Learn How Exercise Bike Workouts Can Burn Belly Fat for Good

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with options, whether we're looking to get in shape for the first time or in a regular exercise routine after a long hiatus. A cursory Google search for "losing weight" or "burning belly fat" will turn up tens of thousands of articles and videos covering individual exercise recommendations, sample fitness routines, nutrition plans, appropriate workout attire, and more. It can be daunting just to get started, especially if you have limited prior experience working out before or aren't paying for a personal trainer.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of exercise bikes and whether or not cycling can help you shed that unwanted belly fat. Lets get started! 

Getting started losing weight

The truth is, you can achieve the body composition and weight you want with a few simple exercises. Of course, as you work out, your body adapts, so you'll need to vary your intensity and difficulty over time to achieve real and lasting results. But you don't need to know the difference between a tuck planche and a barbell back squat the moment you buy or renew your gym membership.

No, you can make a lot of progress, especially towards weight loss, if you follow a comprehensive health and fitness routine. You'll want to check with your doctor first before beginning a new fitness routine to help you minimize your risk of injury. And you'll want to follow one that consists of a proper diet and quality sleep, as well as anaerobic activities, like weightlifting, and aerobic activities, like running, swimming, or biking. 

Biking, in particular, can be an effective way to do aerobic exercise while minimizing your risk of injury. You don't need a top-of-the-line mountain bike to get started. Most gyms have exercise bikes available. And to cater to remote workers during the shutdowns, exercise bike manufacturers have made a wide range of home options available, many of which are quite affordable and comfortable. You can even improve your exercise bikes comfort with the options from Bikeroo.     

Now, does cycling burn belly fat? Yes and no. It's impossible to achieve spot reduction (target exactly where the fat you're losing comes from). But as you burn calories, you'll lose weight from everywhere, including your belly. If you stick to your routine, you'll soon reduce your belly fat by cycling.

The benefits of exercise bikes

When you regularly work out on a stationary bike as part of a well-designed health and fitness plan, your body benefits greatly. Over time, you'll likely:

  • Lose weight
  • Burn body fat
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthen your lower body
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Increase your respiratory system and lung health
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase your mental resilience

One of the best aspects of stationary bike workouts is minimizing your risk of workout-related injury or accident. Consider running. When you run, you often put five to twelve times the pressure of your body weight on your knees. If you're significantly overweight, that added pressure can increase the chances of injuring your legs or potentially cause lasting damage in the course of a workout. Even when considering the treadmill or exercise bike for belly fat or weight loss, the bike can be the safer option, especially for those carrying quite a few extra pounds.

You can even consider outdoor cycling for fat loss. While some cities have made significant efforts to create safe spaces for bikers and ensure that they can navigate roadways alongside traffic, others have not. Moreover, in some densely packed cities, bike lanes on narrow roads are simply insufficient when considering the size of some vehicles on the road. Even when biking in a park or the woods, an errant squirrel, slick surface, or an exposed root can cause you to tumble and hurt yourself. You don't have to worry about the weather, as a storm could quickly scuttle your workout plans for the day.

It's hard to pick yourself up and get back at it after an injury takes you off your game for a couple of days, weeks, or even months. But with a stationary bike, you don't have those risks. Stationary bike exercises have minimal impact on your joints and, as you're in one place in the gym or at home, there's a much lower chance of an accident.

How cycling helps with fat loss

To use cycling to burn belly fat, you need to be in what's called a caloric deficit. This simply means you need to burn more calories than you take in. Easier said than done, perhaps, but a solid health and fitness plan will involve you eating healthier foods and fewer calories while burning more calories than you take in through exercise.

Exercise bikes can help you burn a significant amounts of calories. Some estimates hold that if you're a 155-pound man biking at a moderate speed for 30 minutes, you can burn up to 298 calories, while a high-intensity 30-minute biking workout will burn 372 calories. Compare this to walking, where you'll only burn an estimated 140 to 230 calories over 30 minutes.  Now, these estimates will vary with your weight, how much resistance you've applied to the bike, and several other factors. But, as you can see, biking can help you regularly torch those calories.

