Reasons why you should try indoor cycling classes

Reasons why you should try indoor cycling classes

Yes, we are not only cycling passionate guys, but we also love all kind of workout activities indoor and outdoor, and, of course, we gave a shot to indoor biking too.

OK, now, if you think about trying the indoor cycling classes, here we have some reasons for a definitely: YES!


1. Burn Calories

Consider this: a one-hour long ride at a moderate intensity burns approximately 420 to 622 calories at a moderate pace, according to Harvard Health.

When you put it side-by-side with Hatha Yoga’s (240 to 356 calories burned per hour), it puts that number into perspective.


2. Personalized workout for everyone

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As fitness options go, few are as dynamic and accommodating as indoor cycling. Indoor bike classes aren’t made for Tour de France contenders (well, maybe some are, but not your average class).

They are for everyone from beginner to advanced levels of fitness.

The benefits from Spinning meet a long list of health, fitness and lifestyle needs for a broad range of people.

Whether you’re a roadie seeking performance gains or a newbie trying to drop a few pounds, spinning likely has you covered.


3. Slim, fit, strong. A full body workout!


Your mirror will tell in no time what are the physical benefits of cycling.

First benefit is the added lean muscular definition.

Then when you add the loss of unwanted body fat into the equation, the combined results will have scream of happiness.

The primary muscular definition you can get from indoor biking will be in your legs and core muscles, since those are the main muscles you use to ride.

If you want to build muscular definition in your upper-body as well, consider attending a indoor cycling class with cross training elements mixed into the program.


4. Cardiovascular and Other Health Benefits

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Enrolling in a indoor cycling class for exercise is a fantastic way to burn fat and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness level.

Regular workout is a great way of getting in shape or improving the shape that you're in. Because the classes are held on a regular schedule, you'll have more incentive to get regular cardiovascular exercise.


5. Your joints thank you


Indoor biking is a low-impact cardio exercise, which means it's easier on your joints, including your knees and ankles, than many other forms of cardio.

Many people who are rehabilitating injuries or recovering from surgeries are advised to try low-impact forms of exercise (like biking or Spinning) in lieu of jarring activities like running.

If you have an upper body injury, you can still ride the bike and get a good workout. Even if you don't have joint issues now, it's a good idea to alternate your high-impact exercises with some low- and no-impact exercises like Cycling to avoid overuse injuries and give those vulnerable joints a break every so often.

If you have a brutal saddle and experience some pain, you will need to invest a thick gel seat cover that will help you cycle in total comfort. 


6. Enhance Your Mental Strength

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Indoor biking does two things particularly well regarding mental health: helps you relax and develop a “can-do” attitude.

Mental self-discipline is something often gained from spinning and can often be applied to other areas of life involving self-control or confidence.

You will see for yourself that many times you will leave the classes quite euphoric.

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