Nine Lovely Gifts for Peloton Users

Nine Lovely Gifts for Peloton Users

For many, staying fit is about finding their peaceful place. For others, it's a necessary evil for their health. Those that love to exercise indoors have fallen in love with connected devices like the Peloton. The competition and live classes are rewarding each time you mount the bike, for those that seek peace, it's pure bliss!

So, what do you give your loved one that rides up until they need their Peloton seat replacement? Well, there are several options that could make them extremely excited to add to their obsession. Great gift ideas for Peloton lovers are easy to find, just read on for the best gift list!

Why is Peloton so popular?

Peloton became a popular choice for indoor cycling classes because it was one of the first internet and socially connected devices you could get for home use. Imagine your best friend, and you attend cycling class three times a week, then suddenly the gym closes and there are no other classes with openings?

With a Peloton inside the house, you wouldn't even have to leave home to meet your friend to work out on your bikes. Enjoy the competition, instructor, and friends without leaving home and wasting time driving to the class. Options have since expanded past biking to include floor routines like yoga and some weightlifting!

Using a Peloton benefits your health in many ways including your heart, lowering your risks for cancers, improving skin tone and feel, improving digestion, and is excellent for your brain. Using a stationary bike like the Peloton is more beneficial to your health than walking is!

What gifts could a Peloton lover want?

Exercise equipment has always been expensive, and adding new equipment raises the price even more. However, with a wide range of possibilities, the urge to develop oneself in many ways grows. As a result, equipment that complements the Peloton user's training program will undoubtedly be beneficial. Is there any way they can just send them a card or anything (if they haven't indicated a preference for anything specific)?

Can I buy a Peloton gift card?

Unfortunately, there are no gift cards from Peloton. Maybe they should look into that. You can, however, give a prepaid card for their subscription fees or for the price of the equipment that you want to add to their Peloton. They would be able to purchase the item themselves that way.

Nine Gifts Every Peloton Owner Will Love

Even though the gift of money is rarely declined, it can feel impersonal. If you want specific items that can help your Peloton lover meet their fitness and weight goals here is a good list of gifts to present your avid Peloton user:

9. Meal kit subscription

The bane of losing weight is always finding time to make properly balanced meals (and not resorting to eating ice cream). Help your friend out by getting them started on a meal kit plan! There are options from fresh meals once or twice a week to full menu meals that control even your snacks.

8. Cycling shoes & cleats

Everyone knows feet have to be cared for and there is a shoe that is specifically built JUST for cycling. Keep your favorite cyclist's feet from slipping off the petals as they race (virtually) against their friends! Proper footwear also helps prevent injury and improve grip and speed.

7. Heart rate monitor

Hitting the heart rate goal for proper cardio workouts is much easier to do with an awesome heart rate monitor. While fitness watches are very popular, any real enthusiast will opt for a chest strap monitor. These monitors not only gauge heart rate but respiratory rate as well and give you a better picture of your workout.

6. Muscle roller

Let's face the fact, even the best athlete has sore muscles. A muscle roller helps to relieve the pain quicker by breaking up the acids that form after a workout. You can also use the roller to help your partner relax after a long and stressful day, double bonus!

5. Peloton app leaderboard sticker

One of the things that Peloton users are proudest of is seeing their username on the leaderboards! This accomplishment can be celebrated by having a custom sticker made of their username to place on the bike. They will love seeing their personalized bike and work that much harder to see their name on the leaderboards!

4. Virtual bike fitting

Just like a normal bike that you ride on trails, stationary bikes can be custom fitted to the rider's leg length and seat needs. Ensure your gift to your Peloton user is loved by making sure the equipment is personalized for the best results and rides of their life.

3. Wireless earbuds

Nothing quite makes the Peloton workout more enjoyable than hearing the instructor and the music without disturbing the surrounding family. Wireless earbuds are the perfect gift for any workout. Allow your Peloton lover to get lost in the music rhythm and speed their way through their ride!

2. Peloton off-bike workout gear

Peloton has extended its online workout subscription to include more than cycling classes. To participate, there is a need for more equipment like yoga mats, bricks, and bands. A weight set may also be desired for some light weight-lifting classes.

1. Peloton seat replacement

The best gift for a Peloton user is the gift of a new seat. Wear and tear will always be a part of any workout equipment so having a replacement handy will be the best. No one wants to work out on a seat that pinches when it's sat on.

Choosing the Best Gift for a Peloton User

Any gift for Peloton users will be welcomed with open arms and lots of use! Keep your Peloton lover happy with their subscription and contribute to their success by finding them the best Peloton accessory gifts. Drive their obsession overboard with gifts that increase their speed and help them meet their goals. Bikeroo has the perfect Peloton compatible bike seat cushion!