Top Nine Places to Visit in Arizona by Bike

Top Nine Places to Visit in Arizona by Bike

We have arrived in Arizona, hot, arid, awesome state and we have our bikes with us. Let's see what we have. 

1. The Grand Canyon

Where else to go first but to the most popular natural attraction in the U.S. The Grand Canyon is one of those wonderful, hyped, over-photographed attractions that manage to impress in real life just as well. And the good news for us: you can go around it by bike. Look for the bike tours offered and "ride the rim"! Don't forget to stop often and really enjoy the view.

2. Lake Powell

At Glen Canyon back-country meets water and the land of opportunities opens: hundreds of miles of of road and scenery, geologic wonders and clear blue sky. You'll have a great time just wandering about the recreation area. When you get tired, just rest near the lake and take in the amazing calming effect of the water.
PRO TIP: take a photo :)

3. Sedona

At Sedona there's the best high-desert trail riding in Arizona, maybe America. This town seems built for riding, with bike shops that are friendly and fast, endless trails - about 250 miles at the last estimate - and options for any type of bikes: mountain bike or cruisers, you'll find a trail and enjoy your time here.
Beyond the great facilities, the atmosphere of camaraderie and kinship is something every bike rider dreams of. You are among friends here and you'll always remember this.

4. Ghost Town - Jerome

Not far from Sedona there's Jerome. A town founder in 1876, one time the 4th largest city in Arizona, currently a "ghost town". Lucky for us, the ghosts are not scary and the hills of the town make for a great spot to enjoy the views, spend an afternoon or two and ride your bike. There is a great feeling about being in an empty town and see looking the infinite distance.
Also, the read towards Jerome is a wonder in itself!

5. Organ Pipe Cactus

It wouldn't be Arizona if you didn't see a cactus...but how about over 30 species of cactus?! At the border with Mexico this park is an international Biosphere Reserve because it is alive with plants and animals. A desert that lives despite the stilted appearance, a desert that you can experience yourself while hiking, biking or spending the night camping. An unforgettable night in the desert.

6. Tumacacori

At a cultural crossroads, in the Santa Cruz River valley, sits Tumacacori, a town where history just happened. O’odham, Yaqui, and Apache people met and mingled with European Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries, settlers, and soldiers and you can see how this intersections gave life to this town.
It's a very picturesque town and you can explore it's heritage orchard and courtyard garden as well as hike and bike around to the river and follow the missionaries. Never a bad thing to learn the history while having fun!

7. Havasu Falls

Another famous spot to get a viral photo, Havasu Falls are on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Given that it is a protected area, it can be very hard to get a permit to visit..which makes it all more glorious when you do make it here.
Besides the Falls there is a canyon very well worth exploring and of course, the Supai Village which even has a lodge available for tourists. One night stay is highly recommended!

8. London Bridge

Yes, we are STILL in Arizona and not London. But this is a fun Bridge to visit because the story is so crazy. This is the bridge that was built over River Thames in London but was discovered that is is sinking into the river.
The founder of Lake Havasu City purchased the bridge for $2,460,000 and spent another $7,000,000 transporting the bridge to its current location. Everything was done with such attention to detail, even the bricks are in the same position as they were in London.
Riding over this Bridge and taking some cool misleading photos will certainly have your friends confused and amazed. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it enough to plan for a London trip next summer!

9. Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tour

This one is a must visit for the biker out there who also has the DSLR with her all the time.

With 3 exclusive canyons, each with its own colors and walls textures given by Mother Nature and time, you will be enchanted and stop often to catch exactly the RIGHT light for your photos. It's worth mentioning that the world most expensive photo was taken right here in the Upper Antelope Canyon and sold for 6.5 millions.
Enjoy your visit and be sure that you'll remember these wonderful canyons forever.