No reason to give up sport

No reason to give up sport

Today we're discussing a dark truth of exercise in general and bike riding in particular: pain. Pain is unavoidable if you do anything physical, be it weight lifting, running, biking or even yoga. It's a simple law that a body that moves will eventually be a body that hurts (that’s not to say you shouldn't move, if you are sedentary you will hurt a looot more in the long run/ride ).

That's no reason to give up sport because there are countless ways to mitigate pain when it appears.

back pain on bike

On the Bikeroo website, we offer the most useful pain management items and we want to help you choose the best product for your specific needs. What how and when to use them based on what you're doing and what is hurting.

IMPORTANT: Please don't treat yourself if the pain persists for a longer period: it might be a sign that you need to see a doctor. Don't ignore what your body is telling you.


The Adjustable Lumbar Brace

 adjustable lumber lace

The adjustable lumbar brace is one of the most useful products if you had a lower back injury and need to ride a bike or still experience pain post-treatment.

It will take the pressure from lower-back muscles and usually alleviate pain. It's best to use it in short-term because the longer you use it, the greater the chance of muscle atrophy. Ideally it will help you in your recovery after an injury or after putting a lot of strain on your lower back.

Our model uses the ingenious double pull mechanism that offers the best compression and comfort.

Knee injuries are maybe the most common sport injuries because we can't do anything without abusing them. It's rare that you meet any athlete that never had a knee injury. That's why a product like our Knee Compression Sleeve is very important for your knee health.


                     knee compression sleeve

 This can be used in two directions:

  • If your knees are pain-free, you can use the compression sleeve to prevent getting injured when you know you'll do longer rides or when the weather is cold, due to their heating effect.
  • In case you already suffered an injury, you can use a sleeve to accelerate the recovery process. Note that this should not be used INSTEAD of your recovery exercises as prescribed by the doctor.  

Don't take shortcuts with your knees, it's just too important to damage it.

Another amazing benefit of knee sleeves is that you look pretty badass and ready for action when you wear them!

Our athletics knee compression sleeve are easy to put on, come in different size to fit you perfectly and look great. it's one of our most popular product in the pain relief category and for good reason, it's good to keep one or two close by.


Compression socks

These are the pain-free athlete's little secret. These socks are mandatory for people at risk for blood clots in legs but very useful for who are prone to leg swelling and people who spend a lot of time on their feet or bike.

They work by squeezing the leg tissues really hard and thus helping the blood return to the heart and not clot in the legs.

Even if you don't suffer from any leg problems, wearing these socks can make you feel less tired after a long day.

One of the most important thing to know is that you have to get the right size and be careful when you put them on.

The fit should be very tight and snug with no wrinkles. Bikeroo's Compression Socks Best Graduated Athletic Fit come in 2 sizes exactly for this reason, so you can find the perfect socks for your needs.

They're made out of incredibly tight Lycra that will stay glued to your feet all day, you'll forget you wear them while getting all the benefits. They also look very stylish!

While one pair of compression socks will last for a long time, we recommend you to get two and be on the safe side of hygiene.


The Pro Knee Compression Sleeve


This is a super version of our Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve but that doesn't mean that it's automatically better for you.

With its SIDE STABILIZERS & PATELLA GEL PAD, this will provide extra support and keep your knee fixed for longer and that's why it's recommended especially if you already are injured.

It is especially useful for these kind of injuries: Meniscus Tears, ACL/MCL injury. It's also very good if you have Arthritis or Tendonitis.

It comes in two sizes and the fabric is knitted, breathable and with non slip silicone strips which makes it very useful for all sports in which the knee is stressed a lot, such as Tennis, Jogging, Wrestling, Soccer and others.

We want to stress that if you are unsure or don't know what sleeve is better for your knee problems, please consult your doctor. A doctor will recommend the best kind of sleeve, how long and when to wear it in order to accelerate recovery and prevent further damage.