The Best Gifts for Cyclists This Christmas

The Best Gifts for Cyclists This Christmas

Cycling is not a sport! It’s a lifestyle! We can totally relate to why the cyclist in your life loves to cruise around the town or explore biking trails come rain or shine. And this means that a surefire way to delight a rider would be a gift related to their much-loved hobby or activity. If you have someone who loves to spend most of their waking hours in spandex then the holidays are the best time to help them upgrade their biking gear.

But, what to buy for those who apparently have everything? Don't worry! We’ve got your back.

13 Fun Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

We’ve crawled the web to round up our top picks of biking gifts for 2021. From high-tech gadgets to comfy bike saddles, we’ve compiled excellent gifts for bike riders that’ll hit the spot this Christmas. All you have to stress about is getting the gift delivered in time this Yuletide!

13. Cargo Backpack

The one drawback to using cycling as the means of transportation might be carrying your essential stuff the entire day. That’s why a handy commuter backpack would make it easier for cyclists while blitzing through the city on two wheels. One can pack a laptop, shoes, even a helmet in a cargo bag and still have enormous space to add more. Just make sure that you pick up a backpack that is adequately padded and wider on shoulders. You can also check for other features like a durable weather-proof exterior, organizational options, a plush lining to keep items safe and sound during transit.

12. Frame Bag

Any bicycle trip needs to be super-comfortable and fun, period! And that too without any hurdles! For the cyclist who wishes for bike storage, to easily access personal items such as phones or chargers, a frame bag will make for a very practical gift. A frame bag easily fits into the empty diamond space in the center of a bike and provides more on-bike storage. Cyclists can use it to stash water bottles, tools even food. It’s kind of perfect for long days in the saddle. Frame bags offer an additional storage space allowing the cyclist to pack heavier items.

11. Bike Wall Mount

Every cyclist has to store the bike! If you know someone who simply leans the bicycle against a wall then you might consider gifting them a better solution: a bike mount. There is a range of bike storage options, and a mount is a practical way to safely store a bicycle. If the cyclist in your life has too many bikes hanging around taking up space, then give them a cool bike mount to lessen their trouble. The bike mounts are usually sleek and stylish and look great even when no bike is hanging on them. Be careful in the case of a superheavy bike, it might be better to position the mount lower on the wall.

10. Heart Rate Armband

The best heart rate monitors are so comfortable that one doesn’t even realize while wearing them. Plus, an armband is the easiest way to smarten up an exercise or daily cycling routine. You can shortlist from simple straps to cutting-edge dual-band sensors with even music control, as a holiday gift for the cyclist in your life. It’s best to not only track heart rate but performance too. The armband can provide details about exertion, fatigue and even determine cadence. You can even use the armband for not only cycling but running too!

9. Wireless Cycling Headphones

The world has turned wireless, and that lends great benefits when it comes to tuning to your favourite chartbuster. While cycling in traffic with earphones can still be risky, there are innovative designs and models which allow ambient sound or use bone-conducting technology, so a cyclist can hear what’s going around. The other features that need to be considered while selecting earphones for cycling are sound clarity, sweat-proofing, access to controls, and durability. If you're planning to gift earphones to a cyclist, proceed with caution and consider headphones that allow someone to hear the outside world. With that in mind, make sure you check out the IP rating for sweat-proofing claims.

8. Bike Lights

When the clocks fall back and dark days loom ahead, outdoor cycling becomes truly challenging and risky. Bike lights not only cut through the dark but improve safety and visibility on the road. To brighten up the road after sunset, a cyclist just requires a light mounted on either of the handlebars. You can give a bike rider some lumens in a small-sized and rechargeable USB light for less than 40 bucks. Just ensure that the light has a solid battery life so you don’t end up in the dark while riding.

7. Road Bike Helmets

While some cyclists depend on spandex and others rely upon water bottles or a bike saddle for a comfy ride, every cyclist needs a safe and sturdy helmet for an elevated cycling experience. Ideally, the bike helmets should be both comfortable and affordable. The helmets make a great practical gift for bike riders and help them stay safe during their daily commute, biking adventure, or a casual ride in the park. The other features to be considered while making the selection are – polycarbonate shell and MIPS technology along with a cool street-style design. Plus, the helmet should be fairly lightweight for a long comfy biking routine.

6. Bike Tool Kit

A bike tool kit is among the best cycling gifts for someone who has just started getting into biking or if he/she is hunting for a complete set of tools including both basic and specialized ones. It takes some time to find the right collection of bike tools, so gifting someone a special tool kit is quite practical. The tool kit will surely come handy for any bike repair and maintenance, from changing mount to installing new brakes.

5. Bicycle Inner Tubes

What does a bike need the most? Reliable Tube! And one can never have enough! You can always gift an extra pair of tubes to a cyclist. The wiggly rubber bands are quite functional and required for smooth and optimal performance of a bike. Though, you need to be sure about the exact size, which could be a bit challenging.

4. Cycling Socks

Fun fact: cyclists do have a peculiar love and opinions on finding the best pair of cycling socks. This insignificant accessory offers a small layer of protection for the ankle bone. You can always find the right pair of cycling socks with super-stretch, high compression, extra padding and insulation to safeguard the heel.

3. Cycling Jersey

A tried and tested, reliable and comfy jersey will always ensure that the biker enjoys long trails or commute in bad weather. While gifting a jersey to a cyclist it’s important to pick up an option that serves a year-round performance. However, one can always switch between a long-sleeve jersey to short-sleeve option to suit climate. One should also consider the stretch and moisture-wicking property of the material before making a selection.

2. Cycling Gloves

Another bike accessory to top any cyclist’s list is biking gloves. The cycling gloves are meant to complement your look and also protect your hands from injury in case of an accident or crash. They come in various lengths: full-finger padded for insulation to half-finger mitts to prevent overheating. Some have gel while others have foam padding along with quick-dry and waterproofing features.

1. Bike Saddle Cushion

An uncomfortable saddle is a total buzzkill during cycling! Try using a bike seat cushion - a perfect cycling gift for any bike enthusiast! A seat cushion will lessen pain, elevate quality, and render comfort to a cycling time. Regardless of what anyone rides, a bike seat cushion usually comes with a universal saddle mount that makes it compatible with a cruiser, ebike, mountain or road bike

The Bikeroo wide bike seat has a thick padded cushion supported by dual shock-absorbing springs that makes this one a winner. It's super-versatile and fits any bike. The bicycle seat cushion has a shock-absorbing gel padding that absorbs discomfort from bumps. Plus, the premium memory foam adheres perfectly to the butt ensuring a comfortable ride. The bike seat cushion has a deep center cutout to improve air circulation and breathability. It offers both short-term relief for smooth rides along with long-term health benefits.

If you know someone who has bought a Peloton bike during the epidemic, might we suggest one of our seat cushions compatible with Peloton. The bike seat cushions also come with bonus bike accessories like – a waterproof rain cover, easy-to-mount tools, a saddle adaptor, or a set of instructions. No more saddle soreness!

Choosing the Best Gift for a Cyclist Family Member

If you're looking to buy gifts for cyclists, we have put together an inspirational list for your consideration while deciding on Christmas gifts for cyclists or gifting someone as a sign of love. We think we can relate to the needs of cyclists and the suggested items would make and bring a huge difference in a cyclist’s daily routine. You can get something that someone can use and enjoy.

Contributing Writer: Himani Sangwan