How to choose and stick to your healthy new year resolutions?

How to choose and stick to your healthy new year resolutions?

Hello, everyone!

It's that time of the year again. The time to make new year resolutions that we're totally gonna forget or ignore by February! It's a sweet-sour cycle that we just can't seem to beat. But why do we do that?

Making resolution is actually very very satisfying, almost like actually keeping them. We love making plans.

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Here's the thing: when you make plans, you are imagining yourself as a self-improving, driven and health-conscious adult.

Problem is that when it comes to actually carrying out the plan, reality hits in the face: You are suddenly a tired, busy and meh adult.
It's difficult and your chances of sticking to your resolutions are slim to none. Only 8% of the people actually stick to the resolutions they make.

If there's one thing that riding a bike teaches you is that giving up is not an option. So here's what we purpose:

WHAT IF...we'd actually stick to our resolutions this year?
WHAT IF...we'd make ourselves proud, healthy and a little bit happier this year?
In light of all the research, it might seem foolish yet we believe that we can. More, we believe YOU can too!

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Here at Bikeroo, we want to make 2018, the year we're the healthiest and the most active yet. We hope you want this too and we know just how difficult it can be. Life tends to get in the way and motivation can ebb fast.

We have made a small, actionable plan with easy to follow tips. We hope it will help you chose and follow your resolution. Beating the odds is FUN!

Let's start:

1. Chose one or two resolutions and focus on those like it's your job.

It's easy to get excited about all the new habits and good things you're going to do this year. In reality, you'll end up feeling overwhelmed and give up fast. The best way is, as they say, baby steps!

2. After you chose one, think a bit deeper about it.

-  What does healthy looks like for you?

-  How can you make that a reality?

Being healthier is not a resolution in itself because it's hard to quantify. You want to find some specific things that you can actually follow through. Wanting to go to gym 3 times per week is goal oriented and easier to stay accountable. So is drinking more water, eating more veggies and sleeping 7 hours a night.

It's worth spending a bit of time figuring out the why and the how. It's like setting yourself up for success from the get go. And when things get tough and you want to quite - which happens for everyone!- you'll just need to remember why you started.

3. Chose something you enjoy!

If every time you do it feels like a chore, chances are you won't stick with it for too long. And for good reason.
In our case, we want to....I don't know if you can guess.... bike more!(too easy?). It's a passion and every minute on the bike is fun!
So chose something is fun for you, that is enjoyable and that actually happens to make you healthier and more active.

If you are not sure, try something new: rock climbing can be great, spinning is intense and rewarding, yoga can make you feel younger.



4. Once you find it, stick with it!

Here's a cool thing: people enjoy what they're good at. Whatever you chose to do, you'll get better and naturally want to do it more. So don't ever doubt your choice, you'll end up loving it anyway.
Once you chose a good healthy activity you just need to show up. Showing up is rewarding for humans. A lot of times, we love more to say what we did something than actually doing it!
So start showing up to your activity and if you do it often and long enough, it will become a habit and you won't remember your life without it.


5. Start small and work your way up.

1. Ride your bike every Monday to work and just that.
2. Eat vegetarian only on Wednesday and just that.
3. Go to the gym two times this week.
4. Baby steps add up to giants steps!
5. Next week, add a little more and so on, so on.

One of the mistake most people do at first is that they use motivation as fuel.

Motivation is great to get you started but it tends to burn fast. Once it died down, and it does incredibly fast, then what are you left with?
Instead, focus on discipline. Do it because you said you'll do it. If you want to be successful discipline is your best weapon.

Trust it with your resolutions and you will end up a winner. Take that, entropy!!

Last step and the most important one:collect all the compliments you will receive in March, April from semi-envious friends and co-workers.
"Looking good!"
"How did you do it?!"
"I can't believe it!!"

That's it from us! We hope 2018 will be the best year ever and let's stick to our healthy goes together.