Riding your bike during winter: a game of layers!

Riding your bike during winter: a game of layers!

Everyone knows by now: Winter is COMING!

In fact, winter is already here for us and the thought of leaving the bike at home is making us sad...

comfortable bike ride winter

Good thing we don't have to!

In the great battle with cold, we will be victorious!

No reason you can't beat cold too. Read on to find out how to keep warm on your bike no matter the weather.

winter bike riding
It's true that the winter cold can be daunting and uninviting.

Even the most passionate of riders would think twice before getting on the bike. But then you might remember how cycling in the cold is better for you, your health and your immune system and decide to do it anyway.

Yey for that!

We are here to help with a few practical advice. Yes, it's a bit more complicated to dress up for cold, but once you get the hang of it...well, it will still be a little more complicated.

We'll focus on how to STAY WARM.

That's what we all want during winter. It's essential and to do just that you need to focus on layering! Once you find the right combination of layers, any temperature can be conquered.

1. Start with a base layer, something that keeps you warm but does not keep the moisture in.

Believe it or not, you will sweat even when it is freezing outside. Oh, the wonders of the human body! The best base layers are sport-specific, made of futuristic materials and can be easily found in any sports store. Just look around until you find something that fits you well.Look for short or long-sleeved jersey and compression shorts. 
They also tend to feel very nice on the body!

2. HANDS.The extremities tend to get cold first .

bicycle gloves

Protecting them is most important. A pair of good warm gloves are worth their weight in gold. Go waterproof to be safe, you really won't like soaked gloves when there's much to ride.


2. Keep your head warm!

Even with the helmet, your head is exposed to the cold air so you need a skullcap, headband, cap or beanie.

It's your choice, just keep your head warm!

headband for bike riding

3. Winter jersey / fleeced-sweater or windbreaker.

The decision to go for something that is water-proof but less breathable versus choosing something that can get wet but let the air passes through is all yours. The best idea is to go and try what works for you best.

This layer could be the last one if it's not very very cold but if the conditions are really atrocious then you really need...


A jacket is best to protect you again the elements like rain and snow but also to provide additional warmth if needed.

At first you might think that a jacket is always necessary but don't forget that you will always be a little cod when you start your ride and warm up as you go. You might even discover that you are too warm!

That's why, you might have a lightweight waterproof jacket with you in case it stars raining or it is easy to take off if you get too cold.

For the coldest of colds, a gore-tex type of jacket might be best. As always, go out and see what works best for you.


5. Shoe Covers

Invest in a high quality pair of shoe covers to slip over your boots and you will be able to ride more and not worry about the cold.

That's about it! It does not need to be expensive or stuffy to ride during the winter, once you have a few items, you have the bases covered and it's easy to mix. match and adapt to any weather out there. Trust us, the satisfaction to get home after riding in the cold is something else!

See you later!