The trip continues thorough Nevada, an incredible state that is full of unexpected biking opportunities.

1. Las Vegas

There's nothing else to start with. For most of us, Nevada equals Las Vegas, although- fun fact! - Carson City is the state capital. Sure, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but there's nothing to hide about the growing community of biker who chose to visit Vegas. And why?
Because there's so much to see and the weather, while hot, it's great for biking. There's also over 100miles of bike lanes and routes that will let you discover the city on two wheels. It's not Sin City, it's Bike City for us :)

2. Red Rock Canyon

Enjoying the solitude and stark desert landscape is the main attraction of exploring the Red Rock Canyon. It has a 14 miles loop that lets you see all the beauty the desert has to offer:red- and buff-colored rock formations, stunning sandstone and limestone cliffs. You can chose from a self-guided or guided tour and even be picked up and dropped off from Las Vegas. Not be missed!

3. Rhyolite Ghost Town

One of the short-lived boom-town from the late Gold Rush era, Rhyolite is a very odd but beautiful town because there are several bizarre works of art strewn around it. There are things like a life-sized discipline patterned after "The Last Supper" and a lot of ghosts made of fiberglass. One is on a bike if that tells you something.
It's really a very Nevada-thing to do, riding with a bike through a town that mostly empty, encountering unexpected art and feeling alone in the world.
It's not too far from Beatty, NV but you need to drive by car there.

4. International Car Forest

Another gem in the Nevada Desert, waiting to be found...This is a project spawned by two Nevada artists when one of them was driving through the desert and saw a car standing on its nose in the sand. He found out is the work of an artist and decided to help out expanding the "forest".
Today, there are more than 40 cars, trucks and vans, some stacked in a delicate balance. All in the desert. And all for you to find and photograph from your bike. It's a really hidden gem that will make a great stop on this crazy trip we've embarked upon here.

5. Hoover Dam

This is another trip that is mandatory in Nevada.

The Hoover Dam is incredible and needs to be experienced in person to believe it and really gauge its hugeness. What better way than by bike given that this is one of the best bike trails in Nevada?!
Just throw a  Gel Seat Cover over your saddle, especially if you rent out a bike and ride in comfort through the Lake Mead Recreational Area.You can even go inside the Dam!
Add to that a nice picnic with breathtaking views and you're all set for another amazing memory on this life-changing trip.

6. Ward Charcoal Ovens

How does visiting six beehive-shaped charcoal oven sounds like? Because at the Ward Charcoal Oven you get to see exactly that! The park offers two day-use areas that are great for mountain biking and picnics. This is a place for fun, given that it's very dusty and the trails are mostly dirt and sand. It's not your usual ride in the park :)

7. Great Basin National Park

Yes, there are a lot of parks in Nevada. One of the great things about Basin is that it's really GREAT. We're talking of about 200.000 square miles of park. You can do everything here from biking to fishing to visiting caves.
Our suggestion? Spend the night. After a long day of biking you can experience something truly special: a true dark sky. Great Basin has been designated an "International Dark Sky Park" and you can see thousands of stars on a clear night. Very much an unique experience in our light-polued world.

8. Valley of Fire

Nevada's first state park is the best park for bikers. You can ride for miles and miles, no matter your level of expertise and enjoy the picturesque scenary. In fact, this park has been the scene for many movies and commercials.
You can book a guided or semi-guided bike tour and get the most out of the experience.
You'll be wowed at every turn and have yet another awesome Nevada Memory!

9. Seven Magic Mountains

Nevada and Art in the desert seems to be a match. Because this is yet another public art installation not far from Las Vegas. It's just a fast 10 miles ride away in Henderson, Nevada.
What kind of art you'll find there, it is said it can only be truly experienced in person, but it's all made of stone.
Be aware though, the ride there might be quick but can be perilious so check the weather before going and bring a lot of water. If you have doubts, take the car and ride just at near the instalattion.

10. Fly Geyser

We left this coolest and probably the least visited Nevada's attraction for the last point. If you got time and the inclination to get to visit these scalding water erupting geysers then consider it your own little adventure because finding them is not easy. They are located on a private island and to get close you need to pay fee and discuss with the owner.
It's not easy but then, it wouldn't be the coolest thing to do if everyone would do it, right?!

This is the end of our Nevada recommendation and again, if you think we missed some great places or you know of a great opportunity to go by bike please tell us so we can share with everyone. We're always looking forward to your stories, suggestions and photos at