Another key component of weight loss is building muscle. When you engage in cardio activities like biking, you burn calories while you're on the bike. But anaerobic activities have something of an afterburning effect. The muscle you build continues to burn calories even when you're not actively engaged in exercise, helping you lose even more weight. With added muscle, you'll start to shed that excess belly fat quicker, so you'll want to lift some weights in addition to cycling for fat loss.

Fortunately, exercise biking can help you build muscle, allowing you to burn calories even after your workout is complete. By using the resistance options on the bike, you can build up muscle around your: 

  • Back
  • Calves
  • Core
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Biceps, triceps, and shoulders (if using a bike with handles) 

Now, of course, you'll want to complement your cycling with lower body strength-building exercises like squats and lunges. But a bike is a great way to jumpstart lower body muscle development, especially for beginners.

How exercise bikes help you stick to your routine

One of the best aspects of exercise bikes is how customizable they are. You can buy one perfectly suited for your frame or adjust one as necessary to be comfortable (check out Bikeroo's Peloton compatible accessories). Further, an exercise bike is always available, especially if you have one in your home. There is no need to worry about inclement weather or a mechanic's repairs to get your morning workout started!

And unlike many other fitness activities, you can entertain yourself while working out. Many people enjoy being present when working out, focusing on keeping proper form and feeling your muscles work. This is commonly referred to as the "mind-muscle" connection, and there's some evidence that it can help make your workouts more effective.

However, working out regularly each week for most new to fitness can be a daunting proposition. Moreover, while you do put yourself at greater risk of injury cycling outdoors, at least there's something to see. Even if you're listening to music while you bike, you may quickly tire of staring at your bike's display and your wall each morning and feel like you want to give up.

Fortunately, most bikes these days come with built-in display screens and WiFI connectivity. You can tap into a cycling class or your favorite streaming service to occupy yourself while you ride. Soon enough, you'll get lost in what you're watching, and before you know it, your routine will be over for the day. Now, if you've used the proper combination of intensity and resistance, you'll still feel sore. Remember that that soreness is from your cycling burning belly fat and fat in other areas. Just keep in mind that the more you stick to your workout routine, the less painful it will become.

Tips to maximize your exercise bike workout

While an exercise bike is a great weight-loss tool, you can make the experience more comfortable and effective by taking a few steps before starting. 

  • Getting a comfortable bike seat to minimize the risk of chafing
  • Buying clip-in shoes if you have or have access to a bike with clip-in pedals
  • Adjusting your seat to your hip height
  • Modifying your handlebars so that your arms are slightly bent
  • Adding some level of resistance to your ride to minimize uncontrolled rapid pedaling and hip injury risk
  • Keeping your feet flat and maintaining good posture when you ride
  • Having water, an electrolyte-infused drink, or a protein shake handy

By following these tips, you'll minimize your risk of exercise bike-related injuries, especially those to the knees, hips, neck, or feet. Remember, an injury could easily halt your fitness momentum, making it harder to achieve the fat loss you want. Cycling for fat loss only works if you stick with it day-in and day-out, so do what you can to avoid the risk of injuries. And while spot reduction is impossible, your exercise bike routine will help you burn belly fat as an aerobic component of a well-designed health and fitness plan. 

Cycling for fat loss: an excellent choice

While cycling should be one component of a comprehensive fitness routine, it can help you lose weight and burn belly fat over time. Using an exercise bike can help you build muscle, improve your mental, cardiovascular, and respiratory health, and minimize injury risk. When you use one, you can work out in any weather, torching stubborn belly fat while increasing endurance, resilience, and self-esteem.

5 Safety Tips to Remember for Biking at Night

Night cycling is the perfect topic to discuss when it comes to safety. Whether you’re out on the trails or commuting home, biking through the dark can be dangerous if you’re not prepared.

Five Cycling Tips for Beginners in The New Year

Whether you plan to cycle for weight loss, greater fitness, or to push yourself, here are a few tips to get you started and help you stick with your cycling goals.

The Best Gifts for Cyclists This Christmas

Cycling is not a sport! It’s a lifestyle! We can totally relate to why the cyclist in your life loves to cruise around the town or explore biking trails come rain or shine. And this means that a surefire way to delight a rider would be a gift related to their much-loved hobby or activity. If you have someone who loves to spend most of their waking hours in spandex then the holidays are the best time to help them upgrade their biking gear.

