50 STATES. 1 BIKE. The trip of your lifetime.

50 STATES. 1 BIKE. The trip of your lifetime.

Upgrade your holiday to the level of EPICNESS!
This summer, it's a great moment to do something different, to take your biking passion to the next level and travel in new, unexpected amazing places.

How does visiting all America in one summer sounds like?
Yes, 50 states, 50 chances to discover something awesome. All on the bike.

This bikecentric holiday is one for the ages and Bikeroo will be right here with articles, recommendations and awesome saddles.

If this idea is a bit extreme and crazy to you...YES! That's what we thought too at first. It's too big, too audacious but come on, it's EPIC not #epic! We don't say you MUST visit them all but the more the better. We hope that as our weekly post show you what you can visit by bike in each state, you'll be more and more convinced that maybe one state, two states...just not enough.

We can't do it alone though!

We need your advice, tips&tricks and suggestions for every state.

If you visited a state, loved it and know of a sweet place that somone NEEDS to visit..or..if you live in a state that has the best bike lanes or bike-friendly visiting spots, tell us! We'll share it with our readers in our "States of the Week" posts. You can send us anything: photos, yes please! Videos? Why not?! 


Everything helps us make a better guide for every reader to benefit. And at the end of this adventure we plan to have a big book with the best recommendation, photos and contributions so you know, you might be almost famous!

Of course, it wouldn't be Bikeroo if there were not a lot of surprises, sales and other cool stuff prepared for this epic trip around America.

Stay tuned and be ready for what's next.