It is so natural to care for the health and wellness of our mothers

It is so natural to care for the health and wellness of our mothers

Mother's Day is coming up fast ( 14th May!! ) and that's a good opportunity to think more of your mother, shower her with gifts and why not? Convince her to get on the bike.

It is so natural to care for the health and wellness of our mothers. We love them and want them to feel great every day. One of the problems it that people tend to be sedentary so bringing a nice activity in her life it's one way to make sure they stay healthy. Study after study shows that staying active is the real fountain of youth. Of course, we are thinking that bike riding is the perfect activity because it can easily fit any lifestyle.
Visit some friends? Take the bike.
Get to the farmer's market? Easier with the bike.
Just maybe your mother does not see the benefits yet.

That's why, this year, we propose to add a little something different to your "I love you, mom" card. Something unexpected but also hard to resist:an invitation to go on a bike ride together. We made it easy for you to chose the perfect saddle for you mother based on her lifestyle. Read below!

The sporty mom
If your mother is already into sports and activities (running, yoga, tennis or even biking) then she's the sporty mom! It can't be too hard to convince her to join you on a bike ride...maybe she's the one who convinces you first!
For her, we suggest you chose between these two. Both are comfortable, light and versatile.

The elegant mom
Every mom has style. If your mom has a big closet full of nice clothes and it's always dressed to a T, she's probably the elegant mom. People always ask her about fashion and style and admire her wherever she goes. For her, our cruiser saddle is a great fit. It looks great on a parked bike and it's super comfortable when riding. Plus, it comes in two stylish colors

The explorer mom
If your mom loves to travel, loved to explore the city, stroll thorough parks and generally has a the heart of an adventurer, our wide comfort saddle will be a trustful partner on her rider. Trust us on that :)

The cozy mom
If your mom prefers to be comfortable, spend time with friends, reading and generally enjoying herself, she will find the comfortable bike seat saddle a great gift. It's our most comfortable one and it works great even for indoor biking, not to mention a slow ride anywhere.

It's so easy to find the right saddle for your mother and surprise her with this truly unexpected gift this year. And don't forget that with every order comes with a specially designed "Proud of mom" t-shirt.


                                    We hope your mom will love the gift!