But, what to buy for those who apparently have everything? Don't worry! We’ve got your back.

13 Fun Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

We’ve crawled the web to round up our top picks of biking gifts for 2021. From high-tech gadgets to comfy bike saddles, we’ve compiled excellent gifts for bike riders that’ll hit the spot this Christmas. All you have to stress about is getting the gift delivered in time this Yuletide!

13. Cargo Backpack

The one drawback to using cycling as the means of transportation might be carrying your essential stuff the entire day. That’s why a handy commuter backpack would make it easier for cyclists while blitzing through the city on two wheels. One can pack a laptop, shoes, even a helmet in a cargo bag and still have enormous space to add more. Just make sure that you pick up a backpack that is adequately padded and wider on shoulders. You can also check for other features like a durable weather-proof exterior, organizational options, a plush lining to keep items safe and sound during transit.

12. Frame Bag

Any bicycle trip needs to be super-comfortable and fun, period! And that too without any hurdles! For the cyclist who wishes for bike storage, to easily access personal items such as phones or chargers, a frame bag will make for a very practical gift. A frame bag easily fits into the empty diamond space in the center of a bike and provides more on-bike storage. Cyclists can use it to stash water bottles, tools even food. It’s kind of perfect for long days in the saddle. Frame bags offer an additional storage space allowing the cyclist to pack heavier items.

11. Bike Wall Mount

Every cyclist has to store the bike! If you know someone who simply leans the bicycle against a wall then you might consider gifting them a better solution: a bike mount. There is a range of bike storage options, and a mount is a practical way to safely store a bicycle. If the cyclist in your life has too many bikes hanging around taking up space, then give them a cool bike mount to lessen their trouble. The bike mounts are usually sleek and stylish and look great even when no bike is hanging on them. Be careful in the case of a superheavy bike, it might be better to position the mount lower on the wall.

10. Heart Rate Armband

The best heart rate monitors are so comfortable that one doesn’t even realize while wearing them. Plus, an armband is the easiest way to smarten up an exercise or daily cycling routine. You can shortlist from simple straps to cutting-edge dual-band sensors with even music control, as a holiday gift for the cyclist in your life. It’s best to not only track heart rate but performance too. The armband can provide details about exertion, fatigue and even determine cadence. You can even use the armband for not only cycling but running too!

9. Wireless Cycling Headphones

The world has turned wireless, and that lends great benefits when it comes to tuning to your favourite chartbuster. While cycling in traffic with earphones can still be risky, there are innovative designs and models which allow ambient sound or use bone-conducting technology, so a cyclist can hear what’s going around. The other features that need to be considered while selecting earphones for cycling are sound clarity, sweat-proofing, access to controls, and durability. If you're planning to gift earphones to a cyclist, proceed with caution and consider headphones that allow someone to hear the outside world. With that in mind, make sure you check out the IP rating for sweat-proofing claims.

8. Bike Lights

When the clocks fall back and dark days loom ahead, outdoor cycling becomes truly challenging and risky. Bike lights not only cut through the dark but improve safety and visibility on the road. To brighten up the road after sunset, a cyclist just requires a light mounted on either of the handlebars. You can give a bike rider some lumens in a small-sized and rechargeable USB light for less than 40 bucks. Just ensure that the light has a solid battery life so you don’t end up in the dark while riding.

7. Road Bike Helmets

While some cyclists depend on spandex and others rely upon water bottles or a bike saddle for a comfy ride, every cyclist needs a safe and sturdy helmet for an elevated cycling experience. Ideally, the bike helmets should be both comfortable and affordable. The helmets make a great practical gift for bike riders and help them stay safe during their daily commute, biking adventure, or a casual ride in the park. The other features to be considered while making the selection are – polycarbonate shell and MIPS technology along with a cool street-style design. Plus, the helmet should be fairly lightweight for a long comfy biking routine.

6. Bike Tool Kit

A bike tool kit is among the best cycling gifts for someone who has just started getting into biking or if he/she is hunting for a complete set of tools including both basic and specialized ones. It takes some time to find the right collection of bike tools, so gifting someone a special tool kit is quite practical. The tool kit will surely come handy for any bike repair and maintenance, from changing mount to installing new brakes.

