It's not SALES, it's our gift for Bike Month. 50% off on all our comfortable saddles and gel seat covers.

It's not SALES, it's our gift for Bike Month. 50% off on all our comfortable saddles and gel seat covers.

Bogdan Editoiu

May is here and we are incredibly happy. Why, you ask? Because May is National Bike Month. 

It's like a month long birthday party for us as we join the celebration with surprises, articles and super offers!

As we want you to encourage to bike more, we invite you to celebrate Bike Month Properly and enjoy up to 50% Discounts on all our Bike Saddles , Gel Seat Covers and Waterproof Covers

For those of you who do not know, Bike Month is a holiday established in 1956 with one major purpose: to showcase the benefits of bicycling and encourage as many people as possible to give biking a chance. 

In practice, what happens is that all over the country there will be events, fundraisers, parties, workshops of everything related to bikes and biking. All these are organized by volunteers and people who want to promote this lifestyle, the benefits of biking more and of course, meet like-minded people. It's a really great energy all around, all month, everywhere.

Check if anything happens in your city or start something yourself!

But the real beauty of Bike Month is that, if you are a bike lover, you can be part of it just by riding.

The biggest day of the Bike Month is called "Bike to Work Day". Bike to Work days falls on May 19.

Everyone is encouraged to commute to work, convince a friend to bike to work and share on social media if they do. It's the biggest day of the month and the most important day of the "Bike to Work" week.

There will also be a "Bike to School" day on May 10

Students from everywhere are encouraged to take on the bikes and bring them to school.This day is a great opportunity for young people to learn more about the benefits of commuting and what to do to be safe on bike through the city.

For us, our favorite day might be "CYCLOFEMME" on 14th May, Mother's day.

All women, all over the globe, are encouraged to jump on their bikes and join the movement. We can't wait to use the #cyclofemme hashtag and take a few fun photos to share everywhere!.

In case you suffer from a bad case of "too long, didn't read", here's the cheat sheet:
Bike Month - all May
Bike To Work Day - 18th May, the most important day of the month
Bike To School day - 9th May
Cyclofemme - 13th May, also Mother's day, our favorite day!