the entire park with your bike and make stops to see in detail the historical data that interests you.

10. Great Falls National Park

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At Great Falls, the Potomac River builds up speed and force as it falls over a series of steep, jagged rocks and flows through the narrow Mather Gorge. The view is quite impressive and very photogenic. Maybe this is the reason they say it is lovers’ place. You will have to tell us if you discover the secret! The three Falls overlooks are only within a ten minute walk from the Visitor Center. But as for riding is not permitted on the Falls overlooks, or on the River, Patowmack Canal, Mine Run, or Matildaville Trails.

Don’t worry, you have five miles of trails, including the Old Carriage Road, Ridge, and Difficult Run trails that are open for biking.

Goodbye, Virginia!

It was a great through history, wilderness and modern cities. Remember the great spots we shared with you when you will travel to Virginia, and share with us your tips about some new places you discovered.

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