10 Reasons why every women should get on a bike

10 Reasons why every women should get on a bike

Dear cycling girls, we decided, with our male colleagues full support, that this month should be entirely dedicated to us:


So, we can chat on whatever we can think of, related to our cycling passion or the girl’s specific themes, that guys say it’s small talk but they’re always with an eye on. So, we thought that in this article, we should approach cycling from the feminine perspective in the first place and see what’s in for us if we start pedaling now and we are consistent in our activity.

Ready? Girls power!

1. Cycling looks like the most expansive dermatological treatment

That’s no news that we all want to be young until 100!

Our skin look is a result of an internal process, but also of our care regimen and, of course, the genetics.

The cool thing with cycling is that improves the skin condition from inside and reveals a new radiance that works as a trick to seem younger.

How is this happening?

A Stanford University study found that regular cycling can protect your skin from UV rays and even reduce the signs of aging. Again, this has to do with powerful oxygen flow, which is delivered along with nutrients to skin cells, helping flush out harmful toxins.

Exercise can also optimize your body's collagen production, which reduces fine wrinkles. Increased circulation through exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more effectively, while flushing harmful toxins out.

Exercise also creates an ideal environment within the body to optimize collagen production, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and speed up the healing process.


3. Easier pregnancy & healthier child

According to research from Michigan University in the US, mums-to-be who regularly exercise during pregnancy have an easier, less complicated labor, recover faster and enjoy better overall mood throughout the nine months.

Your baby has a 50 percent lower chance of becoming obese and enjoys better in-utero neurodevelopment.


4. Guilty pleasure snacks

They’re not called guilty for nothing!

They are those kind of treats you feel an urge to taste every night at 3 am, or when you are tired, or…just because.

They are not the healthiest snacks on earth and as a reward we will “just” add 2 pounds/ week, if we decide to let surrender to them. Cycling everyday will remove the guilt from pleasure!

If you can burn 300-400 calories/ day, you can totally surrender to whatever makes you happy. The problem with the “unhealthy” part is still a mystery. When you will find out how to prefer a carrot to a chocolate, please write us right away.


5. Meet people

Why to pretend that this as a non existing problem, when in fact for many of us is very hard to meet people.

We have the same rituals everyday and when we are laying on our couch there are small changes to be interrupted from doing nothing by Brad Pitt.

So, joining a cycling club can be a solution, if the men there are not “the one”, maybe they have some friends who might be. Either way, you can enlarge the friends circle and this gives always more changes. Not to mention that meeting a person in your interest area increases very high the chances of compatibility.


6. Gets you fit, not bored!

Speaking strictly from our point of view, not every physical activity is suited for everybody, and we are not talking here about the physical aptitudes or the body condition, but more about what you really like to do.

This is the reason many people give up after a while to the activity they started, because they just get bored. We are a bit ashamed to recognize, but we are those kind of people.

We have to love the process, not only the result!

For us, cycling brings joy the entire process, by seeing new places, feeling the wind in your hair, looking sexy, feeling free, challenging your strength. In the same time, cycling can give the best physical condition you ever had.  


7. Escape the city with your partner

If you partner likes cycling as you do, it should be easy to convince him to take a weekend trip on two wheels and escape from the daily routine.

Men are always easier to attract into more specific activities than into a “romantic weekend” only.

They think that the romantic project is always included in whatever they decide to do, so that’s no need for them to make an extra space especially dedicated to some romantic bla bla they hardly can project. 


8. The girl on the bike is sexier

We know, this is a 100% narcissist argument, but it always feels good to receive a compliment or see the admiration look on the face of the….postman.

We are joking. But not really.

As from our experience, again, the girls on two wheels are more interesting and look sexier in men’s eyes. We did not entirely discovered why, but it’s good to know anyway.


9. Lose 4 pounds/ week

Probably we should have started with this one, our lifetime obsession. Ok, not all of us, but us from Bikeroo.

The Harvard Heart Letter also took its estimates out on the street, so to speak. Using the three hypothetical test subjects (hypothetical subjects weighing 125 pounds, 155 pounds and 185 pounds), bicycling at a leisurely 12 to 13.9 miles per hour burned 480 calories, 596 calories and 710 calories per hour, respectively. Increasing the pace to the range of 16 to 19 miles per hour rated a burn of 720 calories, 892 calories and 1,066 calories, respectively.

This means that if you eat not more than 1500 calories a day, you can loose 2 kg/ week only by cycling an hour everyday.

But, don’t cheat.

No more than 1500 (download My Fitness Pal app. to calculate your calories).


 10. Improves the immune system 

Your immune system is tricky.

Cycling promotes both health and immunity. The body becomes vigilant with proper exercise. It’s able to fight bacteria and viruses effectively.

A healthy immune system will reduce heart-related complications too. And this is another really nice reason why women should get on a bike.