Is riding good for you?

Is riding good for you?

No wonder, but we'll gonna answer: YES. Riding is great for you! You should ride more if you can and it will be even better! That's it, thanks for reading, see you next time.

...Just kidding, just kidding. I mean what can you expect a bike gear shop to tell you? Happily for us and you, if you love biking just as much as we do, biking really has a great number of benefits but also certain very specific advantages. Let's see what those are.

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Of course, it gets your heart pumping so it's good for your cardiovascular health, like any sport really but what is really great about it is that you can do it ar your own pace. You can go easy and enjoy a nice ride without losing breath or you can go brutally hard and really enjoy a leg-burning ride! Two type of workouts, same bike. That's the beauty of riding and because it's very low impact compared to, say, running you can do it more often and for longer without pain or fear of injury. Great success!

It's also a great workout for your muscles and flexibility. Riding works almost all your muscles and it does it while you do one simple move: pedal, pedal, pedal. The fact that it's so easy to learn and then do it anywhere it's a great benefit of cycling. You can go to work on a bike, you can go on a trip on a bike and you can do it without losing much time at all. Running errands and working on your muscles, all in one go. Cycling is really the smart men's productivity habit, isn't it?!

And lastly, we must talk about the distressing and mental health benefits. Because again, studies find that it's a great activity for distressing, relieving anxiety, depression and lifting your mood. That's maybe the best benefit of them all, if you smile when you get on your bike, all the rest is extra (hint:it's impossible not smile when you have "most comfortable saddle" :D.

It's not for nothing to remember that while riding adds years to your life, we ride to add life to our years.