Should you ride in a competition?

Should you ride in a competition?

We know you love riding or else you wouldn't be here. If you've been doing this for a while now you might have thought about riding in a competition. Why let all those runners have all the fun with their marathons and their 5ks? Maybe you hesitate and for that, we are here to be your professional encouragers and say: DO IT!!

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We complied a small list of PROs on why this is a great idea ( and some cons in the spirit of fairness).

1. Because it is a challenge.

No matter your level of fitness, joining a race is a challenge. It will force you to look at your training log ( if you even have one! ) and rework it to help you achieve the perfomance your want on a deadline. No more lulling from ride to ride which will put a new fire into your passion. If your riding have been a little lackluster lately, a competition is just what you need.

2. Because it's a new and fun experience

There's something very rejuvaneting in trying something for the first time. A competition is just that and if you convince a few friends to join too it can be super fun as you try to outride eachother. Win or lose, you all win!

3. Because it builds confidence

That's a big promise but not an empty one by any means. Doing something you did not think possible a year or two ago ( or maybe even 6 months ) can change your whole perspective on your beliefs. What other things do you falsly belive can't acomplish in your life? It's a fact that a lot of people that start competing find a lot of success in other areas of their life as well.

4. Because it is awesome to finish something

You train and train for months all for those few hours of race and then it's done. But how magic those hours are and what a great feeling to follow thorough your plan and finish it. It's rare these days that we stick for months on something and finish it as we promised to ourselves we will. That's why a race is special.
( Also, great photos to share on Instagram are a bonus! )

5. Because you can!

The best reason there is. As George Mallory said when asked why did he want to climb the Everest:"because it's there". Simple as that.

We promised a con but by the end of this list..we really can't remember it. OOPS!

We hope you're convinced or if you already were, are even more exciting about your coming race. And we have good news: in the next week we'll talk about specific training for a race and other tips.
Stay tuned and keep riding!