Top 10 Places to Visit in New Mexico by Bike

Top 10 Places to Visit in New Mexico by Bike

¡Hola mundo!

We’ve ended up in New Mexico! Lots of sunny places to pedal, tons of tacos to eat, 360° pictures to take and super discounts to give away.


1. White Sands


If you haven't thought about riding through gypsum than riding down the Dunes Drive will really blow your mind. Everything is white on more white. This 8 mile track through the gypsum sand road is one to remember but please be safe: wear a helmet, be mindful of other cars and RVs and never go off road.

Pro advice: bring your sunglasses and wear something dark so you'll stand out in your photos.

2. Chaco Culture


The Chacoan sites are famous for their always different environment and the feeling of real wilderness and solitude one can experience trekking around the park. The good thing is that there is a very good bike trail as well, a 9 mile paved Drive called the Canyon Look Drive.

You will get to see all that the park has to offer and stop often to take in the scenery. There are bike rentals shops all around in case you did not bring your bike.

3. Earthships


People tried to live with the desert since forever. Some tried to mold it in their image and others tried to mold themselves in ITS image. At Taos in New Mexico, there's a series of "off the grid" homes nicknamed "Earthships".

It's quite a sight worthy of every SF novel out there. Each is a bit different than the other because they were built by the owners themselves and reflect their style.

It's a very cool place to visit and you can bike around the neighborhood.

The best part? You can actually rent one for the night if you're lucky.

4. Tinkertown Museum


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More of an oddity visit than a "must-go", Tinkertown is a place that shouldn't be missed if you are close to it. This is a huge collection of Americana started by a guy out of pure passion that grew into a 22-rooms museum that inspire and fascinate people to this day.

Not quite bike-friendly but very much creative-friendly! 

5. Shiprock


A legendary rock, surrounded by Navajo legends, the Shiprock stands against the desert and time and awes whoever sees it since forever. While you can't get there by bike, you can stop by on your way to some other cool bike-friendly place.

It's called the "rock with wings" for a reason though, at 1500 feet is the tallest structure for miles and impressive as it rises above the desert.

You'll do well to meditate upon your place in the universe upon seeing it and resting at its root.

6. La Tierra


Speaking of cool bike trails, this is a really nice track through the classic New Mexico high desert pinion fores and a maze so complex that you might just need a map.

The advanced MTB-riders will love this one but there's a lot to do even as a noob, even if it is just riding slow and enjoy the sky and the forest.

Bonus if you go by night because this trail is "night riding" and camping close by.

7. Origami in the Garden


Given that you are close to Santa Fe, it's maybe a great idea to visit these giant Origami sculptures hidden into desert scenery. You might see horses, boats, paper airplanes along with a huge rock-paper-scissors sculpture. It's a comment on the fragility of the man in the grand scheme of things and an worthy trip.

8. Kasha-Katuwe


Rocks, rocks and more gorgeous rocks. That's Kasha-Katuwe, an are with tent-shaped rock formations created by "layers of volcanic rock and ash deposited by volcanic explosion about 6 to 7 million years ago". There's a huge open area for exploration although just by foot so leave the bike in the parking lot. Bring lots of water and sunscreen and enjoy the teepee-shaped stone mountains.

9. Gas Museum


Biker and gasoline don't go together but this museum, situated halfway between Santa Fe and Taos is not about pumping gas but about the America culture of small gas stations. It's the work of a singular obsession of a man named Johnnie Meier who started to collect all the paraphernalia he could fin: old gas pumps,toys, neon signs..even a diner!

Entrance is free, Johnnie still lives there and donations are appreciated. Maybe don't mention you hope everything will be electric soon though :)

10. Albuquerque


Sure, Santa Fe gets all the glory but Albuquerque is the hidden gem for bikers. Well, given that it's on the list of "one of the 20 most bike-able" cities in America maybe not that hidden. We love especially because they always celebrate Bike Month which is one of our favorites as you might know but also because there's a lot of visit and with their bike lanes covering the whole town, it's easy to get wherever you want.

Please, include it in your itinerary of New Mexico.

That's it from us for New Mexico. We ask again for you help! Send us your New Mexico recommendations and photos and we'll add them in. Sharing is, as they say, caring.