Top 10 Places to Visit in Georgia by Bike

Top 10 Places to Visit in Georgia by Bike

Have you ever visited Georgia?

Pack your bags and come with us to discover our new destination. We will go all along the state to see what are the best features you can visit by bike and as we did before we will make some stops to the best places, even if you will have to park your bike for a while.

Let’s go, you cycling freaks!  

1. Savannah

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We have to tell you that Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state attracting millions of visitors with its emerald tree canopy, quaint cobblestone streets and majestic architecture.

You have to see Savannah River Street a glittering, multi-faceted gem along the broad Savannah River. The century old buildings, once cotton warehouses, have been converted to antique shops, distinctive boutiques and spectacular galleries.

Oh, yes, go to the  Historic District of Savannah, the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world to admire the cobblestone streets, manicured gardens, and oak-shaded parks drizzling with silvery Spanish Moss. Georgia offers a perfect vacation for all ages – abuzz with art, culture, festivals, concerts, live theater, outdoor cafes, gourmet restaurants, and, of course, the true Southern hospitality. The largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States, Savannah contains more than twenty city squares filled with museums, churches, mansions, monuments and famous forts of the Revolutionary & Civil War eras.

The City of Savannah is great for bicycle travel considering the warm weather and flat riding conditions. Mobility and Parking Services works to expand the bicycle network by developing bicycle routes, installing bicycle racks, and supporting cyclist education. 

2. Atlanta

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The capital of Georgia, Atlanta is vibrant, buzzing, modern, and very Southern at the same time.

From world-class restaurants and a myriad of cultural attractions to a hip nightlife and sporting events galore, the city is cosmopolitan in every sense of the word. But Atlanta has also managed to maintain its fabulous historic character.

If you feel excited to pedal Atlanta's best paved cycling trails, follow us!

You can try the Silver Comet Trail which it's pretty much Atlanta's best place to bike if you're looking for a flat, long distance, scenery packed ride. Bike the Silver Comet Trail on a former rail line that runs more than 60 miles of gentle grade from Smyrna to the Alabama border. You'll cycle through forest and farmland, between deep cut rock ravines and over towering train trestles with beautiful views.

In the same time, you can choose Arabia Mountain PATH that offers you a great workout as it rolls and curves through hilly terrain. More than 30 miles of paved trails through scenic forest shows the two mountains, rocky landscapes, open fields, rivers and historic areas.

Now you have to choose also another trail by yourself considering the distance you have in mind for the trip. The options are numerous: Suwanee Greenway (4 miles), Big Creek Greenway (15 miles), Stone Mountain PATH (19 miles).

And that’s not all! We will give you a tip about the cyclists favorites places to bike. You will have to reserve few more days to try them all: Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail, Piedmont Park, Freedom Park, Atlanta BeltLine Corridor under Freedom Pkwy, Freedom Park Trail at Highland Ave., Chattahoochee National Recreation Area, Chattahoochee River - East Palisades Area - National Recreation Area, Atlanta BeltLine – Midtown, Atlanta BeltLine Corridor at Irwin St., Tanyard Creek Park. Hard to decide, we know!

3. Tybee Island

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We are in Savannah's beach playground. Only a short 20-minute drive away, Tybee is a paradise under the sun boasting five miles of sandy public beach.

The island’s flat terrain it’s the ideal biking landscape, also the island being less than 3 miles long, it’s possible to get almost anywhere on the island by bike.

Tybee is very accommodating with bike rentals and shops, trails and routes as well as roads and pathways welcoming the cyclists all year long.

First place to bike for anyone is the beach! Start with this perfect trail for your visit. Check out the Birding Trail on North Beach near the Tybee Island Lighthouse while you’re riding.

McQueen’s Island Trail is another popular option for cyclists. It has six mile stretch and combines the best parts of history and nature into one scenic ride. The trail runs parallel to the Savannah River and takes you across saltwater marshes, wildlife habitats and historic sites like Fort Pulaski.

You have serious chances meet see box turtles, alligators and the occasional dolphin. McQueen’s trail is a must-ride! 

4. Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island

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From the sprawling beaches to historic ruins, Jekyll Island is a beautiful blend of serenity and discovery.

One of the most popular islands for Golden Isles visitors, the 5,700 acre island is beautiful to visit any time of year, but it is particularly beautiful in the spring and fall.

A variety of delightful views and places, include ten miles of white sand beaches, 63 holes of golf, an outdoor tennis complex, the Summer Waves Water park, a fishing pier, Jekyll Island dolphin tours, horseback riding tours, nature centers, Georgia Sea Turtle Center and… 20 miles of bike trails. Come here with the whole family! They will be delighted!

5. Tallulah Gorge State Park

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The most popular destinations for outdoor adventure! Beautiful waterfalls, steep-sided canyons, and serene river banks waits to be explored.

The gorge, a giant two-mile-long gash in Georgia’s rolling terrain, drops nearly 1000 feet deep over near-vertical walls to the remote canyon floor.

Breathtaking and wild!

