How to Clean Your Muddy Dirty Mountain Bike

How to Clean Your Muddy Dirty Mountain Bike

Hi, there, 
Did you just took the highest hill and your bike looks like you challenged the canyons?
This should be the smallest thing to worry about. We can do magic to vanish the whole mess and you can confidently challenging yourself as much as you want in the future.  
So, we have a very, very dirty bike! Let’s start do something about it.
First of all, you have to access your magic box with the top cleaners for bikers.

Five cleaning tools you need to get all that mud off your bicycle

We prepared for you a small guide with the most efficient solutions for bike cleaning.

1. Brushes

This complete collection of brushes definitely helps with hard to reach areas cassette and derailleur, or any other hygienic dead corners. In the kit you have: bike clean mitt, gear clean scraper, gear clean brush, tapered detail brush, tire scrubber, frame tube cleaning brush tackle any cleaning difficult job. All the brushes can be used to all bikes, mountain bike, road bike, road bike, city Bbike, hybrid bike, BMX Bike, folding bike.
You can totally trust their efficiency!

2. Bucket, hosepipe and sponge

Everybody has it because are some of the simplest items on your bike maintenance checklist, but also some of the most important. To help loosen any dirt, give the bike a good soaking first with a garden hosepipe or a pressure washer, but avoid directing the full power jet up close into joints around the bottom bracket or headset as you risk blasting dirt in and washing the lubricating grease out. Then clean it with the sponge and
rinse again with fresh water. As simple as that!

3. Bike cleaning solutions

Made using the highest quality ingredients to protect your bike, the cleaners are the most used cycling lubrication in the world.
You can easy use, just “squirt on, hose off” and the compound quickly cleans dirt, clay, road grime, and chain soils. You will see for yourself the high speed cleaning effect, plus the rust and oxidation inhibitors will protect metal surfaces, prevent flash rusting and greatly reduces drivetrain and bearing friction.
Bike cleaning solutions are designed to help loosen and remove dirt without damaging the paintwork or material your bike is constructed from.
Make sure the cleaner you choose is safe for use on both metal and carbon.

4. Degreaser

The ultra fast degreasing and cleaning action break down grease and grime without brute force, and are ideal for getting the built up greasy crud off your drivetrain and cassette. It’s formula is non-poisonous and biodegradable is used to clean your chain and other moving parts. Keeping the drivechain clean is very important, because dirt will speed up wear throughout the transmission, impact on shifting performance and reduce efficiency.
If you will use a chain cleaning sponge (essentially a sponge with a groove cut into the top) the cleaning of the chain will be very easy and efficient.

5. Brake cleaner

This magic cleaner is formulated for use directly on disc, pads and other friction surfaces and materials. A good brake cleaner should remove oil, grit, grease and brake fluid, without affecting brake performance. Some of them claim that even rehydrate brake pads to prolong life and reduce squeal.
You will see that it removes grease, grime and brake fluid from all friction surfaces instantly. It is also fast drying, leaves no residue and contains environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe on all plastic and rubber parts.

6. Bike Polish

This is the closure step after you totally cleaned your bike!
So, adding a protective polish to the frame and components expels water from the bike, will protect it against corrosion, while creating a shiny finish where applied.
The advantage of using a product such as this is that dirt finds it harder to stick to the protected areas, making your bike easier to clean next time round.
Remove your wheels before applying a spray polish, also take care not to get spray on any of the braking components or braking surfaces. If it will go on brakes, this will severely reduce your ability to slow down, making your bike unsafe. If you didn’t knew that and spayed it all over,  you'll need to strip and clean your brakes.
You have now your bike cleaned, protected and shinny looking, so, all you have to do is to choose your spot for the next adventure and forget about cleaning worries once and for all.