5. Bicycle Inner Tubes

What does a bike need the most? Reliable Tube! And one can never have enough! You can always gift an extra pair of tubes to a cyclist. The wiggly rubber bands are quite functional and required for smooth and optimal performance of a bike. Though, you need to be sure about the exact size, which could be a bit challenging.

4. Cycling Socks

Fun fact: cyclists do have a peculiar love and opinions on finding the best pair of cycling socks. This insignificant accessory offers a small layer of protection for the ankle bone. You can always find the right pair of cycling socks with super-stretch, high compression, extra padding and insulation to safeguard the heel.

3. Cycling Jersey

A tried and tested, reliable and comfy jersey will always ensure that the biker enjoys long trails or commute in bad weather. While gifting a jersey to a cyclist it’s important to pick up an option that serves a year-round performance. However, one can always switch between a long-sleeve jersey to short-sleeve option to suit climate. One should also consider the stretch and moisture-wicking property of the material before making a selection.

2. Cycling Gloves

Another bike accessory to top any cyclist’s list is biking gloves. The cycling gloves are meant to complement your look and also protect your hands from injury in case of an accident or crash. They come in various lengths: full-finger padded for insulation to half-finger mitts to prevent overheating. Some have gel while others have foam padding along with quick-dry and waterproofing features.

1. Bike Saddle Cushion

An uncomfortable saddle is a total buzzkill during cycling! Try using a bike seat cushion - a perfect cycling gift for any bike enthusiast! A seat cushion will lessen pain, elevate quality, and render comfort to a cycling time. Regardless of what anyone rides, a bike seat cushion usually comes with a universal saddle mount that makes it compatible with a cruiser, ebike, mountain or road bike

The Bikeroo wide bike seat has a thick padded cushion supported by dual shock-absorbing springs that makes this one a winner. It's super-versatile and fits any bike. The bicycle seat cushion has a shock-absorbing gel padding that absorbs discomfort from bumps. Plus, the premium memory foam adheres perfectly to the butt ensuring a comfortable ride. The bike seat cushion has a deep center cutout to improve air circulation and breathability. It offers both short-term relief for smooth rides along with long-term health benefits.

If you know someone who has bought a Peloton bike during the epidemic, might we suggest one of our seat cushions compatible with Peloton. The bike seat cushions also come with bonus bike accessories like – a waterproof rain cover, easy-to-mount tools, a saddle adaptor, or a set of instructions. No more saddle soreness!

Choosing the Best Gift for a Cyclist Family Member

If you're looking to buy gifts for cyclists, we have put together an inspirational list for your consideration while deciding on Christmas gifts for cyclists or gifting someone as a sign of love. We think we can relate to the needs of cyclists and the suggested items would make and bring a huge difference in a cyclist’s daily routine. You can get something that someone can use and enjoy.

Contributing Writer: Himani Sangwan

Nine Lovely Gifts for Peloton Users

For many, staying fit is about finding their peaceful place. For others, it's a necessary evil for their health. Those that love to exercise indoors have fallen in love with connected devices like the Peloton. The competition and live classes are rewarding each time you mount the bike, for those that seek peace, it's pure bliss!

So, what do you give your loved one that rides up until they need their Peloton seat replacement? Well, there are several options that could make them extremely excited to add to their obsession. Great gift ideas for Peloton lovers are easy to find, just read on for the best gift list!

Why is Peloton so popular?

Peloton became a popular choice for indoor cycling classes because it was one of the first internet and socially connected devices you could get for home use. Imagine your best friend, and you attend cycling class three times a week, then suddenly the gym closes and there are no other classes with openings?

With a Peloton inside the house, you wouldn't even have to leave home to meet your friend to work out on your bikes. Enjoy the competition, instructor, and friends without leaving home and wasting time driving to the class. Options have since expanded past biking to include floor routines like yoga and some weightlifting!

Using a Peloton benefits your health in many ways including your heart, lowering your risks for cancers, improving skin tone and feel, improving digestion, and is excellent for your brain. Using a stationary bike like the Peloton is more beneficial to your health than walking is!

