Our favorite month, May, is coming to an end.

Our favorite month, May, is coming to an end.

Bogdan Editoiu

You can celebrate Bike Month, every Month.                    

The "Bike Month" was a lot of fun for us and it was great to be part of this movement. We hope everyone who participated discovered that biking to work is actually great and a lot easier than it might seem. 

Now that you got your start, there's no reason to stop just because May ends.

Why not make June a bikecentric month as well?

Ultimately, the biggest purpose of this initiative is that riding your bike to become a habit, a lifestyle. It's really doable and the health benefits are undeniable.


In our e-book (if you don't have it, you can get it free with any order!) we talk about some easy ways to help you stay on track and on your bike. From personal experience, we know that the temptation to go back to the car can be very strong. That's why it's important to be determined and that goes back to your motivation. All the tricks in the world can't help if you don\t really want to. But if you are ready for this, these little things can really make a difference!

We always say that it’s smart to start slower than you think you can handle. Yes, biking daily sounds heroic but maybe set a goal of 2 days per week and if you hit it, keep adding days as reward. Small increments lead to most gains.

Another good strategy is to convince a friend [ or three!] to join you riding the bike.

There's great power in being part of a group of motivated riders and studies show that people hit their goals more often if they don't do it alone. Sure, some people don't need anyone but in this case, there is power in the numbers. Weather they dipped their toes in this during "Bike month" or maybe got inspired by your recent changes, encourage them to get on the bike and experience the magic!

We hope that you'll keep at it and experience all the wonderful benefits of going by bike to work.

Hopefully next may we'll celebrate together "A year of biking". Fingers crossed and good luck!