Oklahoma is a state of Plains, lakes and forests. While not very bike-friendly it still offers a few opportunities for the savvy traveler.

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  Let's explore those together.

  1. Route 66...for bicycle.

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You've heard about the famous Route 66 but did you know that 30 years after it had been decommissioned, the iconic Mother Road is back? 2493-miles, crossing 8 states, this is like riding on history and awesomeness.

One might just take this route and have an awesome trip in itself (it takes about 30 days to complete) but we wanted to include it here because the portion in Oklahoma is one of the best.

Even if you only ride this one, you'll get a lot out of it. You might want to return to finish it.


  1. Lake Overholser

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In western edge of Oklahoma County there's the Lake Overholser. A relaxing ride and there even is a bike trail. Bring some food and you'll find the best place for a nice picnic Keep yourself in comfort with our oversize bike saddle for extra comfort during your ride back home. 


  1. Center of the Universe

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Who knew that the Center of the Universe is in Tulsa? By a cool anomaly, only those standing in the Center of the Universe can hear you screaming or sneezing or talking. It's all basic physics but who cares? Too cool not to miss if you are around Tulsa.


  1. Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

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Everybody wants to see the buffalos. At Tallgrass - the biggest preserved tallgrass prairie in Oklahoma and the world - there is a 27000-member buffalo herd. Don't miss it along with other wildlife: deer, beavers and bobcats.


5.World' Largest Concrete Totem Pole   

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                                        Foto Credentials: TravelOk 

Every state has its own oddities. In Foyil, Oklahoma we find one in the form of a huge Totem Pole. Sixty feet tall, 30 feet in circumference, the pole rests on the back of a turtle and it's a colorful wonder. Be aware though that there are other towns claiming to have - in fact - the world's largest Totem Pole. Still, if you are on route 66, it's only a few miles away and it's worth the detour.


  1. Bowling bowl Yard Art

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Bowling Bowl Art is not something you get to hear often, if ever.

Unless you stop by Oklahoma! This cool little project was put together by Chris " Bowling Ball man" in the memory of his Wife. You can even bring a bowling bowl from your state and donate it for all to see!

Pretty interesting little stop on your trip around Oklahoma.

                                Foto Credentials: roadsideamerica 


  1. The Holy City of the Wichitas

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Southern Oklahoma is the best part of Oklahoma with mountains. Lakes and historical sites. One of the best place to visit in the area is "The Holy City of Wichitas".

You don't have to be religious to appreciate this: a city that celebrate the life of Jesus. The World Chapel is the main attraction, which features artwork from a local artist and hosts weddings and another event.

All is open for public, free of charge.


  1. Lake Hefner Trail

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We told you there are lakes, and this lake is surrounded by a bike trail, one of the few is OK. Unfortunately, you will have to share with pedestrian AND cars so it's not ideal but if you catch a good day, it might be a great way to spend it. 


  1. Shattuck Windmill Museum

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                                      Foto Credentials: TravelOk  

This is a little gem in OK. Shattuck, a small village of 1300, offers an unexpected museum of Windmills that is worth visiting. It features 51 unique vintage windmills, a sod house and a wind generator. If there's a windy day, you might even hear the rickety sound of all the working old windmills combined, and where else can you experience this?


  1. Your Favorite Pick


Ok is not the most bike-friendly state, that's for sure. But as any state, it sure has a lot of bike-lovers and we ask you - if you live in Oklahoma, or you visited and liked it - what's a good spot to go to? Your suggestions will help us help all our readers and we will reward you:

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