What gifts could a Peloton lover want?

Exercise equipment has always been expensive, and adding new equipment raises the price even more. However, with a wide range of possibilities, the urge to develop oneself in many ways grows. As a result, equipment that complements the Peloton user's training program will undoubtedly be beneficial. Is there any way they can just send them a card or anything (if they haven't indicated a preference for anything specific)?

Can I buy a Peloton gift card?

Unfortunately, there are no gift cards from Peloton. Maybe they should look into that. You can, however, give a prepaid card for their subscription fees or for the price of the equipment that you want to add to their Peloton. They would be able to purchase the item themselves that way.

Nine Gifts Every Peloton Owner Will Love

Even though the gift of money is rarely declined, it can feel impersonal. If you want specific items that can help your Peloton lover meet their fitness and weight goals here is a good list of gifts to present your avid Peloton user:

9. Meal kit subscription

The bane of losing weight is always finding time to make properly balanced meals (and not resorting to eating ice cream). Help your friend out by getting them started on a meal kit plan! There are options from fresh meals once or twice a week to full menu meals that control even your snacks.

8. Cycling shoes & cleats

Everyone knows feet have to be cared for and there is a shoe that is specifically built JUST for cycling. Keep your favorite cyclist's feet from slipping off the petals as they race (virtually) against their friends! Proper footwear also helps prevent injury and improve grip and speed.

7. Heart rate monitor

Hitting the heart rate goal for proper cardio workouts is much easier to do with an awesome heart rate monitor. While fitness watches are very popular, any real enthusiast will opt for a chest strap monitor. These monitors not only gauge heart rate but respiratory rate as well and give you a better picture of your workout.

6. Muscle roller

Let's face the fact, even the best athlete has sore muscles. A muscle roller helps to relieve the pain quicker by breaking up the acids that form after a workout. You can also use the roller to help your partner relax after a long and stressful day, double bonus!

5. Peloton app leaderboard sticker

One of the things that Peloton users are proudest of is seeing their username on the leaderboards! This accomplishment can be celebrated by having a custom sticker made of their username to place on the bike. They will love seeing their personalized bike and work that much harder to see their name on the leaderboards!

4. Virtual bike fitting

Just like a normal bike that you ride on trails, stationary bikes can be custom fitted to the rider's leg length and seat needs. Ensure your gift to your Peloton user is loved by making sure the equipment is personalized for the best results and rides of their life.

3. Wireless earbuds

Nothing quite makes the Peloton workout more enjoyable than hearing the instructor and the music without disturbing the surrounding family. Wireless earbuds are the perfect gift for any workout. Allow your Peloton lover to get lost in the music rhythm and speed their way through their ride!

2. Peloton off-bike workout gear

Peloton has extended its online workout subscription to include more than cycling classes. To participate, there is a need for more equipment like yoga mats, bricks, and bands. A weight set may also be desired for some light weight-lifting classes.

1. Peloton seat replacement

The best gift for a Peloton user is the gift of a new seat. Wear and tear will always be a part of any workout equipment so having a replacement handy will be the best. No one wants to work out on a seat that pinches when it's sat on.

Choosing the Best Gift for a Peloton User

Any gift for Peloton users will be welcomed with open arms and lots of use! Keep your Peloton lover happy with their subscription and contribute to their success by finding them the best Peloton accessory gifts. Drive their obsession overboard with gifts that increase their speed and help them meet their goals. Bikeroo has the perfect Peloton compatible bike seat cushion!

9 Vital Health Benefits of Cycling for Women

There are numerous cycling benefits for women. Riding a bicycle reduces the chance of one suffering from disease caused by a sedentary lifestyle, including heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and mental illness. One of the easiest and convenient ways of keeping your body physically active is by riding a bicycle.

Cycling is one of the exercises that women of all ages can enjoy. Admittedly, we are biased, but there are numerous proven benefits of riding a bicycle compared to other exercises or driving. There are also many hobbies in the world to weigh up, but again, cycling is among our top five. Not yet convinced? Read on to learn more vital benefits of cycling for women.

