Biking side effect: lose some weight!

Biking side effect: lose some weight!

Who does not want to lose a few pounds this year, please skip to the next blog post.
For the rest (all) of us... Hello and welcome!

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To get philosophical, weight loss is simple but not at all easy. Studies after studies have shown that it's a simple mathematical formula: calories in vs calories out. To lose weight you have two options:
Option A - lower the "calories in" which... sadly ... means eating less.
Option B: increase "calories out". Here's where biking can really help.

A lot of people go directly to Route A, the dreaded “dieting ". Ugh, just writing the word make me shudder. But honestly, we've all done it. With so many diet fads coming in and out of fashion, one must have captured our imagination and dietary habits - my sin was: low fat. Don’t judge me - only to have reality crushing our dreams. It's hard to keep a diet when you're hungry and all your favorite foods seems too outlawed.

That's suspicious if you ask me! But maybe there's a better way in trying a different route. And getting there by bike. The idea here is that at the moment you are not gaining weight but just want to lose a few, even a small bump into the "calories out" column will make a difference. Adding some exercise into your life will do just that.

Biking is one of the best exercise you can add because it can fit seamlessly into any lifestyle.

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Plus it is fun, practical, environmental-friendly and pretty fast. You need to make time for going to the gym, for running or anything else but you can bike to places you usually go by car. You can bike in weekends and you can go on all kinds of adventures by bike. Another thing that I like about it is that is very good for your body. It is easy to learn, easy to go for longer distances and easy on the joints. So how much weight can you lose by biking, really? Generally, to lose 1 pounds of fat you need to burn about 3500 calories knowing that, let's see how much can you burn by biking say 30 minutes to work.

We played around with this calculator [ ] and for example, a 50 kg person, going at a moderate-slow pace can burn up to 300 calories per hour.

That's pretty good! And if you add in the fact that the metabolism tends to burn even more after exercise - the so called "after burn effect - it's even a better deal. I like this math! One word of advice though: don't do that thing where you think that just because you biked somewhere you now deserve a triple chocolate lava cake with a side of ice-cream.

The whole idea is to keep everything else the same and just add some biking. As they say: you can't outbike a very large and yummy cake. I hope this helps and next time we're going to talk about more benefits to biking, outside and in the gym!

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