Home of the prairies, Kansas is a state full of surprises and oddities and we get to explore some of them. Not very bike-friendly but very friendly otherwise, we stopped around to see a little of everything.

If you are from Kansas or been there with your bike, what was your favorite thing to do? Share your experience with us and you can win one of our Light Road Saddles or Gel Seat Covers.
Let's see what we have. 

1. Dorothy's House
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"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!". Well, not so fast, we only just began! Liberal, Kansans is where, allegedly, Dorothy's house can be found. Together with everything else you want to visit to satisfy even the biggest "Wizard of Oz" fan. And who isn't a fan?
A great fun trip stop that starts the journey through this state on the right note.

2.Monument Rocks
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The Stonehenge of Kansas, Monument Rocks are a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas.

Reaching up to 21 metres ( 70 ft) they were laid down during the Cretaceous Period about 80 million years ago. It's a great place to visit, especially if you have a motorbike. Unfortunately, it's too big and too far for any biker to reach it. You'll have a few memorable photos if you do get there though so put it on your map.

3. Botanica Wichita
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Botanical Gardens can be boring. But when you have to chose from 7 different and unique gardens, tons of events every day and even the chance of catching a wedding, this is not your normal garden.
We think the Chinese Garden of Friendship is unmissable.

It's harder to get by bike in Asia so who knows when you'll get another chance?

4. Dodge City
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A town famous for its biking culture - think Harley Davidson - is probably a town that a bike-lover can also appreciate. Encompassing the spirit of rebellion, independence, and the freedom of the open road, it's something that we ca totally relate to on out non-motorized 2-wheeler.
This is a little town full of history that offer the perfect roads for riding a chopper. Once again, Kansas says that you'd be better off on a motorbike than your good old bike. We don't really agree but these are the perfect roads for a nice ride.

5. Boot Hill Museum
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If you are in Dodge City, then you must visit the Boot Hill Museum, which will let you relieve the Old West Legend of the town and help you get a better appreciation for it. Every day there's something to be done, especially in the summer days.
Don't forget to get something to remind you of the Old West from the Gift Shop!

6. Sand Hill State Park
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There's finally a good place to take out the good bike and explore some amazing views. 14 miles of biking trails await at Sand Hill and offer a panorama of sand dunes, woodlands and prairie.

7. Open Range Zoo
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                                                           Foto Credit: Atlas Obscura

No State visit is complete without something odd, bizarre and unexpected. In one word: a form of ART.

A Kansas grassroots sculptor decorates the local roadways with his sculptures made from found objects. Expect the weirdest animals made from all kind of junk into something beautiful. And if you got so close to Lucas, Kansas: look around. You might be lucky enough to discover the "World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum". Try to say that twice fast!

8. Tallgrass Prairie
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Most of the remaining prairie is in Kansas and this is where you can envision how America looked like and see the bisons roaming. You can hike, fish and take lots of good photos.

9. Lake Scott State Park
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                                                                    Foto Credit: Reserve America 

One of National Geographic's 50 must see state parks in the US, Scott State Park has natural springs, canyons and of course, a huge 100-acre Fishing Lake.It's an archaeological landmark but what's most important for us, the ideal place for biking, hiking, horseback riding and an excellent chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

10. Great Bend
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Explore the Plains, the Wetland and Wildlife National Scenic Byway.

Get a real feel for the small-town America with a broad selection of food and lodging if you want to stay for longer.Great news for bikers:

This is a very bike-friendly place with a lot of bike events throughout the year.

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