Top 9 Cycling Benefits for Ladies

There are no reasons why women should not get a bike. Forget all the outdated misconceptions such as it is risky to cycle when pregnant, women unlike men, are too emotional to cycle, cycling affects your menstrual cycle, cycling affects female fertility or cycling will make your legs enormous. All these are not true and, as a matter of fact, riding a bicycle improves the functionality of a woman's body.

There are bicycles customized for women to enhance comfortability and make them look elegant while riding. For example, the men's and women's bicycle seats are a bit different. The saddles on women's bicycles are wide to reflect their typical wide hips, while those on men's bicycles are usually narrow and narrow.

1. Cycling Reduces the Risk of Cancer and Heart Diseases

According to studies, individuals who cycle often are less likely to develop heart diseases and cancer. A five-year research study by scientists at the University of Glasgow indicated that people who ride bicycles to work were 45% less likely to get heart disease and 46% less likely to get cancer.

The study further showed that the same individuals were at a 52% lower risk of dying from heart disease if they got it and a 40% lower risk of death if they got cancer. The study concludes that introducing policies such as creating cycle lanes and better provision for cycles on public transport would help improve population health.

With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we cannot forget how cycling has helped women fight breast cancer.  

2. Low Barrier to Entry

Nearly all women can ride a bike. Learning to ride a bike is also very easy, and most people learn to cycle between the ages of two and eight. It can take as little as 45 minutes to several days for a child to master how to cycle. This usually depends on several factors, including the child's age, prior coordination development, and previous exposure to balancing toys.

Learning to ride a bike as an adult woman is also similar to learning while still young. All that matters is body coordination to enhance balance and, most importantly, patience. When practicing cycling, it is essential to maintain safety. Ensure you have a helmet, a bike seat that suits you, and a size-appropriate bike for comfort. You can train in a wild open place like a park or an empty parking lot.

3. Enjoy New Scenery

For the most part, bike rides are the most scenic adventures you can embark on. Some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world were discovered by explorers on two wheels. You can use mounting bikes while riding off-road or through rough terrain.

woman biking in the mountains

4. Environmentally Friendly

Cycling uses minimal fossil fuels and emits no harmful gases to the environment compared to motor vehicles. Bicycles also require minimal service as they have a simple structure, and they can last for years before disposing of them.

Finally, there is no need to destroy nature more when using bicycles. An increase in the number of vehicles demands the development of new roads. The new lanes are usually constructed in the green areas, which are also home to thousands of creatures.

5. Cycling Is Better for Health Than Running

Running is a good option if you want to burn more calories quickly.  However, running requires a lot of energy, and few people can run as many miles as they can cycle. This makes cycling a better option as it is easy, helps you train longer, and, most importantly, enables you to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Why get bored running in the same neighborhood while you can cycle long distances and change the landscape? There are organized cycling groups that you can join, and together you can explore new sceneries while getting in shape.

6. Good for Your Skin

It is not a secret that most girls want to maintain their gorgeous youthful look until they are 100. There are numerous secrets or tips for your skin or face to get that glow you have always wanted, and one of them is through riding a bike.

You are probably wondering how cycling can help you achieve your skin goals, while all you can remember are bruises and dents you got when learning to cycle. Note, it is normal to injure your body or skin while training to ride a bike, especially if you do not have all the essential training gear or if you do not take the proper precautions.  

Some of the vital things that determine the appearance of your skin include your skincare routine and genetics. Cycling is a skincare regime that helps reduce fine wrinkles and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. This is because physical training stimulates our bodies to produce collagen that increases the blood flow to the skin and improves skin elasticity.

The increased flow of the blood transports essential nutrients to skin cells and also removes harmful toxins efficiently.

7. Improve Digestion

According to AXA Health, physical exercises like riding a bicycle positively affect the balance of bacteria in the gut. These beneficial bacteria help the body digest the food we eat and efficiently absorb essential nutrients. Cycling  generally increases the blood flow to the digestive muscles, making it easy for food to flow easily along the digestive tract.

8. Good for Your Brain

There are numerous ways through which cycling can be of benefit to your mental health. Typically, cycling helps boost your mood. Engaging in physical activities helps maintain blood flow to the brain, providing a constant supply of oxygen and essential nutrients. This enhances your memory and reasoning.

