Keep your bike safe and secure forever

Keep your bike safe and secure forever

Getting your bike stolen is one of the worst feelings ever.

We've all been there: you leave the bike for a minute to grab a snack from the store and when you're back is gone. Or you have it in your backyard and in the morning is nowhere to be found. Frustration, anger and even sadness are common feelings in this situation but they also come with a renewed determination to not have your bike stolen ever again!

That's how we came up with these common-sense and easy to follow advice to keep your bike safe and secure forever.

  1. Buy a good lock.

 Safe Bike Lock

The only fail safe way to never get your bike stolen is to never leave it out of your sight. Save for that, a good lock is your second best option. We like the U-lock that is more difficult to break due to the sturdy material and comfortable shape(for the thieves). They are usually tested by Sold Secure and given a rating from Bronze to Gold. This is not a time to save money, always buy the most expensive lock you can afford. We recommend Abus U-locks that come in all sizes and at great prices.

Every lock can be picked but a good one takes more time and energy.

That's why most thieves go for the lowest hanging fruit - in this case, a bike that has a very easy-to-pick/cheap/flimsy lock.

Oh, and please always lock your bike even if you leave it for just a few minutes. Don't offer an easy stealing opportunity and you will minimize the chances that your bike will be targeted.

  1. Pick a good place to lock it  

Where you lock it and how it's also very important. It's a good idea to chose a crowded area, one with cameras and well lit at all times. Sadly, a lot of bikes are actually stolen from the owner's property so just because the bike is in your backyard doesn't make it safe. Lock it there too or better yet, keep it inside if possible. 

As to how to lock your bike: find a solid object like an iron railing or a stop sign and make sure the bike can't be lifted out of the lock. The lower and more cramped you can put the lock on the better, it makes it ever harder for thieves to pick it.

Even so, parts of your bike ( such as the super comfortable Bikeroo saddle ) can still be stolen. How secure you want to keep those parts depends on your area, how long you leave your bike in a place and how likely it is that the parts have any value to thieves.


  1. Buy a less flashy model

simple bike ride

More expensive bike and expensive looking bikes are more attractive to thieves because they sell faster and for higher prices. We know a great looking colorful bike can be a sight to behold but sadly it is for the thieves too. We recommend you choose a bike model that does not telegraph " This is an EXPENSIVE bike!". This way you lower the chance of anyone wanting to steal it or especially targeting it as a good steal.

The best part is that there are a lot of bikes that look good in an understated way and still perfom just as the more flashy models.


  1. Get insurance

 dollar image

This connects with the point above. The more expensive your bike, the more inclined to get insurance you probably should be.

In many countries you can insure your bike against theft. This is pretty great for your peace of mind and if you use your bike a lot and leave it everywhere it;'s probably worth it. Do the math though and see how much you'd pay as percentage of the cost of your bike and get a good price.

We believe that if you are careful and follow the advice in this post you're as sure as you can be that your bike is safe. Remember: a good lock is what stands between the heartbreak of losing your bike and the happiness of riding your bike.

Keep it safe!