Learn to ride your bike to work without sweating

Learn to ride your bike to work without sweating


Forget about the busy traffic and ride on to work every day!


We can also mix the business with pleasure, losing at least one pound/ week. So far, everything looks great. Except the sweaty appearance which we are not at all delighted to display once we arrive.

Don’t worry, we have some tricks for you to keep your fresh allure even after a long ride. 


1. Wear a well-ventilated helmet

Ventilation plays a big role when avoiding sweating. So you need to wear a well-ventilated helmet. Most cheap helmets aren’t safe and well-ventilated so you need to spend more. But don’t worry, it’s a good investment.


2. Ride relaxed

Save the racing speed for the ride home and bike at a moderate pace during your morning commute. Though part of the reason to bike to work is to increase your activity level, riding at a moderate pace rather than a workout pace can help you to stay sweat-free. You’ll still strengthen your muscles, burn calories and enjoy being outdoors but you will arrive at your office properly groomed for a day's work. You can even start the journey a bit earlier to have time and ride relaxed.


3. Wear comfy clothes

Dress light if you have to wear your work clothes during your ride to prevent overheating from too many layers. Wear your slacks and shirt, but carry your sweater or jacket in a backpack and put it on when you arrive at work. Although it’s fashionable to ride your bike in your office attire, you can’t do that if you’re avoiding sweat. Just wear something light and comfortable. A comfy white t-shirt is a good option because it keeps your body cool. But if you hate wearing white t-shirt, you can wear workout clothes. They can also keep your body cool and they draw the sweat away from your body. The condition is to not forget change them once you arrived at the office!


4. Refreshing point to beat humidity!

Basically, getting "sweaty" is a function of the temperature, humidity, clothing, level of effort, length of exercise, and your personal propensity to sweat. If you're dressed lightly enough, the weather is not too bad (below 75F and maybe 60% humidity), you travel only a short distance (maybe 2 miles max) on relatively level ground, and you maintain a very "casual" pace, then you can hope to arrive without too much visible sweat. For shorter distances you can probably stretch the other parameters a bit.

What we can’t change is humidity. If the relative humidity is 80% it's going to be hard to avoid working up a sweat, regardless of the other factors. Rather than simply hoping that you won't get sweaty we recommend having a way to change your shirt and "freshen up" a bit on arriving at your job. Buy some of those "sport towels" for drying off at work. They're compact and travel well.


5. Drink cool water

Drinking cool water can help you avoid sweat. It regulates your body temperature. It also keeps you hydrated. So don’t hesitate to take your water break when you’re riding your bike to work.


6. Plot your route

Whenever possible, plan a route along quiet, shaded side streets. Tree-lined minor arterial roads often have better air quality and provide shade. And if you can, opt for bike lanes. Any street that keeps you farther away from hot cars will help you keep cool.