Top 10 Places to Visit in Delaware by Bike

Top 10 Places to Visit in Delaware by Bike

Bored to stay an entire day to the beach?

Then play it hip and visit some of the most important historical places or go on an outdoor adventure. That’s why you took your bike with you in the first place! There's nothing better than enjoying a gorgeous sunset riding a cruiser bike.

1. Delaware's Old State House

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First we learn, then we relax.

We are joking. This historical place is a source of knowledge but in a very relaxing way. The Georgian style State House contains the Governor's presentation and ceremonial office as well as the 18th century courtroom and legislative chambers on the first floor.  The Delaware State House in Dover was completed in 1792.

Located on the historic Green in Dover, the Old State House has served as a focal point in the state's civic life for over two centuries and continues to hold a special place in the eyes of Delawareans and visitors alike. Is a fantastic way to learn about Delaware's early history. Then hop on your bike and visit the surroundings!

2. Brandywine Creek State Park

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Encompassing 933 acres, Brandywine Creek State Park is an important area for birds and other fascinating wildlife.

Delaware's first two nature preserves are located within Brandywine Creek State Park: Tulip Tree Woods, a majestic stand of 190-year-old tulip poplar, and Freshwater Marsh.

Brandywine Creek State Park also maintains 14 miles of trails. There is a nice mix of doubletrack, some singletrack and forest roads, but the only trails open for mountain biking at Brandywine Creek State Park are the multi-use trails. These trails include portions of the Rocky Run Trail located on the east side of the creek and the Northern Delaware Greenway. All trails on the west side of Brandywine Creek are for hiking. However, you have from what to choose, there are a surprising number of bike ride options within the park and a maze of additional trails for mountain biking can be found on the property managed by the Woodlawn Trustees, located adjacent to the Park on the north.

3. Rehoboth Beach

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The best known of the state's Atlantic Ocean beaches. A mile-long boardwalk parallels the sandy shore with restaurants, shops and motels.

This chic boardwalk is the city’s most famous attraction. You have to take a stroll along the one-mile-long boardwalk and admire the scenic beauty of the area. But that’s not the only thing you can do here. You can go more into the wild side taking a ride on Gordons Pond, the scenic hiking/biking trail in Delaware. Recently expanded, the trail runs past the pond and into the lush forest.

Here you can admire the wetlands and the dunes as they offer picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean. We also recommend you a ride on the Junction and Breakwater Trail, a 6 miles nature retreat for walkers, runners, bikers, and families alike.

When you’re done with pedaling, give yourself a refresh at Jungle Jim’s, the largest waterpark in the state of Delaware.

Or have a delicious meal at Papa Grande’s, inspired by the flavors and traditions of the Latin American culture.

4. Lewes

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Here is all about the calm and genteel lifestyle, perfect for a quiet getaway.

Settled by the Dutch in 1631, Lewes is a charming coastal community and as the earliest settlement in Delaware goes by the nickname of ‘The First Town in the First State’. Lewes, DE is home to some of the area's best bike trails winding from the Cape Henlopen State Park through to downtown Lewes.

The trails are perfect for bikers, hikers, and strollers of all ability levels and for all ages. We already described the trails (Junction and Breakwater Trail and Gordon's Pond Trail) that – surprise! – will bring directly you to Lewes.

You can’t miss the opportunity to take the ferry to Cape May. It will be so relaxing to savor a glass of wine with the wind blowing in your hair, watching dolphins and sometimes a whale. Yes, here you can watch the cute and joyful dolphins!   

5. Bethany Beach

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Bethany Beach is the kind of place that’s beloved for its intimate atmosphere, perfect for extended-family vacations and people who enjoy a longer stay and a more laid-back getaway. 

The perfect place for a “do-as-you-please” mood.

Here you will find the perfect balance of family-friendly peacefulness and fun-loving diversions. Maybe that’s why it became a recent favorite of celebrities. And they’re right! Kayaking, surfing, boating, stand-up paddling, windsurfing and the list could go on! There are tons of opportunities to get out and enjoy the scenery outdoors. For a more relaxing break, dine around!

