The key accessories for your perfect ride

The key accessories for your perfect ride

Forget about that saying “no pain, no gain”, it might be applicable in everything but not in cycling.

It’s ok if the pain comes from the extra effort that challenges yourself, metaphorically speaking, but, in general, physical pain is almost never a good sign.

Here we chosen the essentials accessories for the perfect ride, not only in terms of physical comfort, but also the ones that make you feel really good.

1. Comfortable bike seat

Comfortable bike seat

It should feel like sitting on fluffy cloud while conquer the world mile by mile!

With the perfect one, you feel only the effort of extra miles in your physical shape, not…sorry - but it is what it is – like a pain in the ass. That’s nothing wrong to return it because it doesn’t feel good.

Don’t settle for “it’s something wrong with my body”.

If you ordered it online and never tested before, you can change it with something better, many of the online stores owners are bikers themselves and they can help you with great tips if you ask for their advice.      



2. The royal treat for saddle!


Feels like sitting on 10 pillows if you put an extra gel seat cover over your heavenly saddle. We agreed that you won’t settle for less.

Easy to use, almost all suitable, the gel seat cover is the perfect choice.

Now we are curious what you will find next for not to ride pretexts.


3. Second Skin Gloves

Skin Gloves 

High quality PU leather cycling gloves, soft, comfy and warm, let you feel the winter is not cold this year.

Unlike cheap imitations, these gloves are soft, not scratchy. You can even text without removing them. But, please, don’t text while riding.

Full palm & five-finger touchscreen technology makes texting, operate touch screens while wearing this touch screen gloves, works on smart phones, tablet PCs etc. Non-bulky design allows for superior movement & quality materials provide resilient strength & dexterity.


4. Breathable Clothes for Cold and Wind

Bike Wind jacket

You won’t feel like in a sauna, or so dressed so much you could not move in it.

These clothes are especially designed to protect you from the cold weather, but in the same time to allow you the flexibility like you’d wear a t-shirt.

The reflective brand logo and stripe keep you safe in darkness and the zipper pocket and back pocket are totally safe for storage.


5. Good Shoes and Better Protection

Bike Shoe cover

Shoes for road bikes have protruding cleats that make walking difficult but provide excellent support for power during races.

Cycling shoes are designed to be light and stiff for efficient pedaling, usually with mesh panels to keep your feet cool in the summer, and with a sole that's designed to be compatible with clip-less pedals.

If you are a pro, you need those especially designated ones, but if you are a leisure rider, you can cycle in a pair of good trainers. Either ways you need to protect your shoes from dirt or water. So, don't let the bad weather ruin your bike ride, just put the shoe covers over your shoes and you are ready to go.

Water and cold will not bother you on your bike ride if you wear proper protection.


6. Ultralight handy travel backpack, water resistant. 

light bike back pack

As we talk about key accessories, the essentials, we can’t miss the perfect companion for trips.

This compact backpack is the perfect companion when you are out and about. Perfect for day trips, vacation, travel, day hikes, school, camping and shopping. Main pocket is large enough to carry what you need in the trip. Outer smaller pocket is great for quick access such as guide books and camera.

Inner zippered pocket is a perfect place for valuables such as cash, credit cards and passport.

Choose your color and ride on!

7. Energy for extra miles

Why don’t put extra pleasure in your rides?

The stylish and cool holder is especially designed for your small guilty pleasures, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Made either of artificial leather or steel, the cup holder attaches to a basket or your handle bars as a bike holster.

It is also multi purpose, because, some of them fit great with coffee cups, root beer bottles, water, or phones!

 Water bottle for bike

8. Ride in style

This is maybe the accessory that women would put it first in our article, also our women colleagues here, but they made a compromise this time.

We have to admit that the bike basket is not only the essence of chic, but it is also very practical for small groceries. That’s nothing more beautiful than to ride on a Sunday morning with it filled with flowers, a bottle of wine and hot french croissants.

 Bike basket


Now, give us a tip with your essentials! What are the indispensable top 3?