Did you know? Warm up and Cool Down for Cyclists/Bikers!

Did you know? Warm up and Cool Down for Cyclists/Bikers!

Warming up is essential to let your body prepare to perform optimally. Not doing so will compromise your good performance in riding a bike. Physiologically, warming up provide a lot of benefits in your body through enhancing adequate blood circulation and enabling transport of oxygen to different areas in the body. This is your starting effort and doing so means you’ll less likely get fatigue.

On the other hand, cooling down helps in restoring your body to its pre-exercise state and aids in recovery of the muscles. It also helps you to prepare for the next ride and prevents metabolic waste build up that usually inhibits muscle recovery. Cooling down also prevent post-exercise dizziness and fainting as it allows your blood to transfer oxygen all over the body and not just on the tired muscle itself. A 10-15 minutes’ cool down easy spin is good enough during post ride and keep in mind that your heart rate should be less than 80 bpm.

Below are some of the best stretches before and after biking:

Leg Swings

Stand with your bike to one side, hold onto the seat for balance. Lift your one leg forward and backward, make sure it was straight and extended as you swing your leg from side to side. Feel the stretch on outer hip and thighs. Repeat to the other side.

 Leg Swings Worm Up Bike Bicycle

Heel-Toe Walk

Stand up straight, step one foot forward, landing on heel. Stay on heel and lower your torso down over your right leg. Raise your torso back up and transfer the weight onto your right foot while rolling the heel to the ball of the foot. Rise up on the ball of your foot as high as you can. Slowly lower to take step forward with left leg that lands on your heel. Do this for 30 seconds.

 Heel-Toe Walk Worm Up Cool Down Bike Bike Riding Bicycle

Foam Rolling

Sit on foam roller, placing it behind your thighs, particularly on hamstrings area. Balance by lifting your body using your both hands. Then slowly roll over the foam roller. Roll over going to your gluts then back again. Repeat on the other leg.

 Warm up and Cool Down for Cyclists Bikers

Chest Stretch

Stand facing on the side of the bike, grab the top tube or saddle and handle bar for wider grip then lean forward at your waist. Hold onto that position before pressing your chest down toward the ground. Repeat for 5 to 10 repetitions.

 Chest Stretch Worm up for bikers


Butt Kicks

Stand in one secure place. Jump on alternating feet, fully bend your knee one at a time. Try to get your foot as closer as possible towards your butt for maximum stretch. Do this for 60 seconds.

 60 seconds worm up for bikers outdoor sports cyclist indoor spinning training

High Knees

Yes, it’s already in the name of the stretching itself, the motion of doing high knees. Stand in a secure place, jog then lift one leg high as much as you can, with alternating legs. Do this for 60 seconds.

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