6 reasons why you give up cycling

6 reasons why you give up cycling

We know why we enjoy so much pedaling, but never question why we sometime delay indefinitely to ride again.

Most of the time, we think is our fault, we are too lazy or not in a good shape. The good news is that many times is not our fault at all and it is all doable and you will be back riding in no time!

 1. I feel pain when I ride

No more pain

No, it is not your fault! Trust us! You are among the 80% of cyclist who think that the pain is about their physical shape or something very different about their body proportions. It’s not! Most of the times is about the wrong saddle.

You only have to change it and see for yourself how a good saddle should feel. Zero pain, 100% comfort. You will ride hours and hours and enjoy the ride.

 2. I don’t feel like riding when is cold or it rains

Rain Ride

Come on! That’s not only that.

Many times, you don’t like to tide because you don’t have the right accessories to make it comfortable during all kind of whether conditions. But some of the coolest accessories protects of cold, mud, wind and so on. Your shoes will be covered and your saddle and you will only enjoy the fresh air after a rainy morning.

 3. It feels hard riding on different terrains

Mud ride

Probably is 50/50, about the physical shape, but is at least 50% from the bike type. Choose the one perfectly adapted for your rides, a mountain bike, for example, if you will ride mostly hilly paths, or a light weight one for speed and urban rides.  

 4. I have problems with my joints

Joint problems

Serious enough, we understand and you’re right. But it not necessary to stop riding because of this. You can start again your riding with easy leisure rides and protect your joints with athletics knee compression sleeve that support for joint pain relief, arthritis and injury recovery.


5. I gained weight and feel very slow

Knee problems

Only biking itself will make you lose 1 kg/ week, if you ride an hour daily and you will regain your shape in short notice, about two weeks. It's worth it, you know this.


Of course, there are more reasons to cut off cycling, related to the heavily traffic, or road conditions, but we can’t help you much with that. Amsterdam is only in Amsterdam. As for those in which our fear or lack of confidence keeps us away from our bikes, we think we can always change it entirely.

Change the saddle, the accessories, even the bike if necessary and ride on!

Don’t forget, if you have the right saddle it should feel 100% comfortable and enjoyable!

 6. I fear riding by night

Night Ride

You are never to visible as a cyclist! But when if you prepare your bike like a Christmas tree, you have nothing to worry about. There are many kind of lights you can use, under your saddle, on your wheel and so on and you are totally safe on the road.


Dears, many of these are only excuses made by fatigue or routine. That’s why we gave you some solution, because we know from experience that after you hop on your bike again, you will feel more relaxed, energized and happy.