BIG Yes for joining a biking community! 6 true reasons!

BIG Yes for joining a biking community! 6 true reasons!

We always try to share with you our experiences and talk honest about things related to our biking passion, but not only.

Today we will talk about reasons to join a biking community, but most of all about the more personal ones. We all know that is healthy for body and mind to bike as much as your time allow it, but there are also other reasons to consider when you decide to join new people with the same passion.

Let’s see the 10 big yes!


1. You will never feel lonely

Biking community

Let’s be honest, every passion is a great way to escape the everyday routine and challenge yourself…but, sometimes, you will feel like you need someone to share with all this joy and love for new discoveries.

That’s nothing wrong if you don’t have a partner, or if he/she doesn’t share the same passion. The biking community puts you in the same place with people like you, willing and happy to meet someone new, so you will always be welcomed with open arms. Don’t let you age stay in your way, because, indeed, age is just a number.


2. Many is more fun than one

Fun ride

It might sound a bit kinky, that’s because we are Europeans! But give us some credit, will you? You can discover the world biking, but it will never be so fun like when you have cheerful people by your side. This is what a biking community make for us. Be prepared, to hear all kind of jokes, the gang will make fun of everything, maybe, some on your account, but it worth it, you can have the time of your life!


3. You can go places, you wouldn’t dare by yourself

This is a big, big YES to join a biking community.

We all have goals for which we never had courage, even if we didn’t gave up hoping that “someday”… Tomorrow is an abstraction, so better start today.

Being a member in a biking community challenges you to travel places and distances you never thought, discover places you’ve never been and live experiences you’ve never experienced before. In the end, is all about discovering YOU again.

You will find that you have more strength that you knew, or that you are more curious and determined that you thought about yourself before. That daring adolescent still lives in any of us.


4. Zero risks, 100% fun

This is a more rational argument, but with the same importance like the previous. Riding with the gang allows you to try new routes in the same time being entirely safe, because it’s all prepared in advance.

Maybe you are not great with the orientation and felt vulnerable to give a shot to new trails, or maybe you were not sure about the risks involved and abandoned the trip.

Now, you don’t have to worry about all that, you can join all the trips with open heart because the routes are tested and well-known by the organizers.


5. Competition reveals a better you

There is a positive competition which is about being as good as someone you admire and start, let’s say, a partnership.

You can help each other with advises, tips and tricks to improve the performance and become every of you better. The ability of learning from others, in few words.

As adults, we forgot to learn from others and feel insecure when we are not on our highest level or we don’t know something. Now is time to remember that you don’t need to be perfect, you can only desire to be better.


6. Find a friend for life

Friend for life

Never say never!

Having the same passion, going together through challenging experiences and beautiful trips, makes you discover the other and sometimes becoming inseparable.

Once you truly discovered someone, it almost impossible to let go!


As a conclusion, say YES today to cycling club! You will train better, get a good company, discover new places and bottom line: a better YOU!

Please do share with us if you are more into joining a biking community now, after you read our thoughts!