A combination of cycling and exposure to new sceneries is also considered a key strategy in combating stress and anxiety. Cycling stimulates your brain to produce endorphins. These hormones help clear your mind and reduce feelings of pain. Therefore, people going through depression can use cycling to relieve their minds.

9. Joining a Community of Other Women Cyclists

Joining new people that have the same passion as you is priceless. It is easy to feel lonely or bored when riding alone. With the biking communities, you will always have a company to crack jokes with and also ensure security while riding through dangerous places.

Riding as a group enables you to learn new tricks and tips, which help you improve your cycling performance. The community also motivates you to explore new places and distances that you never thought of and live experiences you have never experienced. It all starts by setting shared goals, and it is a bit easier to accomplish them as a group.

Negative effects of cycling on women

Some of the main cons associated with cycling for women include:

  • Increased risks of developing UTI's
  • High chances of developing numbness and saddle sores

To reduce the chances of encountering these challenges, you need to have the appropriate bike saddle. If you have any discomfort cycling, evaluate the duration you were able to ride without any pain. The cause of the discomfort could be the position of your seat. It is imperative to ensure that your saddle is well positioned and the right fit for your body type. 

How to Choose the Best Bike Seat: A Guide for All Riders

Whether you ride your bike for the thrill of the mountain trails or you’re using your bicycle for your daily commute, the saddle you choose can make a huge difference between a painful journey and a smooth ride. Now you may wonder, how do I find the best bike seat?

The short answer is that there is no perfect seat, but there is for your situation.

In this article, we’re going to shed some light on which factors go into determining the ideal saddle for you, like the width and shape, materials used, and amount of cushioning. Whatever type of riding you do, there is a bike seat that will give you comfort and performance without saddle sores.

woman cyclist in a city

What to consider when choosing a bike saddle

The right bike saddle is a crucial factor in helping you get the most out of your ride. Here are some key things you should think about when choosing your bike saddle:

  • Gender - Anatomically speaking, men and women have differences in their structure, so bicycle saddles need to reflect those. Most comfortable bike seats for women are broad and short, have female-specific padding to help support the pelvis, and are designed with cut-outs (openings that minimize contact with the genital area). In contrast, perfect bike seats for men will be narrow and long with a hollow core and deep center cutout to match with their unique anatomy.
  • Type of cycling - Bike seats also differ based on discipline, so choosing the perfect one will depend on the type of cycling you do: road cycling, recreational cycling, mountain biking, bike touring, bike commuting, and so on. For example, mountain bike seats usually have a larger platform and offer more padding than road bike saddles as trail terrain is often very rough. Unlike others, mountain bike seats typically come with reinforced shells and covers to prevent damage. On the other hand, road bike saddles are slightly narrower with more flexibility. They often have less padding and thinner bodies. Recreational cycling saddles are often wide with plush padding for extra comfort, whereas the best choice for commuting will be a saddle with not too much padding. If you prefer bike touring, you’ll want a saddle that falls just between a road and a mountain saddle.
  • Size - Bike saddles come in different sizes that answer to different body types. The key factor in finding your right size mostly has to do with the width of the saddle and how well it supports your sit bones. Generally speaking, a wide saddle will be the best choice, but not too wide to the point that it causes rubbing or interferes with the motion of your pedaling. This can vary between men and women, as we talked about earlier.
  • Seat cushioning type - The best way to achieve comfort in riding is to have a saddle that provides good cushioning support. The two most common bike seat cushion types are gel and foam. These cushioning materials react differently under your weight. Gel naturally molds to your body, and it’s the recreational rider’s favorite. Its downside is that it tends to get compacted more quickly than the other option, foam. On the other hand, foam cushioning springs back to shape, and it is a road rider’s favorite because of the added support.
  • Materials - Saddle material is also an essential factor to consider when shopping for your bike seat. This is where durability comes into play. Leather molds to your weight and shape but doesn’t respond well to getting rained on, while synthetic materials are more weather resistant and lightweight, but that means they can be less breathable. Besides leather and synthetics, you can also find cotton saddle covers. Cotton doesn’t require a lot of breaking in like leather does and offers excellent comfort while pedaling.
  • Saddle rails - The rails on a bike saddle are the connection points to the bike. You can find steel, alloy, titanium, and carbon rails on the market that differ in weight, strength, and flexibility. Carbon is the lightest and stiffest out of all the materials, which is great for staying connected to smooth roads at fast speeds. Titanium, on the other hand, is excellent for stable performances on rougher terrains.

cyclist on trail

Comfort vs. Performance. Can you actually have both?