Don’t forget your mountain bike home! Here you can test your endurance! You can try the Stoneplace Trail, a moderate to difficult 10 miles trail or High Bluff Trail, a 4 miles moderate route. If you want a more easier trail, Shortline Trail is better for you. 3 miles of paved trail, rated as easy, can be accessed from Terrora Circle Road.

But to access all the 3 trails, you need to obtain permit at the Interpretive Center.

Caution: During hunting season, it is recommended for hikers and bikers to wear brightly colored clothing. 

6. Wormsloe Historic Site

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A breathtaking avenue sheltered by live oaks and Spanish moss leads to the tabby ruins of Wormsloe, the colonial estate of Noble Jones.

You are in the middle of a majestic rural avenue, lined on either side by over 400 stately live oak trees, and emerging at the site of Georgia’s oldest plantation.

The 1.5 miles entrance to Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah expose a different era, traveling in time to 18th-century Georgia.

Wormsloe is the only standing architectural remnant in Savannah from the founding of Georgia.

7. Arabia Mountain

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Here we are in the middle of hundreds of scenic acres just east of Atlanta, breathtaking mountain and wildlife-filled grassy meadows to small, glassy lakes and wide-open fields of rock and boulders.

Dominated by two massive granite outcrops, it offers visitors natural wonders, compelling history and heart-pumping activity.

Even is just minutes east of downtown Atlanta, this is one fantastic destination for outdoor exploration, seems to be worlds away from the nearby urban cityscape.

The PATH Foundation trail within the AMNHA is designed to link cultural, scenic, natural and historic sites.

Over 30 miles of paved trails are open to bikers including a connection to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. Explore the area’s history, ride across several bridges, including a curved boardwalk on Alexander Lake, a serpentine bridge and a 500-foot bridge spanning the South River. The trails offer a range of difficulty from mild to challenging.

8. Panther Creek Falls

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Take on the  Panther Creek Trail that winds through dense forest and after you will admire a series of waterfalls, you reach the final destination at the beautiful Panther Creek Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Rated as moderate, the trail offers a number of activity options and is a great option from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

But, Panther Creek Park has also others mountain biking trails you have to try.

For example, Old Wagon Trail, the 0.8 mile trail is the most popular trail in the Park. All ages and skill levels follow this trail as it contours Panther Creek.

Another one is Piney Cove Trail: Winding through tall pines, this 0.6 mile trail is a connector trail between Panther Path and the Old Farm trails. This is an excellent beginner mountain bike trail.

Move on to the next, Deer Run Trail: Contouring the Lake, this 0.8 mile connector trail meanders around a series of curves and short, gentle hills as a connector trail from the Panther Path trail to the Trout Lily Trail.

Old Farm Trails: Excellent trail for viewing wildflowers and songbirds, this easy trail features a 1.0 mile inner loop and a 1.5 mile outer loop. The inner loop gently winds through cedar glades and bramble fields — think blackberries in summer! While the outer loop travels to the Pioneer Trail through open fields dotted with hardwood and pine stands.

Trout Lily Trail: Sections of this tail wind around the lake shoreline. This 2.0 mile moderate trail is the most technical trail in the park for mountain bikers due to its rooty and rocky terrain.

Panther Path Trail: Easy 2.0 mile loop winds through open fields and through shaded stands of hardwood.

Pioneer Trail: Winding through a pine and cedar forest, wildlife viewers will enjoy this 2.6 mile moderate loop.

Pick one and start your journey!

9. Providence Canyon

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Called Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon", it is considered to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. Sculpted sandstone canyon walls from above, and up-close views within the depths of the canyon. The surrounding colors are fabulous, vibrant orange, white, pink and deep purple sandstone walls in nine numbered canyons before circling the rim. A major ultra-photogenic landscape. This place will make it an unforgettable trip!

9. Chattahoochee River

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Follow the ancient river in a modern city, and you enjoy nature’s display, raft leisurely through the rocky shoals with friends, fish the misty waters as the sun comes up, or have a picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

All park roads are open to cyclists, but trails are limited to specific areas.

Currently there are 7.11 miles of trails open to cyclists in the park, all within the Cochran Shoals and Palisades units. When combined with surrounding roads, there are options for cyclists of varying ability. Just make sure you ride a comfortable road bike saddle through the day. 

Ride you bike through the 3.1 miles Cochran Shoals Trail on the river’s banks near Vinings. It’s likely the most popular trail in the Chattahoochee River NRA, loved for its scenery, nearly-level elevation, and the community of runners and families that pack the trail daily.

Or go for the 3.6 miles West Palisades Trail network at the ultra-scenic Paces Mill Park near Vinings. Catch stunning views of the Chattahoochee River, and then follow Rottenwood Creek upstream to a small waterfall. Tucked between two major Atlanta highways, it’s an outdoor oasis framed by urban infrastructure.

Georgia is fabulous isn’t it? So many beautiful places to ride your bike and this mix of history and astonishing nature beauty, would impress anyone.

We hope we convinced you to give it a change when you will feel like going in some new place to a new journey.

We will be more than glad if you will let us know about your experience as a biker in Georgia!