12.000 miles in one year! We challenged our saddle!

12.000 miles in one year! We challenged our saddle!


It’s a cliché to tell you how comfortable the Bikeroo saddles are, even if we believe they really are. The “non pain” formula, really works! We tried them, use them - as we are all bikers - and we all concluded that you can ride your bike no matter the distances in perfect comfort.

Until few weeks ago, it was a common thing to share our experience with our products.  Our clients also did it by reviewing their Bikeroo Saddles on Amazon.  

But we never shared with you long term experience from one of our clients with one of our saddles.

Please meet Karen.  She is our amazing client who challenged our saddle every day for almost a year and then took a 300 miles trip, documenting her experience!

It was such an amazing gift for us and we thank her for that.

The time we started our correspondence, Karen used to ride her bike from 40 to 50 miles, feeling discomfort and pain after the first 20 miles of her ride.

As she wanted to ride more, without pain, she made a research and choose to purchase our Bikeroo wide saddle.

You have to know that Karen is a cycling club member and she knows how the saddle should feel and how to adapt it for long distances and various terrains.

At that moment she was preparing for the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - Washington DC trip and proposed to send us, from time to time, news about her new saddle performance during the long trip. 

So, we started to exchange mails., For a 40 miles section of trail with 28 added pounds, we found that our saddle was perfectly comfortable. The trail had some moderately rough surface portions scattered about. It was up a grade of 700 feet elevation over 20 miles then return back down.


Karen also suggested that during this kind of situation it is recommended to add an extra saddle cover gel, for extra comfort when riding on bumps.

Not far from here the trip Karen was preparing for started and we were so excited when we heard that our saddle traveled its first 100 miles from Point State Park in Pittsburgh to Meyersdale PA! And hold up well!


This is our Bikeroo seat in Cumberland MD!


After 368 miles from Pittsburgh (Great Allegheny Passage) to DC (C&O Canal Tow Path), Karen riding on our saddle arrived at mile marker '0' in DC.

And now a more photogenic picture, yes it was positioned as it best - no mud attached and the scenic view behind, as it deserves. Karen proved to be also a great photographer.


Did you thought that was it?

No, not at all.

The next challenge Karen settled for out seat is the 100 mile 'century' ride (in one day) in Ohio on asphalt trails.

To be continued this month!

We almost forgot, Karen gave us lots of great suggestions from those trips and we started to prepare future surprises for this season in our shop.