When we think of outstanding cycling performance, the first thing that comes to our mind is tiny seats that weigh nothing and offer zero support. The saddles we think of as comfortable are big, wide, and made out of memory foam to provide you with enough support. You may be thinking that you need to choose between performance or comfort, but at Bikeroo, you can have the best of both worlds. The saddles are designed explicitly for long-distance travel without the need to sacrifice comfort (or your posterior). You'll look forward to your ride every time.

Five steps to improve the comfort of your bike saddle

Regardless of the type of cycling or the saddle that you have, there are some proven steps you can take to improve the comfort of your riding experience. With these tips, it’ll be easier than ever to hit the road pain-free:

  1. Adjust the position of your saddle - Even with the best saddle, setting the right height for your body is crucial. You want to avoid too low or too high seats since it can compromise your pedaling efficiency. There should be a slight bend in your knee at the bottom of your pedal stroke. In addition, a very slight downward tilt of your bike seat is generally best for comfort and performance.
  2. Maintain proper cycling posture - Maintaining good posture is essential for lack of injuries and comfort. Keep your shoulders relaxed to stay more alert. Your elbows should be tucked into your sides rather than out, and focus on keeping your knee in line with and over the ball of your foot as you ride.
  3. Stretch often and stand more - Cycling for long periods can take its toll on your body. So stand up briefly on your pedals every 10 minutes or so. This relieves the pressure on the sit bones and allows normal blood flow.
  4. Find the proper attire - Get yourself a pair of padded bike shorts. They provide a protective barrier between your delicate areas and the bike seat while minimizing friction and cushion bumps. Plus, the right gear will have you riding in style.
  5. Emollient/Chamois cream will be your best friend - This cream reduces friction, hydrates the skin, and prevents cracking. It is best to apply it directly to the pad in your shorts and your perineum before riding.

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Finding the best bike saddle to fit your needs

Imagine you bought a bike only to find that the original seat does not fit your needs. That’s one of the reasons why you should do your research before shopping for the right one. Below, you can find some of the Bikeroo Bike Saddles and choose the correct one for you.

Bikeroo Cruiser Bike Saddle

Like we mentioned earlier, when choosing a bike saddle, one of the key factors refers to the type of cycling you do. No doubt, cruiser bikes are one of the most comfortable and popular in that area. The Bikeroo Cruiser Bike Saddle offers a laid-back design and dual-spring suspension. With chrome-plated dual-rail mounts, tough faux leather, and other premium details, you'll enjoy long-lasting comfort mile after mile.

Bikeroo Performance and Road Cycling Bike Saddle

Here is another great bike saddle with upgraded cushioning and a design that reduces your soreness and pressure points. It is specifically designed for men's unique anatomy, with a hollow core and deep center cutout.

Bikeroo Memory Foam Bike Saddle

If you are looking for a wide comfy bike saddle with soft padding and dual spring suspension, we recommend the Bikeroo Memory Foam Bike Saddle. With the combination of its thick seat padding and double shock suspension spring, this seat is super comfy. It’s waterproof, plus it comes with tools for installing.

Bikeroo Oversized Bike Saddle

The best thing about cycling is that it is one of the most popular exercises no matter the age. Especially for seniors, as it’s a great way to stay active and healthy while enhancing overall well-being. So, choosing a saddle specifically designed for seniors is key to ensuring long, comfortable rides. At Bikeroo, you can find the Oversized Bike Saddle with an extra-wide profile that cushions and distributes weight evenly. Tough artificial leather, extra memory foam padding, and shock-absorbing springs will ensure superior comfort without soreness.

To Conclude

The bike seat plays a massive role since you need the right one to ride comfortably for hours on end. If you use our guidelines in choosing the best bike seat, we’re sure you’re going to love your new saddle just as much as your two-wheeled friend.

Contributing Writer: Milica Ivanović

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