There is nothing better than fresh seafood at the beach! Try some delicious crabs packed with Old Bay seasoning or enjoy sunset views and fresh seafood at the Bluecoast Seafood Grill. Grab a drink and lunch on an oceanfront deck at Mango’s or enjoy some of the best Italian food at the beach at DiFibeo’s 

6. Cape Henlopen State Park

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Cape Henlopen's beaches and open spaces attract thousands of visitors who enjoy ocean swimming and sunbathing.

The park's open spaces feature many other activities.

Cape Henlopen has also many year-round hiking and biking opportunities. Experience the park's scenic and ever-changing landscape - and get a lesson in history - along the three-mile-long paved trail that loops the park. You must take a trail break and climb to the top of the World War II Observation Tower, where the 360-degree views is spectacular. Or take a short climb to the top of a former military bunker to view the dynamic action along the Atlantic coastline.

You can also explore the coastal environment along the Seaside or the Pinelands Nature Trails, or hike the six miles of beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

Anyway, you have lots of outdoor activities you can enjoy!

7. Delaware Seashore State Park

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What doctor prescribed! Bounded on the east by the mighty Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay, the 2825-acre park is a beach-goer's delight. But that’s not it! The bike rails provide a terrific opportunity to get and stay in shape and enjoy the great outdoors. We make it easy to find one that's right for you!

Prickly Pear Trail, a 3.5-mile loop perfect for exploring the park's open meadows, young hardwood and pine forests, and a view of the Indian River Bay. The trail is 8' wide with a variable surface and is open to hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding. Two connector trails provide community access at several locations throughout Fresh Pond.

Assawoman Canal Trail is a one-mile all-weather trail meanders along the west bank of the Assawoman Canal, between Route 26 and just south of the Ocean View Marina. Users can access the trail at Central Ave, Osprey Lane and Route 26. Parking and restrooms are available at the Town Road parking lot. The level is easy, so doable for anyone.

Fred Hudson Road Trail is another option, a one-mile connector trail links the Fred Hudson Road Pathway to the stone-surfaced segment of the Prickly Pear Trail, creating a north-south all-weather trail alternative to Route 1.  The entire trail is open to hiking and bicycling, and a 0.6-mile portion of it is open to horseback riding. Easy level also.

8. Wilmington

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The city of Wilmington is situated on the Christina and Delaware rivers and is a hot spot for arts, culture, and restaurants.

Explore the historic Nemours Mansion and its landscaped gardens, admire the art at the Delaware Art Museum, and stop by the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. To give only a few. Best things to do in Wilmington, Delaware with kids include the Delaware Children’s Museum, the Delaware Museum of Natural History and the DuPont Environmental Education Center.

As for riding, bicycling on the Michael Castle Trail and the Kalmar Nyckel will be the rides more than rewarding. You'll return, guaranteed. That’s no surprise that The League Of American Bicyclists calls Delaware the third friendliest bicycling state in the country, and it's certainly one of the most beautiful. And recently, the 19 miles of completed trail along the East Coast Greenway connect the Delaware parks with the city of Wilmington and the historically charming city of Old New Castle.

9. Dover

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Dover is the capital of Delaware and worth a stop on any road trip through the state. This city is known for NASCAR culture, casinos, and even the Amish community nearby. 

A new high quality walking and cycling path in Dover has entirely transformed everyday journeys. The route along the River Dour connects outlying parts of Dover to the centre and seafront. This is a link with the town’s historic past and opens up many areas which until now have been largely unseen.

The route following the old River Dour Trail just waits for you to take a ride! 

10. Milton

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The town of Milton has many places that are listed on the National Historic Register, and it also has some excellent examples of Victorian architecture.

Every trip to Milton needs to include a visit to Dogfish Head Brewery, where tours and tasting of this nationally loved Delaware craft beer are always among the top of visitors preferences. But the fun goes on with outdoor adventures at the Edward H. McCabe Preserve or the fascinating historic tours. If you are a beach lover, grab your bike with a cozy cruiser seat and head for the horizon. Only minutes from Milton.

See you next time, guys! Where do you want to travel next? We can’t wait to hear it!