Our journey reaches Colorado, The Centennial State, with its diverse landscape: desert, canyons and of course, The Rocky Mountains.

All you need for this trip is a comfortable bike saddle and the top 10 places you need to see.

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 Let's see what a bike wanderer can do in this beautiful state.

1. Aspen Snowmass

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This might be the coolest place to bike in America. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but for the thrill-seeker there's no better place to be. From the gravity-defying trails to of Valhalla to the punishing Tour de France-like climb up Independence Pass, you will surely find somewhere to bike to your heart's desire. And if you want a mellow ride, they have that too! 

There's a great place to be this summer, don't miss it!


2. Boulder

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This is a famous town for biking and also climbing. A lot of awesome people come from Boulder and all will look funny at you if you don't have a bike. With trails for your mountain bike and lots of path to visit the actual town, there is enough room for all bike-lover to find something to do. You are sure to meet like-minded people and have a fun time. If you come by car, you can, of course, rent a bike.


 3. Denver, Colorado

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The Mile-High City has one of the largest biking trail systems in the US. 85 miles of paved, off-road trails await the eager biker alongside which he will discover the city's parks, streams, river and canals alongside with the skyline. Visit the Zoo, the Botanical Garden, Museums and they even have a coffeehouse for bikers with a bike-shop attached. 

You will feel at home biking in Denver, a city full of bike-lovers and home of the fittest people in the country (or so they often say!).

We can't do justice to all the bike trails and opportunities available in Denver but we can just assure you that you'll want to book a multiple-day stay here.


4. Rocky Mountain

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What can you do with 10$? No matter what first pops in your mind it is probably not " ride the Rocky Mountain" and yet, that's how much a daily permit costs! With an elevation ranging from 8000 to 12184 feet and 60 miles of hard surfaced road, there's plenty ride on!  Really a day to remember.


5. Garden of the Gods

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Now opened for mere mortals, the Garden of the Gods offers breath-taking views by day and an amazing sky by night. We recommend the "Starlight Spectacular" nighttime bike ride to get a feel on how little we really are but how awesome that we are at all anyway. Who said that biking is not philosophical?!


6. Mesa Verde

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Offering great hiking opportunities for experience hiker, Mesa Verde is a great stop on your Colorado journey. You can get in touch with nature and learn a lot about Ancestral Puebloan ways. Also, there are bike trails if you get there with your bike, though you'll have to live it in the parking for hiking.


7. Narrow Gauge Railroad

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We love old trains and riding one is a dream worth leaving the bike behind... for a little while :) You can choose between two tours OR take them both. We like the Silverton one, a historic train ride on 45 miles of rails originally laid in 1882 between the mining town of Silverton and the railroad-built town of Durango, Colorado.


8. The million dollar highway

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Here's what one can do: take your bike on the train and ride back from Durango. Crazy? Maybe. Unforgettable? For sure.

Durango though is a good place to ride around anyway because it's a very bike-friendly town with lots to see and do especially if you go there during "Iron Horse Classic" a weekend-long bike celebration. See the views, enjoy the ranches, the food and then the mountains as you go up (if you can take it).

It's a blessed area that can be properly explored by bike and it should.


9. Ouray

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From Telluride to Ouray, 50 miles of riding a beautiful trail with ups and downs and wonderful views, challenging parts and very easy parts (especially downhill) all to get to Ouray. Once there, the Hot Springs provide a much needed relaxation opportunity. Best to hitch a ride back though after a good soak.


10. Great Sand Dunes

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Riding a Dune is not easy task. You'd think that a mountain bike could be good enough for the task but in fact, that would be a very bad guess if you actually wanted to get anywhere on the Great Sand Dunes national park.

Sure, you can ride some parts of it but to get to the really good stuff you need a fatty. A fat bike with really wide tires that can take you beyond "Point of No Return". What's there?

One way to find out!

Colorado is an awesome state for biking with so many things to do and see that we might need to visit it twice! IF you live here or visited and want to share good places we can go to, please do by writing to us.

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See you in the next state!