How to Stay fit on holidays

How to Stay fit on holidays


Hi, there, guys!

You’ve been extraordinary good for a while, you workout regularly, you finally lost the last 5 pounds you needed, you did your best to enjoy quinoa (no, is not a fish), and now you look panicked to all those goodies on the table.

How much will cost your effort?

An extra 3 pounds in a weekend? Come on, take a break, you’re human, like the rest of us, the night chocolate eaters. Holidays should be enjoyed with everything it means, and yes with food too.

christmas sweets muffins

If you follow few tips, you will have the same weight and physical shape or even better.

First thing first!

1. The quantity is everything.

Not what you eat, but how much you eat. So, do it ¼!

Eat everything you want but only a quarter from a regular portion. Don’t enlarge them first to have where to cut from. If you can’t keep this rule, negotiate a little with yourself. If you like the chocolate pudding and the meringue cake, either you eat a quarter of both, or choose between them for the present meal. The next one, you are allowed to indulge the one you refused. It’s not a big deal.

Ok, let’s say you wanted both and now you’re full of meringue, cheesecake, chocolate pudding bla bla bla. No problem, my friend. You only have to get up from the couch.

stay fit on holidays

2. Take your bike for a leisure ride, or walk your dog for an hour (it is satiated too).

You would say that being so easy it is also pretty useless. This is not true. For a 130-pound person, walking at a moderate pace -such as walking the dog - burns 60 to 70 calories per half-hour or 120 to 140 calories per hour.

As for cycling, the things are even better!!! Bicycling, leisurely, slow, with light effort consume 340 calories. Exactly the portion of pudding you wanted not to eat.

biking in the snow


3. If you’re not in the mood to go outside, you can make some light exercises in the house. For example, you can do some indoor cycling, yoga or Pilates moves to regain your energy after a excessive meal. Choose some tutorials on YouTube, pick different trainers and have some fun for 15-20 minutes daily.

indoor cycling winter

4. Keep moving!

You want to make sure that you keep moving and avoid TV binges for hours at a time. Something as simple as monitoring your steps and making sure you get to at least 10,000 a day can go a long way when it comes to staying on track.

Do your best to keep moving, even if that means being active at home by doing some house cleaning, turning up the music and dancing, or doing a short body weight circuit in your living room.

indoor exercise winter



5. Another trick is to install one of the calories apps (My Fitness Pal many of our colleagues use it), note all you eat in the daily journal and simply stop when you have the number of calories settled for a day.

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Apps, meals reduction or just moving around guarantee you will be in great shape even after the grandma’s holiday delights!