Best cycling gifts for a women

Best cycling gifts for a women

Dear cycling friends, in this article we thought to give you some good tips about what it could be a perfect gift for a cyclist woman. Being in a month that celebrates women in our life, you should be prepared to surprise your lovely cyclist and show her that you really know her hobby.

1. Feeling chic

She is passionate cyclist, but as our secret you have to know that she will always desire to have a sexy or chic touch.

Choose a cotton t-shirt with original design and and fun message and you will make her rides more colorful.


2. Looking like a PRO. 

There are emotional gifts and those useful and pragmatic ones that makes one very happy when receive them, because receiving what you really need, means that someone is very interested in what you are passionate about.

The pants for training are very helpful for an active cyclist. The breathable fabric wicks quickly away moisture and keeps you dry

Triangle-shaped gusset helps avoid ride-up when you're bending and stretching, and wide waistband adds great comfort. 3D antibacterial pad provides great comfort on long bike rides.

  1. Best comfort ever  

Did you knew that a new saddle feels like a new bike? It’s true.

If you heard her complaining about the rides, this is the perfect gift ever. Custom made for women anatomy - the wide bike seat, short nose and center relief make this saddle the perfect fit for the typical women bone structure. And the leather is…smooth and with very nice finish.


  1. Feeling like 10 pillows

We made this suggestion, because from our experience most of the cyclists give up when the it start hurting.

When it comes to cycling pain means no gain. With this gel cover seat you feel like sitting on your couch. This size will fit most exercise bikes and cruiser bikes but please check dimensions just to be sure.


  1. Sexy bike for sexy lady!

This is a 26-inch women's single-speed cruiser bike for easy, relaxed riding. Classic curvy beach cruiser design with 17-inch durable steel frame and aluminum wheels.

This is a that kind of gift that makes you scream continuously for at least 30” and be ashamed after you see the video on YouTube, but probably get better afte 1.000 views.

6. NO more job sedentary!

Extra working hours are not an excuse anymore.

This is a perfect gift for a cyclist-writer or a cyclist-CEO, or a cyclist accountant or whatever is your job that keeps you stacked on your desk chair. Very low height so that it works for desks as low as 27 inches - Only 10 Inches and very broad resistance range so that it best fits your needs - 8 calibrated resistance settings.

Ride those analytics files!


7. The allusive gift…

Makes it not only a gift, but also a proposal.

Ok, she always complain before going on a trip about the how she doesn’t have the space for small-medium stuff in the couple trunk. Here you have you own, girl, let’s see you now! More than this, she cant say that it is a pragmatic common gift, because fuchsia and the design are anything but common.


8. Cycling is not a seasonal sport for a cycling freak!

For a passionate cyclist, this is a very useful gift, because it helps riding comfortably the entire year.

Windproof waterproof warm up fleece design for cold weather, reflective brand logo and stripe keep you safe in darkness. Plus, it has zipper pocket and back pocket for safe storage.

And also looks like an outfit for a Tour de France competitor.


9. Caring is loving!

I know you worry a lot, as all the caring people do, but it’s easier now to know her safe.

This nutcase bike helmet is specially designed with a material tough and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam which help absorb the impact and protect the head during crash. The adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allow air go through the biking helmet which help increase the speed and keep stay cool.


10. Super fun and safe!

These wheel lights can be installed on nearly all bicycles, such as foldable bike, road bike, mountain bike and so on. 5 colors to choose, each box covers 1 wheel, any two colors are a new style! High brightness lights gain increased visibility from all directions and keep your loved ones or friends safer. Santa Clause it coming to town!