Myths About Women's Cycling That Need to Die

Myths About Women's Cycling That Need to Die

How many domains we proved so far we are talented in?

Without modesty, pretty much all of them! Either was about quantum physics or wrestling.

The women disadvantage was that they started from scratch, always in the need to prove the contrary of what entire world believed.  Now we live in an incomparable rational atmosphere and fortunately we are not stopped from doing anything we dream to, but many times we have to confront some of the last residues of misconceptions.

So, let’s see what are those fake labels we need to remove once and for all about cycling!


1. Riding with your child means you are careless

That’s no evidence to support that statement whatsoever, but as for anything related to our parenting activity, if you are totally responsible and aware, that’s nothing dangerous you put your child into.

Special equipment, reasonable speed and well-chosen routes make it enough to avoid all the risks and enjoy the ride.

Do you believe that riding with a child is safe or not?


2. Cycling during pregnancy?!!! Have you lost your minds?

Probably we would, if we listen to this advice. It’s a fact that exercising while you’re pregnant keeps you fit and prepared for childbirth.

If you want to exercise on your bicycle while pregnant, do it.

But first talk to your doctor about the intensity of the training you intent to do or the type of cycling you are doing and he will recommend the best pace for your pregnancy trimester.

That’s about it!


3. Women are too emotional and less tough than men

Really? That’s what heard also the first generation of female doctors. Come on!

According to the US Census Bureau, one of the cities with the highest rate of female bike commuters is Minneapolis, where wintertime temps are best described as “Arctic hell.”

And women often come closest to besting men in ultra-distance races like the Race Across America, where mental toughness trumps all. Oh, and then there are stories from people like ultra-endurance rider Lael Wilcox, who, during the nearly 3,000-mile long Tour Divide, was struggling so badly from a nasty respiratory infection that she rode off course to the ER, got medical attention, and then went on to win the race.

That’s not scary; it’s awesome.

As for the emotional part “due to the hormones”, we weren’t the ones who passed out at our children’s birth! Sorry...


4. Getting your period slows you down

The menstrual cycle, that monthly round of hormonal fluctuations, is natural, normal and something a lot of women are used to.

Changes in your hormones throughout your monthly cycle can have an impact on your performance, but it’s not always in the way you might think. That high hormone days right before your period, when progesterone and estrogen levels peak for the month, transform your exercise physiology to a one most like a man’s during your period and the days that follow, plus you’re stronger too.

Thinking about all the cycling women champions it’s not hard to see that this is a myth.


5. Cycling will make you enormous legs

If it was that simple, all the bodybuilders would start riding now!

The average bikers legs are perfectly toned and it is a very sexy look. Cycling, alongside a healthy diet, will result in a lean physique for most people.

Bike riding is a low-impact activity that can help you burn calories. Although the bike works the major muscles of your lower body, that doesn't mean that your legs will get big. In fact, you may actually lose weight and gain a lean appearance by adding biking to your fitness routine.